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Let's play while they're away.

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I am so beyond pissed right now. I need to vent and since you are the only one home right now, you're gonna get an ear full. I just got stood up for the third time in two months! What is wrong with these guys? They're the ones asking me to go out with them and then at the last minute, cancelling. I mean, they know what I look like when they ask me out cause I'm right in front of them. Do you think I need to lose weight or change my hair color? I give up, I don't know what to do about this frustration with men. Wait, you're a guy, even thought you're my step brother you can still give me a mans opinion. Do you find me attractive? I think you do because quite a few times I have caught you looking at me in a different way than a brother should look at his sister. Don't deny it. I also know you look at lots of porn on your computer because I have seen your browser history. So do you look at me and think about jacking off since I am the only real girl you are around besides mom. I thought I was going to go out tonight and get some action but since I'm not, why don't we make some fun together while our parents are gone? It's not like were blood related and were both over 18 so what's the harm? I want to see your dick hard for me. It will make me feel pretty again knowing I can get a guy hard even if it's just my brother. You know what? I'm not that upset anymore now that I've talked with you. Why don't you let me take care of your cock tonight since we're both stuck at home? Ah, doesn't that feel good to have a different hand than your own on your dick? I've been curious what your cock looks like and now is our chance to both feel better tonight. I like feeling naughty, don't you? Your cock feels really good in my hand. I didn't think it would be this big. Do you want to see how wet your big cock is making my pussy? Slide your cock on my soft pussy lips. I know something you would really like, me mouth on your ball sack. Listen as I suck your balls in my mouth. Now that you're good and slippery from my saliva lay back as I stroke you off completely. Come on little brother, give your sis your spooge. I want your warm goo all over my titties. You want to see your cum on my boobs? Come one and give it to me. Oh yes, look at how messy you made my tits! That was so much fun I want you to sneak in my bedroom tonight after mom and dad go to sleep. I want more than your cock in my hands, I want it in my wet slit. That's right little brother, if I can't get lucky on a date then I'm getting lucky with you!

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Letís make our own game night.

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Iím glad we had the same idea of getting away from all those boring parents in the den. How can they spend hours upon hours playing bingo? They wonít even notice weíre gone. Playing with you is going to be so much more fun. Iíve crushed on you for awhile. I never thought I would get to touch your cock. You know how it is when you like some one and you are so curious what their private parts look like? Iím not in the mood to go all the way with you today but I will pleasure your cock and show you my tight little body. Maybe next game night we can find a more private room and go all the way together. Your cock feels so great in my hand and pretty mouth. Iím sure it would feel like heaven in my tiny pink pussy. We will save that for next time so there is something to look forward to. We take cousin love to a whole new level.

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Like father like son.

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My step-mom would be what old school dudes call a 'Brick House'. She is stacked in all the right places. My dad would kick me out of the house if he knew the dirty thoughts I've had about her. Imagine my surprise when she came to my room late one night saying she had a craving for hard cock. Apparently my dad is nothing more than a limp noodle dick for her, even after taking one of those blue pills! I was actually lying in my bed considering rubbing one out before nodding off to sleep and here she was saying she just needed to feel a hard cock in her hand and could she touch mine? I wasn't going to deny her hand on my hard on. I was so nervous that as much as I tried to relax and realize one of my fantasies was coming true having her in my room, my dick had other plans. Her breasts nearly spilled from her dress and it still wasn't enough visual to get my wood solid. She stroked me as she talked in her sexy soothing voice, asking if I like the way mommie stroked my cock. I couldn't even reply I was so worked up inside. I just lay there and let her have her way with my dick. She took her dress down and let me see her mounds of flesh released from her lacy bra. Holy hell I wanted to bury my face in between those huge tits! I wasn't sure what I would be able to do so I lay still as she continued with her stroking skills. Then it happened, my worst nightmare. As she gently rubbed the underside of my schlong, I spurted. Let my cum fly out as if it was the first time my dick was ever touched. Here this sexy woman was desiring a hard young cock in her hand and I gave her nothing more than a limp noodle dick like my dad. Her disappointment showed immediately as she said I was worthless and she now needed to go find herself a real cock. "Like father like son" she said, those dreaded words will remain in my brain for the rest of my pathetic life.

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Little bitch boy pantyhose thief step brother.

