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Caught stroking off to my step sister Leya Falcon

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Leya walks in on you jerking off. Unfortunately, she realizes that you are jerking off to her. Yes, your older step sister does porn and now you know her secret. You have to promise not to tell your parents about this and Leya is willing to do anything you want so that you will keep her secret. Go ahead and start jacking your prick as she lets you see her big fake titties. You want to see her pussy, but she does not immediately let you see it. Leya removes her dress and now sits before you in just her panties. Do you want to smell her panties? She suspects that you have been taking her panties from the laundry hamper. She turns around and asks you if you have any idea how many cocks have been up her ass. You almost blow your load right there! Leya wants you to cum on her big titties and she encourages you to work up a nice load just for her. Your hand moves up and down your shaft like lightning and you deposit all your sperm right between those big tits.

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Chastity Lynn, my nasty secretary

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Chastity is a little bored and she does not really want to work right now. Maybe she could do other things for you than boring secretarial stuff. There is no denying that you think that she is incredibly sexy. She knows how stressed out you are from work and she has a solution. Before you can stop her (yeah, right - like would ever stop a girl from taking off her clothes), she is exposing her tiny tits. You are asked to take out your dick and she is happy with your package. Chastity takes it in her hand and begins working it herself. Her small hand handles your large dick magnificently. She stands up and turns around so that you see her ass. It is small, but it is a nice bubble butt. Chastity sits down again and plays with her pussy, which, you observe, is a hairy one. You do like a nice bush and as she fingers herself, you can hear the wetness growing inside of her. Quickly she brings herself to orgasm and then she asks if you want to cum on her face. Chastity goes down to her knees and jerks off your dick as she reminds you what a bad girl she is. Your seed belongs squarely on her pretty face and you happily spray it all over her. She licks up every drop and makes you promise to keep her in your employment.

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Cherry Morgan is my new nanny

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You are letting Cherry stay in your house in exchange for her nanny services. She wonders why the house tour has stopped in your room, but know that she is not interested in fucking you. She does not want to be a homewrecker, but she is an expert in hand jobs. Why don't you let her coach you through a jerk-off session today? You agree and Cherry starts removing her pants. You begin to stroke your dick and Cherry shows you her perfect tits. As she lets you look over her body, you know that you cannot hold back for too long. There is not an inch of her body you wouldn't like to lick. She can sense that you are on the edge and she finally decides it is time for you to cover her with your sperm. You give her what she asked for and you decide that it was a good idea to hire Cherry.

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Chloe shares her step dad with Zoey

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Your step daughter is Zoey and you sometimes play special games with her. She told her friend Zoey about the game, but Zoey does not believe her. Can you show Zoey your special game today? Please, daddy? She promises not to tell! You pull your dick out and begin the special game. Zoey is impressed with your cock offering, but Chloe asks you to stroke it to make it grow larger. To help you along, Zoey shows you her perky titties and pierced nipples. Both girls show you their nipples and then they kiss one another. You cannot believe this is happening, but you keep your hand firmly on your cock for now. The girls take off their bottoms and you now see their young pussies. The girls seem more interested in one another than they are in you, but you do not care. You are happy to see these two girls pleasuring each other. Zoey asks if you have ever fucked your step daughter and you tell her that you have not. She seems disappointed, so with Chloe's ass up in the air, she asks you, "Don't you wanna fuck this pussy?" You want to have both girls, but you try your best to remain in control. Chloe tells you to cum on Zoey's ass and you let loose like you never have before. You feel much better now and you really like playing your special game with two girls instead of just one.


Christmas jerk off session with Alison Rey

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Why do you always touch your junk? Why do you send dick pics to Alison? You are such a pervert! She likes your cock, but she would like something more. She took the time to buy pretty red and green Christmas lingerie just for you, after all. She asks you to take your cock out and stroke it for her because she loves watching you jerk off. She guides you through your time together, stroke by stroke. Alison turns around and shakes her little ass right at you. Seeing her from behind turns you on a lot, but listening to her voice as she talks you through a masturbation session is the best. As she plays with her pussy, you stroke faster and harder. Her big pussy lips practically flap like wings as she works her clit hard. Finally Alison counts down from ten so that you know exactly when to cum for her.

