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How could she leave you?

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I see were up late tonight. Your daughter is already snoring in the other room and no I don't know what to do. I don't want to go home yet. Would you mind some company? Your daughter mentioned earlier today that her mom left you and filed for divorce. She said something about your wife wanting a man who made more money than you. What a lame excuse for leaving a good guy. I happen to know the best way to get over someone is under someone. Should we have a little fun?

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How could your wife divorce you?

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You don't know me very well but I'm here for a sleep over with your daughter. We met in one of our classes here at the local junior college. She is really out cold in her bedroom right now. She must have taken a sleeping pill or something. We were talking about your divorce earlier. I'm really sorry to hear your wife left you all alone to take care of this house and your daughter. You are such a sexy man I can hardly believe you're alone now. It must be very lonely spending your nights in this big bedroom all by yourself. It makes me want to get closer to you. Have you ever been with someone close to your daughter's age? Now is your chance to be with a hot young college girl who is very turned on by you. Looks like a good fuck would cure both of our insomnia problems tonight. Let me see that cock of yours and taste it. Oh yes, come over here and climb on top of me. Show me how much you need this young pussy. I love older men because you've been fucking pussy a long time and know exactly how to thrust into one. Oh god yes, slap my ass as you fuck me in doggy. Are you going to give me all you cum? I want to feel your hot load on my soft skin. Oh wow! You gave me so much cum! You should be able to sleep really great tonight now.

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How long can we keep doing this?

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Its so great your daughter and my best friend has no clue we've been fuck buddies for months. You know she would totally kick my ass if she found out about us, don't you? Your cock is so worth the risk of losing a best friend. Guys my age don't know how to use what they've got. What we have going on is so wrong but feel so damn right.

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Howís your dating game?

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I saw your light on and was hoping you might like some company? Your daughter is sacked out for the night and I canít fall asleep. She told me of the recent split between you and your wife. Being single can suck sometimes. You should know youíre a really nice looking man and if you put up a profile on a dating site you can definitely have your pick of women. Itís important for a man like you to hear you're desired. Actually, I think you're very desirable. It might be a little awkward with your daughter as my best friend but would you like to get loved on by me? You were always so nice any time I came over. Let me return some nice to you.

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I admit Iím a huge slut!

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We both know why you texted to come over. Word gets out fast in this neighborhood who the most fun neighbors are. There is no shame in my game. You probably saw me walking earlier today. I purposely didnít wear a bra, you know in hoping something like this would happen. Youíre already rock hard for me! Did you touch yourself when you saw me walk by your house today? Thats it, thatís why you wanted to come over. You had to see what was under my shirt and shorts. I donít blame you now letís get to taking care of that super stiff dick of yours.

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I admit to being a cheater.

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If it seems like Iím rushing things between us, itís because I am. You have to understand, my husband has no idea a hot guy like you works with me. I have to keep it that way yet be able to have my fun with you. Co-workers fuck each other all the time. This will be another one of those office affairs. Youíre ok with that arenít you?

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I always appreciate you.

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You marrying my mom was the best thing to happen to this family. I admit that my mom is such an unreasonable bitch. Its probably a good thing she is away this weekend. I notice not much goes on in this bedroom except arguing. I think you are in need of some love and that is why I am here. No need to be shy, I want this. I'm legal and you are lonely. Don't you want to see whats under my robe? I know you do.

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I always think of you.

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I never thought I would be a cheating wife but look at me now. I wear this lingerie you gave me so often that my husband suspects its more than a random shopping purchase. I cant get you out of my mind. Come here, kiss me. I need to feel you close to me.

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I always want dick.

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I donít need to mix words or talk too much. Why would I be dressed like I am if I wasn't here for one thing? Iím here for your dick. I mean look at me, my shorts are riding up my tight little ass cheeks and my top doesn't leave much to your imagination. These fuck me pumps say everything for me. Come give me that big bulge I see in your pants.

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I am a better distraction.

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Why do you even date my sister? She is such an uber perfectionist it takes her hours to get ready for a simple date. I am so irritated that she is making both of us wait for her. You know what I would like to do to waste time? I think youíre kind of hot and we should fuck. We should have some fun while our time is being wasted by her. Iíll bet if were quiet we can get our rocks off just right to make it an even more fun night.