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Sex Ed with Step Mom

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My stepson has been bringing girls home and fucking them in his room. He thought I was at work the last couple times. But I came home for lunch and heard him really giving it to some girl nice and hard. I want to make sure he is being safe. But if Iím honest, I listened to them and played with myself. It made me so wet! I know, Mommyís shouldn't do that. She kept saying how big he was and I just couldn't help myself. I had to see for myself. He is a very good looking young man and I want to show him how much Mommy loves him. He came home from a date the other night and told him I needed to talk to him about safe sex. I got him hard, and that girl was right. Mama's boy has a nice fat cock. I showed him how to slide a condom on. Then I stroked his cock and balls. I couldnít get him hard and just leave him hanging. What kind of Mom does that? I was also getting so wet and turned on. I showed my good boy mommy's titties and pulled off the condom. Sliding my soft mommy hands up and down his young prick. I got naked and showed him a real womanís body. Rubbed the head of his cock on my pussy and ass, then stroked him hard and tight until he came good and hard for mommy! Heís a good boy!

Step Daughter,Small Tits,Brunette,Short Hair,Bathtub

Shower time with Daddy.

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My step-daughter is 18 now and I ended up letting her jerk me off and it was so fucking hot. Then a couple days later, she came and got in the shower with me like a sweet little sudsy angel. I know! I need to stop. But her young tight body, pretty face and youthful giggle make me want to take it to the next level. I don't know how strong I can be. She asked if she could get it. I figured I would just help her get clean. But all I wanted to do was be very dirty. I rubbed soap on her perky breasts and nipples. Her perfect ass looks like her moms did 15 years ago, but better. Sliding my fingers into her tight wet slit cleaning it like a good daddy does. Washing her ass, going deep between her cheeks makes me so hard I could explode then and there. Teasing me and jerking my cock off with her ass cheeks. Hotdogging me between her ass crack. Grinding on me, all but begging me to fuck her. I had to kick her out before I went too far and slide deep inside her stretching her tiny young pussy. I don't know how much longer I can hold out.

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Showing Step Dad that He's the best

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My mom caught me with a boy in my room making out. She freaked out and I think she told my stepdad. My Dad is so hot, I was thinking about him while I was making out with that boy. I've been touching my Dad's cock since I turned 18. I think he was jealous when he heard I had a boy in my room. I need someone to keep me company when he's with my mom. But I really do love my Dad's cock the most. So I took the opportunity when my mom was gone to show him Iím still daddy's little good girl. I told him how much better his cock was. I took his pants off, and slid him into my warm young mouth. Stroking him I told him I'm his good girl and how bad I wanted to make him feel good. Sucking his delicious daddy cock, spitting all over it and stroking it. I asked him to please not be mad at me for having a boy in my room. Putting him all the way down my throat, pleasing him is my favorite. Sucking hard like he taught me to he started fucking my mouth and then filled my pretty mouth with my favorite drink. I don't think daddy is mad anymore.

Step Mom,Handjob,Big Tits,Blonde,Short Hair,Milf,Lingerie,Glove Fetish

Silk glove handjob from my hot Step Mom

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I recently found my stepmom's lingerie and slinky gloves she calls her "Wanking Gloves" in the attic. I didn't realize how dirty my mom was, but it made me so hard to think about. I found panties that still smelled like her mommy pussy. I've thought she was hot for as long as I've been getting hard. The older I get the more she seems to show a little more boobs, bends over to get stuff out of the fridge in a skirt with no panties. I knew she liked me looking at her, but I never thought this would happen. My dad was gone on business and I came home to her wearing all the things of hers I had in my room. Holy shit! She asked me if I wanted to see what mommy does with her "special wanking gloves". She pulled down her bra and showed me her big round titties. They are as nice as they look through her shirts. She got on top of me pulled my cock out and started wanking me with her pretty silky purple gloves. They were so soft on my hard cock. She pulled her panties to the side and asked if I liked seeing mommy's pussy. She jerked me so hard and fast. Begging me to cum for her. I came so fucking hard all over big titties and added a little more jizz to her wanking gloves.

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Sis wants to go to a frat party

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My step sister wants to go to a frat party. She is super hot. But she's my step sister. She walks around the house in her skimpy panties, and I have jerked off to her tons. I know if I take her to the party at my frat house she is for sure going to get nailed by tons of men. I kind of like the thought of that. Hmmm? Maybe I can watch. But I wanted her first. She said that if I took her with me, she would doing something sweet for me. She pulled my pants off and started jerking me off. Her soft hands and pretty face. Spitting on it so I could watch the strings of saliva from her mouth. She started sucking my cock and took her dress off. Her pale white skin and red hair. Stroking me hard and fast I came all over her beautiful full titties... I guess she will be the best party favor ever tonight.