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Bossy little sister catches her brother with her pantyhose. She makes him wear them then gives him a mean hand job!... When my mom married your dad she warned me about you. She said you were a little "off". Now I think I know what she meant by that. You kind of disgust me you know? Just sitting here looking at you makes my stomach turn. What kind of guy steals his sister's pantyhose and stuffs them under his mattress? I can almost accept the fact that you took my pantyhose to maybe sniff or something but what is grossing me out is how much they are stretched out, as if you were wearing them. Is that what you did with my pantyhose, wear them like a little bitch boy? If you're going to wear them then you are going to wear them for me. Pull off your pants and get these hose on. You're a sick freak aren't you? Does your cock get hard from the feel of the tight nylons pressing against it? You really do have issues, just like my mother warned me about. It hard to believe someone as old as you is such a sissy boy. What are you, nineteen? A nineteen year old little bitch boy? I kind of feel sorry for your pathetic cock trapped under the tight stockings. Why don't I set it free for you and give you what you deserve. Do you know what you deserve? You deserve a dry hand job. You must like abrasive things against your dick otherwise you wouldn't be stealing my super small pantyhose and stretching them out with your gross man body. You just lay there and take it as I stroke this rigid cock of yours really fast and then super slow with no lubrication at all, not even my spit. You don't deserve any of my bodily fluids, not even my spit. Why don't I torment you even more by showing you my perfect boobs. These are boobs that you will never have, cause you cant steal these from me can you? Awe, I'm enjoying being so mean to you why don't I give you a little reward. Here is some spit for your cock so you don't have to suffer through a completely dry hand job. Here is something else for you, you little freak, smell my fresh panties. I bet you want to lick the crotch out don't you? Here, take them, smell them while I continue to jack off your pathetic penis. Since you want my pantyhose so badly I'm going to rip them off of you know and finish wanking you with them. Isn't that what you do with my stolen stockings? Wank off then spew your sticky load in them? I'm here to do it for you, you freak. Yea, that's it spooge all over them cause you're the one who gets to keep them. If you ever say a word of this to mom and dad, you will be the bitch in this situation not me, remember that, freak.

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Little brat owns my cock.

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My stepsister is a brat. She thinks that she is such hot shit just because her Mom has my Dad convinced that I'm not responsible, and put her in charge when they are away. I'm 20 years old for fuck's sake, and she's only a year younger than me. Who the fuck does she think she is? I was pissed as hell when I walked into my room to find her sitting in my chair. The parents went out for a movie date, and here she was, "in charge" of me again. She teased me for having such a small bed... I can't help it if my Dad never bought me a new one. "Do you ever get laid? I mean, you barely fit in there. How would you fit another girl in bed with you?" she taunted. I just got out of the shower and was wearing only a towel, and she told me to lie down on the bed and show her what was under it. I was curious to see where this was going, because she actually was right. I never had a girl in my bed (or any bed for that matter). Plus she was kind of hot, in a bratty kind of way. I lay down and watched my little sister pull down her top to give me a look at her perky little tits. I couldn't believe it! She slipped the rest of her dress off and let me have a good look at her firm round ass. Her panties came down next, and she sat on my chair and spread her legs for me to tease me with her perfect pussy. Climbing onto the bed, she began to tease me even more. "Do you want to feel my little hands wrapped around your big cock... sliding up and down the shaft?" She pulled my now hard cock out from the flimsy towel I was wearing and spit on it as she began to stroke me. She moved around on my bed as she stroked me, giving me lots of looks at her little ballerina body. " I bet my mom would be really, REALLY upset... her new husband's dirty son taking advantage of her perfect little daughter? That's not going to sit well." My little sister was teasing the hell out of me, and turning me on like I've never felt before. I liked being owned by her as long as she made my cock feel like that. "Cum for me. Release it all over yourself. Show me that you can really cum like a real man". Her hand pumped faster and faster until I felt a huge load spurt out of the head of my dick. "Dirty, dirty, big stepbrother. You better take a shower before Mom and Dad get home." She strutted out of my room with a look of complete satisfaction that she now owned my cock. And I like it that way.

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Make me feel like a woman again.

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Krissy Lynn hasn't been feeling very sexy lately. Her husband hasn't paid any attention to her for at least the past five months. What's a lonely, under appreciated wife to do? Seduce her brother in law and watch the bulge in his pants grow only for her is her solution. She knows she can't completely seduce her family member into fucking her but just knowing she can excite a man enough for him to give up his precious seed gets the sparks back in Krissy's eyes. She unveils her perfect breasts and pink pussy for her brother in law as she takes control of his cock and drains his balls dry, just for her.

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Making a move on Daddy.

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You know I totally did my hair and make up today because I knew your step dad would be here when I came to visit. I think you and your mom are so lucky to get to live with such a hunk of a man. You agree don't you? You know you're so lucky but he probably wouldn't give two geeky chicks like us the time of day. I mean, I think older men are so freakin sexy but they probably don't think much of young girls like us. In fact I would so jump on your step dad if he gave me the go ahead. Hey, are you listening to me? Oh my god, it's your step dad standing there with his big dick in your hand. How long was he listening to me ramble about how sexy I think he is?\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nLook at you! You're holding your step dads erect penis in your hand! I guess I'm not the only horny pervert in your house today. This is crazy! I'm always hanging around your house cause you're my best girlfriend but to have your dads dick right in front of us is so crazy. We absolutely can't say a word of this to anyone or I won't ever be able to come visit again. This is like a dream come true for me! Do we both get to play with his dick at the same time? He's lying down so we can stroke him together. I've had lots of practice stroking cock on guys my own age but haven't ever had my hand wrapped around an older mans shaft until now. Is this your first time jacking off your step dad? He laid down pretty fast for us to grab onto his cock so he must have been thinking about this perverted moment for a while.\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nWe should give him a real show as we stroke his shaft. Let's get naked and squirm around on him with our tight little bodies. Oh, do you like that daddy? Do you like when I slap your rigid rod on your step-daughter's tight ass? We'll stoke you with all four hands at once. We want your big daddy load. Will you show us little girls what a real man's load looks like? We'll keep cleaning your house in tiny little skirts if you give us a big load right now. I'll bend far over while I mop the floor and show you I have no panties on daddy if you give us a huge hot load right now. Oh my gosh all this dirty daddy talk made you spurt such a big geyser! You must have had a backlog cause your prudish wife doesn't get you off but your step daughter and her best friend did!

