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It is no big deal you caught me.

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So what, you saw me smoking. I know mom and dad would kick me out of the house if you told them so you aren't going to tell them, right? I mean, I'm eighteen so it's perfectly legal for me to smoke if I want to. Our parents are so weird about all the rules in this house. I wish I had enough money to move out but I don't and neither do you. Look, maybe there is something I can do to convince you it's in both our best interest to keep quiet about this. There is also something else you need to keep quiet about. I'm going to jack you off for your silence. Every guy likes to be stroked off, right? It's not so bad because you're only my step brother plus you're a little creepy so I'm sure having your sister's hands around your cock are worth complete silence. It's kind of weird for us to be the same age yet you seem so much younger than me with your creepy little friends you hang out with. I can't believe I'm going to touch your dick. Don't tell any of your friends about this either! I don't want them thinking I'm going to touch their dicks for any reason. Come lie down and get comfortable and let's get this over as soon as possible. You only get 10 or 15 minutes to cum so focus on getting your nut. What were you doing home so early anyway? You were probably here spying on me and hoping to find out I was doing something our parents wouldn't approve of. Well just imagine if mom walked in and saw your dick in my hand right now. How would we explain this? Just think about my hand stroking your shaft. At least you aren't the one having to work your nut out. I hear you beating off all the time in your room. I figure if I stroke you off then it's a huge gift from me to you. Come on brother, think about that nut of yours. We don't have much time. O.k. I'll show you my body if it will help you let go of that nasty goo. Do you like my body? Is this what you were hoping for when you caught me smoking? Now that I'm naked I would really like you to cum. I see you staring at my butt all the time so I'm going to turn around. Look at my tight toned ass. You wish you could bury your dick inside my little pink pussy don't you? Well you can't. Come on you little creep, cum for me. Hurry up, I'm getting bored stroking you. Ah, finally! Alright I'm done! You had better not tell mom and dad I was smoking or stroking you!

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It is not what you think.

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When my step mom sent me to stay with her brother this summer I was so pissed I could hardly see straight. How absolutely boring to have to spend a summer with people I hardly even know! The only possibly good thing about this situation is finding out my cousin is kinda hot. He and I are about the same age and he has really transformed from the total geek I saw in pictures my step mom showed me to a pretty cute guy. I thought I would be completely bored this summer but some events happened today that changed my viewpoint. I noticed my cousin was hanging in his bedroom alone and with the rest of the family gone, decided to get to know him a little better. He's in his early twenties it turns out so a little older than me. His longer hair and arm tattoos make him look sexy and I couldn't resist flirting. One thing led to another and next thing I know I'm tasting his stiff cock. He tastes so damn good and for a lithe guy he packs a nice sized cock. I finished him off with a swallow and was leaving his room to wash my face when I ran into his dad who had been watching everything from the hallway. I stumbled over my words and then calmly asked to speak to him alone in his office so I could explain my actions with his son. It turns out his dad wasn't mad at me at all or offended. My only offense was that I wasn't sucking his cock and stroking it instead of his son's. Since I am a guest in his home for a few months, the least I could do is show my Uncle some of the same hospitality that I was showing his son only moments earlier. I happened to notice that his wife doesn't show him much affection and mentioned that I could sort of fill in that gap during my stay with them if he would like. My mom already thinks I am quite the fuck up which is why she sent me away for the summer. If she only knew I was about to jack off her brother and already blew her nephew all in the same day she would probably kick my ass out of the house for good. I don't care what she thinks. I'm living with two new cocks for a few months and am going to have my fun with them. I could see his cock was already hard for me as I removed his pants and began stroking it. My uncle's cock was exactly like his son's. I don't know which one I'm going to fuck first. Maybe I'll decide by which one gives me the largest cum load today. Come on Uncle, give me that hot cum of yours. Shower me with your hot spray. Oh you taste as good as your son! Thank you for feeding my pretty mouth with your seed. Now that I've seen your cock I can hardly wait for next time and the next level. This is going to be a great summer after all.

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It's real nice having a man here.