Handjob,Blonde,Long Hair,Sister-in-law

Sister-in-law thanks you with a handjob

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My wife is a cold bitch. She is so hot but is like fucking a cold trout. When she said that her sexy slutty sister asked if she could stay with us to save up some money I was all in. I knew she liked flipping her ass in front of me and had heard stories about her having crazy sexual escapades. I knew that I would at least get to see her sexy body around the house. But was pretty sure I would get more out of it if I let her know that it was me that pushed to let her stay here. The first day my wife was gone and we were home alone, she called me in her room. She told me she knew it was me that talked her sister into letting her stay and that she really wanted to thank me. I was instantly hard because I knew what was cumming... it was gonna be me. I laid on her bed and she pulled my swollen cock out and started to milk and pull on it. Taking all her clothes off, showing me her pale rose nipples as her firm young tits bounced while she jerked my cock with her soft hands. Whimpering and begging for my cum I shot my hot fat loud I'd been saving all over her beautiful titties. I think the new roommate is going to work out just fine. Starring Samantha Hayes

Step Daughter,Fucking,Blowjob,Small Tits,Brunette,Short Hair,Cum On Face

Sleeping with Step Daddy

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Nobody touches me like my step-daddy. I know when mom is gone on business that if I can get him to let me crawl in bed with him, he won't be able to keep his hands off me. And I fucking love it. He's so sexy and makes me feel so good! I wanted him to go all the way this time while she was gone. I'm ready to be daddy's big girl and let him stretch my tiny barely used young slit. I love when I sit on his lap when mom is in the kitchen cooking dinner and can feel how hard he gets under me. Getting a quick feel of my wet lips through my cotton panties or a cup of my titty when she isn't looking. I need him inside me. I crawled in bed with him and he touched my tiny titties. I know he likes them so much. Then I immediately sucked his cock while drooling all over it. He is my favorite thing to put in my mouth. I eagerly took my clothes off and rubbed my tiny clit on his big daddy cock. Humping it like I do my pillow in bed at night. But instead of imagining it was him, this time it really was. I almost came instantly. It's so wrong, I know. He is old enough to be my real dad, but thank goodness he is just my stepdad. I asked him if I could please just this once slide him inside me to see what it felt like. He said just the tip, but I needed it all. I bounced up and down on it. It was so big I felt like it was going to split my tiny kitty in two. Then he fucked me hard like a big girl. I loved seeing his big strong grown man body on top of mine. Being his tiny young fuck toy, making me cum so hard over and over all over his thick rigid dick. Baby girl juices dripping out of me. I wanted his cum so bad .After he fucked me every way he wanted. He straddled my chest and fucked my pretty mouth with his huge daddy cock. He tasted so good. Then with an explosion of dirty secret very wrong, yet oh so right pleasure he sprayed his thick cum all over my young face. I think Daddy will be happy to let me sleep with him when mommy is gone from now on.

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Handjob,Small Tits,Brunette,Hairy,Short Hair,Tattoos

Slutty Daddy's girl shows off new hip tattoo

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We have gotten so close Daddy! I mean, I love being your step daughter and I care so much what you think... I want to show you something. I know I can trust you because we have that kind of relationship. Just please promise not to get mad. I got a new tattoo and I want to show it to you. It says " rockstar ". I know I don't really play any instruments but I just love it so much I had to have it on my body! Pulling down my cute little skirt, I reveal a big lushes bush peaking over my tight red panties. What do you think? Are you even looking at my tattoo? Oh my god Dad! Are you getting hard? It seems like you like it. Well, I guess these panties are a little see through. I see you looking at my big pretty bush Daddy. I've been growing it for a really long time. I begin rubbing my hands all over it, I like the way you watch me Daddy. I like how hard your cock is getting behind that zipper. I can see it you know? Want me to take it out? Want me to touch you Daddy? I want to. I run my hands from my hips up to my breasts and shoulders, I peel out of my tiny blows and stand up. I continue playing with my pants and turn around giving a beautiful view of my tight little ass. Sit down daddy. I love when I can see how big you are. I lean forward and lick your delicious bulge. I unzip your pants and pull your cock out. Oh my god Daddy, your cock is so nice! I begin stroking it, and spitting all over it to make you nice and wet, just like me. Wanna see? look how wet you make me daddy. Rubbing my sweet juices all over my bush before grabbing your perfect cock again. Now I want you to rub my pussy Daddy, I know you want to feel my bush. I want you to cum all over me daddy. Stroking your big daddy dick even faster, I point you up at my chest. Cum daddy, cum all over my pretty titties! Starring Penelope Reed

