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MILF tease from Raylene.

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Only because you are such a good boy to you get to watch super hot Raylene tease you with her big tits and ass in fishnet and spandex.

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Morning wood equals morning fun.

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I thought for sure you would be ready for school so I can give you a ride. You aren't in high school anymore. College aged kids need to be up early and out the door so you aren't late to class ever. Why don't I help you speed things along and give you some incentive to a fast finish. I don't mind playing this way with you. You do all the work and keep your cock under the sheet so it's not wrong if I don't touch it. I'm not your real mom so this isn't bad, it's fun. Oh I like seeing your cock throb under the sheet as you watch me undress. Keep stroking it. I'm curious to see what kind of cum you release. This is such a fun way to start the day. I'm feeling sexy that you are sharing something so intimate with me. If your dad only knew what we were doing he probably wouldn't believe it. I'm sure other mother's play with their son's this way. Oh you're a little bashful aren't you? That's ok, I've had my fun and will leave you in privacy to finish yourself off. I'm sure I gave you enough visual to complete the job. Thanks for the morning fun!

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My 2nd job is a bit risque.

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Your father isn't home yet is he? I have to tell someone about my new job because I am a little confused with some parts of it. I got a part evening job as a housekeeper but not a traditional housekeeper. I think there might be more to it than just cleaning house and I need a man's opinion. There is no way you can tell your father about any of this. Why don't I show you the outfit I have to wear when I go clean a house. Ta da, what do you think? The part I haven't figured out yet is the company's slogan, "We dust, you bust". Wait a minute, is that a chubby you have? Ohhh, it's starting to make sense now. I will be cleaning and the client will be jerking himself off while watching me! I may as well get used to being watched and you already have a chubby so go ahead and do what you need to do to get rid of it and I'll even encourage you. I'm not sure a stepmother should be doing this but here goes.

Blonde,Big Tits,Long Hair,3rd Person Pov,Breast Smothering

My gigantic tits will shut you up.

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I think you are kind of a sissy boy. What young man paints pink flowers on his bedroom wall? You say it's the beginning of a huge mural with a castle and a moat and I say that is bullshit. You're a sissy boy and I can't believe I have to be a step mom to a softy like you. Lie there and take it you girl wanna be. This is so much fun for me and if you say anything about this to your father I will come back and REALLY make it harder for you to breathe.