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So how do you like the room I fixed up for you? It worked out great that I live so close to the college you want to go to. I know your parents will miss your company while you live here with me. Living alone can be lonely sometimes so I just wanted to come tell you how nice it has been to have you here. I even enjoy cooking and cleaning for you. Now that you are old enough I feel it's time you should know something about our family. This information my change the way you feel about living here with me. Your mother is adopted. So you see we, you and I are technically not blood related. I'll always be the kind aunt you have know me to be but I'm thinking you living here could make be even less lonely in certain aspects if you get what I am saying. You college age guys are always horny aren't you? I'd like to see exactly what I am caring for in my house. I'd like to see the size of your package. I'm sure there are ways you can also care for your auntie. Why don't we play around a little and see what happens from there. I can see your package stir just now. This is going to be fun.

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Itís a fair exchange

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If you didnít come help me with the house today I really donít know what I would have done. It hasnít been easy keeping up with things since your brother got locked up. I never though I would be with a man who got himself in jail. Life is what it is and here we are. Listen, I donít have money to give you for your time today. I know this sounds weird but so long as we keep a secret between us there wonít be any problems. If you get asked how we get along and if you came to visit you can just say ďYes, I helped her around the house.Ē Itís not lying because we arenít going to fuck. Iím going to get your dick off and make you feel so good but only using my hands that way we arenít cheating all the way. This is the only way I can thank you for your time so letís both enjoy the benefits of keeping it in the family.

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Itís hard to believe you are going away.

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Can you grasp the fact youíre going into the military? I can hardly believe it! I mean Iím so used to you being home for me all the time. What am I going to do without my big brother around to protect me and keep the dumb guys away? Hey, remember that game we used to play last year? You know the one where I jerked you off just to see how much cum load you produced. Remember you ate all kinds of different food and drinks to see how it affected your load? Youíre probably not going to have much of a chance to jerk your own cock with all those guys around in the bunker at boot camp. Do you think we could play that game one more time since I wonít see you for a long time after today? Thanks for leaving me your favorite hoodie to wear while youíre gone. Now you can get a visual for your spank tank of me wearing it and jerking you off one last time.

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Itís no longer a secret.

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I wondered how long it would take for you to discover your step-mom did porn. So do you and your college friends have conversations about your moms scenes? Come on, Iím sure you guys sit around wishing some of the things I did in porn could be done to you. Would you like a story to tell your friends about? I could give you a sample of what itís like to be with a porn star. Come lay down and let your step mom give you some sexy female attention like you havenít had before. I know exactly how to suck and stroke a cock to make you feel like youíre not even in your body. Itís been a while since I starred in a scene and this could be fun. You saw all the scenes I did with younger guys Iím sure. You can go tell your friends you got stroked off by one of the sluttiest MILFís on your laptop come to life!

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Itís your turn for attention, dad.

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You have been the nicest soon to be father in law a woman could ask for. Your generosity never ceases to amaze me. I see a lot more than you might think. I see how your wife isnít around much as she takes your money and makes herself busy away from home. I see you have multiple degrees and are a very smart man who isnít getting the attention he deserves. I also am aware of how much you love your son so this makes it slightly awkward for what I am here to present to you. Iíve been giving this lots of thought and I want to give you some of the attention your wife hasnít. I couldnít fuck you because that would completely be cheating in my eyes but I can get you off another way. I just saw your cock stir in your shorts so I think you know exactly what I am talking about. Iíll wrap my young hands around your mature shaft and stroke a long built up load from you. Let this be a secret pay back for all of the times youíve opened your wallet and bailed your son and I out of stressful debt. This is the least I can do for you.

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Iím a new internet whore.

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Have you heard of a thing called camming? Itís web camming on a site where I get naked and show guys my body while they jerk off. Iíve been doing ok but found out if I can use a real dick in my shows I can make more money. I donít have a boyfriend so this is why I called you in here. Would you be my web cam dick? You donít have to show your face. No one has to know Iím jacking off my step-brother. Iíll give you some of what ever we earn so itís a win win for us both. You absolutely canít tell your dad or my mom about this little business venture either. They would kick us out of the house for sure. No ones parents what to hear their offspring is making money being an internet whore.

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Iím better than that bitchy neighbor slut!

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This canít be true! I though you were smarter than this to call yourself a boyfriend to that bitch who lives next door! I respect you step-brother, way too much to allow this to go on. I hate her so much I am offering myself to keep your cock happy if you will break up with her. I know thatís the only reason youíre with her, to keep your cock wet and satisfied. It would be way too weird to fuck you but I will give you the best hand job youíve ever known. Plus, Iím so much hotter than she is and Iíll get naked for you. A few minutes of your cock in my hand and you will forget she ever existed.