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Making your gay go away.

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Honey, there are rumors going around about something that has me concerned. Are you gay? Your father and I completely support you if you are. We heard some of your sister's friends talking and they were saying you are since you haven't had a girlfriend yet. I know you are just twenty but its true most boys your age have had a few girlfriends by now. I'm just your step-mom but I am concerned and want you to be happy. I didn't say anything to anyone but have I mistakenly caught you looking at me a little longer than necessary? You know, the other day in the hall way when I came out of the bathroom in my robe, you continued watching me as I walked the length of the hall. I turned right before I went in my bedroom and caught your eyes on me. Is it maybe that you aren't gay but that you are attracted to older women? Do you mind if I conduct a little experiment with you? I would like to touch you and see if I can get you aroused. Is that ok, if I touch you down there? Ohh, you are already hard! I think I already have my answer that you are certainly attracted to older women. Well, I won't leave you there with a hard on, of course I plan to complete my experiment by jacking you off until you cum. That would be the ultimate answer of how attractive you find me if you can give me your precious cum. Since you haven't ever had a girlfriend, I would be the first female to receive your warm sticky cum, and that makes me feel oh so special. Now, you can't tell your father about this happening. I don't think he would approve of my reasoning to determine if you are gay or not. This will be our little secret. It's not so weird what we are doing. Your cock just jumped when I took off my bra. This says to me how much you like what I am doing with your cock. You probably aren't gay, you're just shy. You want to see your mom's vagina? I have a pretty pussy I don't mind showing you. I will even spread my legs so you can see it's pink inside. One of these days you will get to slide that big cock of yours inside a little pussy and it's going to feel so good. I want you to imagine what it would feel like to put your stiff dick inside a warm, wet pussy. Imagine everything it would feel like as I stroke you until you cum. Make mommie's hands a mess with your hot cum. You can trust me and give it to your step-mom. I won't tell anyone about this, our secret. I know you are a desirable young man who is just waiting for the right girl to share your sex with and that is alright with me. Oh you had so much release you almost got me in the eye! I know one thing for sure, if you can cum for a woman you aren't gay. Looks like mommie made your gay go away.

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Massage therapist turns COCK THERAPIST

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You are referred to a massage therapist by a friend who claims she completely relieved him of all his stress. You hope she can do the same for you. You aren't quite sure when she tells you she will be giving you the TOTAL RELEASE THERAPY treatment today. But hey, if it helps you relax, you are willing to try anything. Ahhh, her hands on your tight muscles feel so good...then she starts massaging your man muscle. You go along and figure she knows best, she is the professional. She lubes your man muscle and doesn't stop the hand-y-work until you completely release. You weren't expecting a hand job when you went in for your massage but now you are a believer in T.R.T.

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MILF Professor cranks my cock.

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I got caught taking up skirt pix of my uber hot English professor. She really shouldn't be wearing such tiny skirts while teaching a bunch of horny college kids. She has probably forgotten what it's like to have uncontrollable raging hormones which make us do stupid things. When she called me in her office after class today, I was sure she would see to it that I am expelled for my pervy actions. Instead, she told me she is a compassionate teacher and understands my problem. She says I have a lot of potential to be an excellent student so is willing to help me with my uncontrollable urges. She is right, I have a hard time not thinking about sex like every other waking minute of the day. When I come to her class and see her walking around in her heels and tight little mini skirt, my mind races and I have to at least grab a few pix of her for masturbation material later. She seems sure to have a solution to my pervy behavior. She slides up to me in her chair and begins to unfasten my jeans. I held my hands to the side so she could have access to whatever she wanted inside my pants. She wrapped her hands around my shaft and began to stroke. This is not the kind of help I expected from my professor but I wasn't going to protest. It doesn't matter to me what she does with my cock so long as she gives me a good grade in class and doesn't report any of this to my parents. Sounds so stupid that I can be in college and still worry about what my parents hear of me but since they're footing the bills, here I am in the hands of my sexpot professor. She says she understands how hard it is to be my age and sexually frustrated and feels it's her duty to help me? She did get it right when she said college girls hardly know how to handle a cock so she can understand why us guys would be attracted to older women. As she sucked and stroked she said she was going to help me get this sexual angst out of my system. I was in such ecstasy looking down at her mouth around my cock that I was sure to have a release that would keep me angst free for days. She gave me one of the sloppiest slippery hand job blow job combos I have ever experienced. After draining every drop of cum from me she said she has an open door policy and to use it next time I get feeling anxious. She said for me not to tell my friends, which is too bad cause I was already envisioning how fucken hot she was going to look on her knees cranking me and all my buddies cocks off. As sexy and slutty as she is, I think my fantasy just may have a chance to come true.