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On Vacation with my naughty stepbrother

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I am really excited about this vacation with my stepbrother before he goes to college, and his girlfriend just dumped him so that's even better. I want to make my brother feel good and I want his cock so I tell him I want to be his dirty little sister. We are only stepbrother and sister so why not let me stroke his hard dick and he agrees. He lay's down and I quickly take his dick in my hand and pull my dress down. I am wet while he looks at my breasts and I know he can't believe his sister is getting so wet and horny stroking his nice hard cock. I bend over in front of him and pull my dress up and he strokes himself while I bounce my ass in his face. I want to feel him cum so I grab onto his hard cock again and stroke it hard like a good sister and I cant help but cum myself while he moans. I feel his dick pulse and I know he's ready to cum so I rub his dick faster and harder until his hot load blows all over me. I know that all he's going to be thinking about while he's at college now is his dirty little sister at home.

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One more time Step Daddy

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Daddy, We've been messing around for years, and I'm' surprised that my Mom has never figured things out! You've been like a real Dad, not just a stepdad - but with benefits. My boyfriend is starting to get suspicious, so I think it's time we stop. I've been so horny thinking about you and all of the things we've done, and I want to do one more thing with you. Come on, Daddy... let me be your good girl one more time. I love how your cock fits in my hand and feels in my mouth - let me suck Daddy's cock and get a nice big load of cum from you one more time! Daddy, I want it! You know you're what I crave. I love being your little girl.

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Pegged by Step Mom with her black dildo

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My super sexy stepmom has given me hand jobs before. She is a really dirty mommy. She is super horny and always telling me that her making me cum is to help me get better grades and is good for my health. I know it's really that she loves my young cock and my dad can't please her like a young stud like me can. It was weird at first. But she isn't related to me and fuck she feels so good all over me and her huge tits make my cock so hard. I wasn't prepared for what she had in mind this time. She pulled out a strap on and I was so fucking scared. It was huge and black. She told me to stroke my cock then she just slammed it in my ass and fucked my while jerking, spitting and stroking my cock. It hurt at first, but mommy was right. It did feel good. Fucking me so hard and jerking me with that big black strap on in my ass. Her big sexy tits bouncing as mommy fucked me was so hot. I exploded and poured my cum all over her. I like when mommy fucks and jerks me.

Blowjob,Handjob,Small Tits,Brunette,Step Sister

Playing Doctor with my step sister

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My step sister and I had a very special relationship growing up. She was always my special little girl. Then when were young adults and hormones kicked in, we couldnít keep our hands off each other. Doctor was our favorite game. That was years ago, and I have since gotten married to the most boring wife ever. So when my step sister asked if she could come visit, I was very happy. As soon as my wife left for work, my little sissy came into my room dressed like a sexy slutty nurse and asked if I remembered the games we used to play. Oh Iíve thought about them over and over. I just couldnít say no. She pulled my hard cock out and took it deep in her pretty mouth. I had missed this so much. Licking and sucking just like I taught her. She took off her nurse costume and laid back letting me see her pretty pussy. Then continued to stroke and suck my rock hard shaft until I unloaded for her like she begged for. Iíve missed family time.

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Please teach me how to make boys feel good Step Daddy

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Ivy just got a boyfriend and she wants to make sure he's happy, but with a religious mom who never let her date, Ivy doesn't know what to do with boys. She doesn't want her new boyfriend to break up with her, so she comes to you, her cool stepdad for some advice. She is so pretty, and eager to learn, but she needs some practical experience. Maybe You can help her out? She asks you to lay down so she can see how to touch a boy to make them feel good. You're happy to let her unzip your pants and pull out your big Daddy dick. She takes it in her hand and is surprised to feel it grow with her touch. It doesn't take long before Ivy is really getting into making her Daddy's cock hard, and it's making her feel all tingly down in her special spot. You tell her it's ok if she takes off some clothing, because she's starting to get hot and feel a little weird. She takes off her shirt to reveal a pair of perfectly perky tiny breasts. Your little girl is growing up right before your eyes. Mom's going to be back in an hour, and Ivy wants to learn everything she can. She takes off her pants and panties and shows you her smooth pink pussy. Her little pussy is wet, and she asks you if she can sit on top of your throbbing cock. She straddles you and slides down easily on your big dick - who would have guessed she's still a virgin? She sits all the way down on your cock and you tell her to bounce up and down while you watch your cock buried in your little girl's warm pussy. You're ready to cum, but you can't cum in your daughter's pussy, so she hops off and strokes out a big rope of cum with a look of surprise on her face. Ivy loves making her Daddy cum. She may need more lessons.

