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I can't stop thinking about you.

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You may wonder why I am in your room right now. Your father isn't home so this is the perfect opportunity to discuss our mutual flirtations that happened last week on the family vacation. I didn't know you had a thing for older women especially one who is your step-mom. I have to admit I am attracted to you as well. You look so much like your father, except a young version. I'm curious to take this further if you are. Of course what ever we do does not go beyond your bedroom door. Come a little closer so I can touch that cock of yours. Oh its bigger than your father's! I wasn't expecting that. I want to kiss it and make it completely hard. I can hardly wait to feel that big dick buried deep in my pussy but you have to lick me first and get me wet and ready for you. Oh god yes, slide it in and fuck me good just like you said you wanted to. I want to get on top and ride you, show you what a real woman feels like bouncing on that stiff rod of yours. This feels so damn good, do you want to cum with me? Let's cum together. See what you did to moms little pussy? You made a mess inside my hole. I'm going to leave your cum inside me and if your dad gets horny tonight guess what he will be sticking his dick in? Until next time, little lover.

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I could be a better girlfriend than her.

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It really sucks for you that my dad grounded you to stay home tonight. I know you had big plans to go to that concert with your girlfriend. You really like your girlfriend a lot huh? I can tell, you look super sad about being home. I came in here to cheer you up. It sucks for me that you are my stepbrother because I am pretty much in love with you. It wouldn't be so bad if I were your secret girlfriend would it? If we were a couple, we would always be together because we live together by default of our parent's marriage. Our parents would never suspect anything going on between us. They think we hate each other. What do you say stepbrother, shall I show you just how good of a girlfriend I can be?

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I could make you a porn star.

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I got your letter than you want to be a porn start and that is why you are here in my bedroom. I will decide if you have what it takes. Drop your pants so I can see your cock. Oh yes, it's big enough. You taste so delicious so that is also good. You have to fuck me without losing your load until I tell you it's ok. Fuck me good in doggy style then watch my big porn star tits bounce while you do me in missionary. I'm ready for your hot load on my ass now. Go ahead, and it had better be a big one. Your cum is dripping off my ass so that means you have a nice big load for porn. You just did your first scene with me, congratulations.