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My panties look good around your cock.

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I can't help myself. I want to stop but I can't. I simply must sneak in my dad and step moms room to riffle through her panty drawer at least every few days. I know it's a horrible habit but I don't know how to stop. Her silky soft panties with the little cotton part where her pussy lips go drive me crazy with desire to smell where her pussy rests. I was enjoying a new pair wrapped around my cock and close to exploding when my bedroom door opened. It's a good think I learned to hide under my bed long ago and especially when I am jacking off with my mom's lingerie. She began to open and close my storage bins and muttered how she knew I had to have her underwear somewhere in my room. I held my breath hoping she would leave soon so I could finish myself off when she turned and saw my position. I can't believe I had to crawl from under my bed with my step mother's panties in my hand and my semi erect cock dangling. Instead of being angry she seemed intrigued and asked me to show her how I jack myself off. She then went on to give me encouragement to keep stroking myself until I came. She made the movements with her hands that she wanted me to make. The best part was she got naked and gave me the panties she was wearing! Watching her hand movement made my cock so damn hard it wasn't long before I had to let my load go all over her pussy scented cotton crotch. To remedy me thieving her underwear she offered to give me some panties I can keep guilt free. I could not have asked for a better step mother who understands what a guy like me truly needs to get his panty hungry dick off.