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I am fertile and horny honey.

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I know we are newlyweds and should be thinking more about our career goals and such but I really want to have a baby! You always try your best to make me happy dont you? I would be very happy if you gave me all your warm seed deep inside and we grew a baby together. I wore this sexy lingerie to get you in the mood because I am completely in the mood for your love injection.

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I am fucking horny.

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We have to be clear that you shouldn't be here. My host family told me to not bring any guys back to their house. Ive been here in America for four months now which means four months with no sex! How to they expect a healthy girl to go without sex especially in a new country? I want and need to fuck as much as possible during my stay here. Ok, we don't have much time so lets get to it.

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I am going to give up my ass.

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Weve been going out long enough and you fuck my pussy good enough that I am ready and eager to give up my ass to you. I know you want it! You joke about it all the time. Ive been watching lots of anal porn and it looks pretty easy so long as my virgin ass hole is lubed. Are you ready? I am. You know what comes first, lick it before you stick it.

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I am here just for you.

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I know how much you like frilly panty sets on my tight body. Look at this new pink ruffle set I bought to tempt you. Do you like the way the panties make my round butt look? Come closer and kiss me. I miss you when you're away from me. Let's not talk about your day let's just play and let me blow your mind right now. I see you're getting hard for me already. It's so sexy when you get hard as fast as you do from looking at my body. Come here and kiss on me. Kiss my neck and my nipples. Use your tongue around my nipples like that. It looks like your cock needs my lips wrapped around them. You taste so good bebe. Give me your warm tongue on my pussy lips. Oh yes, suck my clit gently. You know exactly how to make me feel so good. I'm ready for you. Slide yourself in slowly just like that. Oh god yes, fuck me faster bebe. I must ride that gorgeous cock of yours. Lie down and let me mount you. I had such an incredible cum and now it's your turn. I'll give you my ass that you love so much to look at as you pound my pussy. Pull out and splash me with your sweet cum. I can hardly wait to taste it. Mmmm, your load is so warm and sweet just like you. You're the best bebe. I'm gonna go clean up now but give me another kiss, just like that.

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I am here to take your virginity.

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Surprise surprise! You are wondering why I am in your bedroom late in the night. Your sister let me in because I lost a bet with her and now I am here to take your virginity. It wont be such a bad thing and will be over before you know it so let me get to work. She is outside the door and going to listen to the whole thing because this is my payment for losing. First I need to get it really hard so I can sit on it. I like to be on top to make myself cum. Then you get to fuck me while I bend over the bed but make sure you pull out to cum. Pull out before you feel like its going to cum out! Oh wow! Look at all that mess you made. It was kind of fun playing with you and I think I'm going to tell your sister that you and I will be hanging out more often. Glad I got ahold of that virgin cock before any of those college girl sluts did.

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I am just a concerned mother.

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I know you love my daughter and find her irresistible but she is adamant about remaining a virgin until her wedding night, this is why I am here. I am nowhere near a virgin and very concerned for my daughter's happiness. How about if I offer you my experienced pussy in exchange for you making up with my daughter and I get to see her happy again? She just hasn't been the same since you broke off the engagement. It isn't all that bad is it? I am doing what any caring mom would do for their little girl. Just pretend I am the older version of her and I am here to service your cock. Neither of us will breathe a word of this to anyone and we both walk away happy. Now let's get to it future son in law.

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I am just the younger version.

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How long have you been boning my mom? Iím sensing her old pussy is tiresome for you otherwise we wouldn't be here in front of each other right now. I think she is sensing you have the hots for me judging how long it took her to leave us alone in the house today. She thinks I am such a perfect daughter really. If she only knew what I kept hidden. I have a feeling another secret is going to keep hidden from here the longer were in this room together.

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I am more than book smart.

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There is no way you can give me a failing grade this semester. My parents said if I flunk any part of college then they will send me to military school. Look at my princess nails, do they look like they can hold a gun? They will cut my beautiful hair if I go there and try to make me look like a dude. Do you want to be responsible for someone taking away my ability to be a pretty girl? I am one of the prettiest girls on campus and you must help me to stay here in school. What do you say about hooking up with a hot, young freshman in exchange for a passing grade this semester? I think that is a far deal. Why don't we just seal the deal right here!

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I am more than glad youíre here.

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You know how much I ache in certain places for you. Iíve been a patient girl waiting for you to have time to come over. You can see what is on my mind. I didnít mess around with wearing clothes but I know how much you like my sexy bra and panty sets. I also know how much you like when I wear something pink. Speaking of pink, letís get that cock of yours hard and get him reacquainted with my private pink part.

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I am not a thief.

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I dont know what came over me to make me stick your wifes necklace in my pocket like I did. I like my job cleaning houses and your house is so nice work in. Your wife has so many pretty things I guess I figured she might not miss just one pretty necklace. It was wrong and I apologize. Please do not tell anyone what you saw me do or else I could lose this job. What could I possibly do to convince you that I wont ever try to take something that doesnt belong to me? I am open to do anything you say. We could both share a secret if you like. I could make you feel really great and you could pretend you never saw a thing tonight. Look how cute I am and willing to do anything to make this right.