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I can help with your morning wood step brother.

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Your mom sent me in here to wake you up. I don't know why she can't come in here and do it herself. Come on step brother, wake up! Whoa, what's that? Is that morning wood filling your pajamas? Well, maybe I can do something about that. We have time for a quickie before anyone would suspect what we are doing in here. Sex is a great way to start the day. I want to suck it first and you have to let me cum before you cum. Oh wow, you taste good! In what position do you cum best? Missionary? Ok, well fuck me first in doggy style and let me ride you until I get my nut then you can get yours. You like fucking a school girl don't you? These outfits are so stupid at my private college. You're lucky you get to go to a regular college with guys and girls. I don't get any action at my school since it's all girls. I'm glad I came in here to wake you up. A good orgasm clears the head, both heads in your case. Just remember you can't cum inside me and you can't jizz on my skirt. Splash your goo on my tiny titties. Hahaha, you frosted me like a Danish pastry. That was the best way to wake up, don't you agree?

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I can make your body feel better.

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Hey, I hope you don't mind me stopping by but my dad was telling me your divorce is finally over and I wanted to come say congratulations. You've kind of been like a second dad to me all these years. That woman you were married to is such a bitch to take so much from you. I feel so bad for you. I also have a confession to tell you and I hope you arenít offended. I have had a crush on you for a long time. I'm eighteen now and can finally say what has been on my mind. It seems the perfect time to come over and let you know that I can make your body feel better even if your heart is broken. You can't ever say a word of this to anyone and I promise I wont either.

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I can not resist married men.

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You're my step dad so that also makes you a married man. I have to tell someone my secret obsession and I can't tell my mom. I have an obsession about fucking married men. I crave them. They have years of experience with sex and know exactly how to please a young girl like me. Would you like to be added to my growing list of married men I've had sex with? Please daddy, make me your special girl. Everything should be ok so long as we don't tell mom. Come close to me and show me how you please women. Oh yes, play with my perky tits like that and put your mature mouth on my pretty pink pussy lips. I'm ready for you to slide inside me. You can't cum inside me so let me suck the cum from your cock. Mmm, you taste so good daddy. I like having my very own married man to play with anytime mom isn't around.

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I can turn you, maybe.

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I know you and my son were set to go on a date tonight. Since he stepped out for a few to run to the store I figured it was my chance to slide in here and have a little fun chat with you. I have fucked all kinds of men, even gay men. I already know you and my son are probably fooling around. I am curious if there happened to be some kind of attraction to a woman in you. Why else would I be sitting here in front of you in a bra and panty set? The more I show you my body, the more I see what you like. Lets not have that gorgeous dick of yours go to waste. Hurry, before my son gets back from the store. You would be doing this horny broad such a big favor.

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I can't leave this house horny.

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Oh hi, I'm your dad's date tonight. We met on that dating site he probably told you of me. I saw your light was on as I was making my way out of the house. You're in college right? See the situation is, your dad feel asleep before I could get my ahem, sexual satisfaction. He certainly got his nut and left my high but not dry if you catch my drift. I certainly can't leave this house as horny as I am I might cause an accident on the drive home. What do you say if you and I have a quickie, a quiet quickie so as not to wake your dad. You wouldn't mind fucking an older woman would you? I don't mind young dick at all. I know exactly how to use a cock to pleasure myself, all I need is more than the three minutes your dad gave. Can I suck you? What a nice big cock you have, it's so much bigger than your father's wilted weenie. Oh fuck me balls deep! You know, I didn't get dessert at dinner tonight. Why don't you give me your sweet cum? I'll suck it straight from your lovely nut sack. Thank you so much for taking care of this cougar pussy. You are a much better ride than your dad. If you want, why don't I take you for dinner next weekend and we can do this again at my place after. You can eat me out for dessert, I'll even buy whip cream for the clit topping.

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I can't stop thinking about you.

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You may wonder why I am in your room right now. Your father isn't home so this is the perfect opportunity to discuss our mutual flirtations that happened last week on the family vacation. I didn't know you had a thing for older women especially one who is your step-mom. I have to admit I am attracted to you as well. You look so much like your father, except a young version. I'm curious to take this further if you are. Of course what ever we do does not go beyond your bedroom door. Come a little closer so I can touch that cock of yours. Oh its bigger than your father's! I wasn't expecting that. I want to kiss it and make it completely hard. I can hardly wait to feel that big dick buried deep in my pussy but you have to lick me first and get me wet and ready for you. Oh god yes, slide it in and fuck me good just like you said you wanted to. I want to get on top and ride you, show you what a real woman feels like bouncing on that stiff rod of yours. This feels so damn good, do you want to cum with me? Let's cum together. See what you did to moms little pussy? You made a mess inside my hole. I'm going to leave your cum inside me and if your dad gets horny tonight guess what he will be sticking his dick in? Until next time, little lover.