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Redhead Step Sister is bored and wants to play with your cock

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Your hot redhead stepsister is bored, and its all your fault. You tattled on her, and now she's grounded! You thought she was fucking with you when she came in without a bra and you could see her nipples through her thin shirt. Now that she's stuck at home, she's horny and can't fuck her friends... and she needs cock. You couldn't believe it when she traced her finger over your hardening cock and told you that she wanted to have some fun. When she took off her top, you couldn't believe how perfect her tits are, pink nipples and perky firm breasts. She pulled your shorts down and began to stroke your hard cock before licking your balls and taking your shaft all the way down her throat. Your sister gives the best blowjobs and you're about to experience what she can do with that hot mouth of hers. Starring Lacy Lennon

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Revenge with your sister's wife

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So you know how my sister has been going out with her friends after work? Well, I found out that she is actually seeing more than one guy behind your back. I know it's hard to hear, but you're a good guy and don't deserve to be treated like that. You're her husband, and she doesnít respect you. So I was thinking we should get back at her. She used to fuck all of my boyfriends, and now I think you should cheat on her with me. Let me just suck your dick and get some revenge for both of us. Lay back and get comfortable and let me take out your cock. Mmmmm It's so nice! I canít lie, I've thought about doing this before. Do you like my mouth on your cock? My big tits are nicer than my sister's too, I can see how much you like them. Squeeze them while I stroke a big load of cum from your cock. I want you to cum all over them and get revenge on my sister! Starring Skyler Snow

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Rub a dub dub, slutty step sister in the tub

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I walked in on my stepsister taking a bath at her dad's house. My mom married her dad a few months ago. She is super hot, but a mouthy little slut.I know she pretends she doesn't, but she wants me to fuck her. I just had to figure out how. She got in the bathtub and left the door just slightly open right after our parents left to go out for the night. They said they wanted us to get to know each other, well we did. She acted shy when I walked in. Then asked me to come and rub her back. Her sexy tight body looks just as good as I thought it would. She invited me in the tub and I started rubbing her back, working my way to her firm young tits. I know it's wrong technically. Then she showed me all of her skills Sucking and stroking my cock in the warm water. She loved my cock in her mouth. Then turning around and rubbing my big dick on her bubble butt. Only to turn around again and shove me down her throat like a pro. She's done this before. She finished me off, jerking me directly into her mouth and hand. Such a thirsty girl cleaning my cock with her mouth after I came.

Step Mom,Handjob,Big Tits,Blonde,Short Hair

Sep Mom helps me get better grades.

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I've been tutoring my stepson for his big math test that he was having a "hard time" with. I tried and tried to teach him and couldn't figure out how to get through to him. I explained it a million times, in a million different ways. We spent late nights at the kitchen table, so close to each other. He is so handsome. A younger sexier version of his dad. He is such a fucking hot man now. I thought "What motivates a college boy to study?" and what can he do to pay me back for my time? I started by putting my hand on his thigh, seeing how he would respond, then sliding it up further, letting my shirt open a little, it took about a week, but turns out firm handjobs and feeling Mommy's big titties is quite the learning tool. My baby boy is such a fast learner. Slowly, but surely with every load, I milked out of him, he did his homework and learned for Mommy. I love my son's hard, fat cock in my hand. It is so sexy to teach my favorite good boy how to be a better student and how to give Mommy all his special juices. I might have to do summer school when Dad is at work.

Handjob,Brunette,Step Sister,Hairy

Serving my big step brother

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My step brother joined the service and deploys in a couple days. I've wanted to see and touch his cock for so long. I know he films me with his phone when I'm in the shower. I leave the door unlocked hoping he comes in to watch me. We've never talked about it. It's been years of flirting. I've thought about doing very naughty things with him behind my parents back. Well, now I'm legal and heís leaving. This is my last chance to have some of my big brother before he leaves. Heís going to serve our country, servicing him is the least I could do. Right? I confronted him in my room. He wanted it as much as I did. I pulled out his swollen brother dick and squeezed it hard as I ran my hands up and down. It was so thick and made my young tight pussy instantly wet. I showed him my titites and stroked him until his legs twitched. I got completely naked and straddled him so he could see my hairy tiny pussy. Keeping his cock nice and wet, I milked him wanting his juices to explode all over me. Begging him to please come for me, he poured his hot cum in my hand. Maybe when he comes home on leave, I'll actually let him fuck me.