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Claire in detention

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Stuck in detention again, Claire wonders what she did wrong. She thought that she was wearing the proper uniform. Her skirt isn't really too short, is it? Claire turns around and a good part of her ass is sticking out. She can see that you are aroused and she thinks that you should just take your cock out and jack off. The door is locked, so you comply with her request. Your big dick impresses Claire and her small titties turn you on. As she sits at her desk, she encourages your jerk session. Additional encouragement comes when she stands up and offers up her ass for a proper spanking. Claire now sits on the edge of her desk and plays with her pussy. She sees you looking at all the other girls and she knows she has what you need. Your stroking technique is appealing to Claire and she cannot resist removing her panties and fingering her pussy. She really wants your cum and she knows you are an ass man, so she eagerly receives your hot load on her bouncy ass.

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Cleaning out your sinful sperm with Kendra Lust

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It has come to Kendra's attention that you and her daughter have a date tonight. Kendra tells you that her daughter is a virgin and that she would remain just that until marriage. After all, her daughter promised this to her father. This very religious family would not be happy to find that their daughter had lost her virginity prematurely. In order for you to take care of her daughter without upsetting the family balance, Kendra has a suggestion. The goal today is to get out all of your nasty, dirty sperm out of your body so that you meet her daughter later completely devoid of that nastiness. Get your dick out and stroke it. You are confused about all of this, but you do as you are told. Kendra is an older woman, and though she is religious, she seems to have a cougar vibe to her personality. Your sinful cum must be eliminated tonight and Kendra is the one to help you with this chore. When she tells you that she is conservative, but still a dirty slut, you wonder if you should instead go after the mother! You can see her thigh-high stockings as she pulls up her black dress. You see her big titties in a black and red lacy bra and you wonder if you might be in the wrong religion. Kendra calls you a sinner and that turns you on even further. What is going on here?! You continue stroking your dick as she removes more and more of her clothing. As she rubs her pussy, your hand moves faster on your cock. You have never seen a woman do dirty talk quite like pious Kendra. Well, you thought that she was pious, but when she bends over and shows you her holes, you reconsider how pious she actually is. Now she begs you for your filthy cum and you unload on her like you never thought you would. Just remember that this is a secret that you must never share with anyone!

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Coaxing a load out of step daddy (with Amai Liu and Emma Heart)

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Amai and Emma are wearing cute pink jammies when they come to your bedroom to visit you. Amai is excited to share her girlfriend with you, her step daddy. Amai told Emma all about your special relationship and how big your cock is. Emma is eager to see it and Amai is proud to share it with her. You start to stroke yourself as Amai points out Emma's big titties. You would love sliding your dick between those big ones. You also love Amai's tiny Asian body. Both girls are excited to call you "daddy" and you also like the thought of that. Amai unbuttons her pajamas and you are filled with anticipation. Emma follows Amai's lead. The girls both want to see you cum hard and they will do whatever it takes to coax a juicy jizz bomb from deep inside you. The girls are before you - one with the tiniest titties and the other with fat boobs - and they continue to encourage you to jack your dick for them. When they turn around to expose their asses, that is just what you need to spurt all over them.

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Cock tease Jillian Janson

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You love blondes so much, and Jillian is no exception. She says you are a little too young and inexperienced for her. She does wonder, though, what it would be like if you touched her. Will you take off your pants for her? Maybe you can have a little fun with Jillian today. You start to stroke your cock as she spreads her legs. She is wearing no panties under that short skirt. Jillian begs you to come closer to her. You can smell her. Her hand rubs over her pussy, but you imagine that the head of your cock is gliding over her pussy lips. Young Jillian is eager to see how much cum will come out of your balls and she urges you to cum in her open mouth.

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Corrupting my probation officer (with Jojo Kiss)

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Clearly annoyed, Jojo asks how much longer she has to be there with you. She didn't shoplift, she says, she just forgot to take off the bra when she walked out of the store. You do not believe her, but as her parole officer, it is your job to be there for her. Jojo suggests that you take your cock out so that the two of you can have a little fun together. She wants to put on a show for you and after you cum, she figures that you can both leave and get on with your days. This is a breach of your job responsibilities, but this 19-year-old girl is too sexy for you to resist. She takes off her black panties and spreads her legs wide for you to look at her pretty pussy. Then she takes off her ill-gotten bra to show off her titties. Will you write up a good report for Jojo this week? After all, you are really enjoying yourself today. Do you think about all the delinquent girls who come for your counsel, or do you only think about Jojo? Are you getting closer to cumming, Mr. Probation Officer? You are ready and you give her a big load on her pretty titties.