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I always want dick.

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I donít need to mix words or talk too much. Why would I be dressed like I am if I wasn't here for one thing? Iím here for your dick. I mean look at me, my shorts are riding up my tight little ass cheeks and my top doesn't leave much to your imagination. These fuck me pumps say everything for me. Come give me that big bulge I see in your pants.

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I am a better distraction.

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Why do you even date my sister? She is such an uber perfectionist it takes her hours to get ready for a simple date. I am so irritated that she is making both of us wait for her. You know what I would like to do to waste time? I think youíre kind of hot and we should fuck. We should have some fun while our time is being wasted by her. Iíll bet if were quiet we can get our rocks off just right to make it an even more fun night.

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I am a better version of her.

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I don't know how to say this but I found texts on my mom's phone that indicate she is having quite the steamy affair. She didn't go out of town this weekend with her girlfriend's, she went to get fucked by her side dish. You are such a great step dad that I felt you should know. I don't want you two to break up because then I would be without you. Instead of getting mad at her, why don't you and I have our own little thing on the side. I am legal and think you are a really great guy. Come closer and let me take your mind off that woman who is the older and much aged version of my cuteness.

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I am a connoisseur of virgins.

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Your sister totally hooked me up with the smartest computer geek I have ever met, you! I thought my controller was kaput but you brought it back to life. I have some unfortunate news though, my bank account is almost in the negative so I cant give you any funds for your work. What I can do for you is to make sure you don't go off to college a virgin. I think my sex skills equal your computer skills. So what do you say? Are you ready to hand me your virgin card?

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I am a horny housewife.

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Something tells me you knew my son wasn't going to be home right now, as well as my husband either. Yet, here you are playing pool with your best friends mother. I think you planned your visit today. It's ok, because I admit to being a lonely horny housewife. All you college guys are the same, horny. As far as I'm concerned if you won't tell, neither will I. We don't have much time so I'm going to remove my panties so you can show me some love, just how I like it.

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I am a horny little gym slut.

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Every time I work out I get so damn horny! Its pretty sexy isnt it to be all sweaty and hot? Watching you at the gym, the way you move and flex your muscles really turned me on. I knew I had to have you come home with me so you could give me the most important muscle. Lets keep the workout out going on my bed.

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I am a naughty professor.

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Lets be clear that what ever we do here will not have any effect on your grade in my class. I am here only because I am horny and you are legal and oh so hot. You've been flirting with me the whole semester and now that I am here. Where are you going to start? How about we start with me.

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I am available if you are.

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Your wife didn't tell me you would be home at this time of day. She said she needed me to quickly pick up something here for her. She is kind of a bitch isnít she? This job she gave me pays well but damn, she is such a cunt to work for. How do you put up with her? Maybe this is all a set up for her to see if you would fuck her new secretary. Maybe you two get off on that kind of shit. I donít really care what it is, Iím into older men and Iím horny so, want to fuck?

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I am better than my twin sister.

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I know it sucks that my twin sister and I share a bedroom. If we don't make the bed shake too much she should stay asleep on the top bunk. Ive done this before and she just leaves me alone. We should hurry up though just in case she does wake up I want to make sure I cum and you do to. *twin sister surprise at the end of video.

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I am calling Mr. Sexy.

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These two horny MILFS had a night out at the male strip club and now they want to continue the party, at home. The naughty blonde got the number for the guy the brunette calls, Mr. Sexy and has set up the perfect place for some three way fun. Will the shy brunette mom actually give up her inhibitions and slurp up some hot sex spunk from a male stripper hunk? Watch and find out.