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Slutty daughter-in-law wants to be a good little Daddyís girl

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Hey you, I just wanted to say thank you for letting us stay here while the house is getting fumigated. Itís nice to be around family. I donít know if your son told you but I donít really get to be around much strong, older, male energy. I didnít get much of that before I married into this family. And you, well you have just been so generous and loving and givingÖ I donít even know what to say, I mean it is as if words arenít enough, you know. I mean you can only say thank you so many times rightÖ I was just thinking, maybe there is another way, a way without words that I can thank you. Would that be okay? You know, Iíve always wanted to be a good little Daddyís girl. I lean forward and start rubbing your cock over your pants. I can only imagine how good your cock feels in my hands. I bet it tastes good too, huh DaddyÖ I wanna see what you are hiding in there. I begin undoing your pants and reach in, pulling out your perfect cock. There we go. I love the way it feels in my hands. I cup it and rub my fingers all over it. Can I please put it in my slutty little mouth Daddy? I can be your good girl. Does that feel good Daddy? I love getting it all wet with my mouth. I stroke your cock up and down with both my hands. I just canít let it go Daddy. I feel it growing in my hands and getting bigger by the minute. I spin my hands in tight little circles around your cock, feeling your load build up at the base of your big hard cock. Iím gonna take this off Daddy, itís a little warm in here. I stand up and take off my skirt. I wish I could fuck you right now.. I bet you do too. I continue rubbing your cock with my hands as I finger myself. Oh, yes that feels so good doesnít it? I love feeling your cock. Itís so pretty. I think itís even bigger than your sons. I stand up and turn around showing off my pretty round ass. I love thinking of you bending me over like this and sliding in and out of me. I stroke your cock between my legs before I turn back around. I wanna see this cock cum for me Daddy. I wanna see it all gushing out of you, okay? I stroke your cock faster, up and down as I get more excited to see your load. Oh my gosh, I can feel it getting closer and closer. Cum for me Daddy, cum all over my pretty little hands! I jerk your cock as you gush cum all over me! Starring Holly Lace

Step Daughter,Handjob,Small Tits,Blonde

Slutty girl has a naughty surprise for her Step-dad

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Hey Dad, so I talked to mom and... well, we all noticed. We can all tell how sad and depressed you have been lately. And I know you are only my step-daddy, but well, I still love you and I want to take care of you in any way I can. So I am pretty sure I know a way to make you really cheer you up. I have a surprise for you Daddy, but this isnít just any surprise. And you definitely cannot tell mom... or anyone else okay? Okay are you ready? I begin to undo the tie around my neck. Because you are the best step-daddy in the whole world and I love you. I let the top of my dress fall revealing my beautiful developing breasts. Yeah, this is your prize Daddy. This is just for you. I spread my legs smiling at you, and pet my cute panties under my dress. Iím gonna take off my shoes now. I roll over, playfully showing my ass off for you as I reach down to take off my shoes. I start rubbing my body and looking at you. Can I touch you Daddy? I sit up and begin rubbing the front of your pants. See, you donít need to feel so sad, you know we all just want you to be happy Daddy. I undo the zipper on your pants. Just between us okay? I lean down and pull out your cock. You know we love you and just want you to be happy. Iím gonna finish taking my dress off for you okay. I want to help you. I tug my little dress off and shake my butt in your face. You know I hear that step-daughters give the best handies. I think I wanna try it out. I spit in my hand and begin rubbing your cock. I didnít know my stepdaddy has such a nice cock. I rub your cock in my hands. I hope you are starting to feel a little better. Can I play with your balls a little? I think you might like it. I begin rubbing your cock and balls. You can let go off all your stress Daddy. Thatís all you got to do. Does that feel good Daddy? Your family loves you. Your step daughter really loves you. I continue stroking your cock. I never want you to feel bad. I continue stroking. Thatís what families are for right? Does Daddy want me to take my panties off? Yeah? I turn around and peel my little thong off revealing my beautiful pink holes. Is that a nice view? I know this is why you married mom right? I rub my butt giggling. Iím gonna take very good care of you. You have a weight you need to release. Give it all to me Daddy, I can take it. I stroke your cock against my tits. I want it all to cum out Daddy. I start to stroke you faster and faster. I can feel that stress building inside you Daddy. Does it feel good now? I crawl between your legs and jerk your cock right against my tits until you explode your load all over my tits! Thank you Daddy! I hope you feel better. Starring Gracie May Green