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Help make this night better.

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Your sister is such a jerk. She invited me for a sleep over tonight then decided to invite her boyfriend over as well. You can guess who got kicked out of the room, I did. Some crap friend she is. When your parents go out of town so do your sisters manners. So what are you up to tonight? You're kind of cute and shy. I don't know when you last got laid but its been awhile for me. You want to help make my night a whole lot better?

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Her loss, my gain.

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It must seem a little weird for me to be here when you and my sister just barely broke up. I think you're going to be much better off without her. Lets face it, she is kind of a bitch. She doesn't know I came over here. No one knows I came over to see you. I can be honest right? I'm glad you two aren't together anymore because now I get you to myself.

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Her pleasure is worth working for.

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Let's get one thing clear. Your wife is satisfied with your sex life however she hired me to help you fine tune some of your bedroom behavior. You have a really open minded wife to hire a beautiful woman as your sex therapist! Shall we begin?

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Holiday sex is so fun!

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Itís so sweet to be here with your family for Thanksgiving. I knew I would love your family as much as I love you. Iím horny to but is it a good idea to have sex while your family is so close in the house? Promise me you can be quiet and we will have a quickie.

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Honesty pays off.

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I cant even express how much I appreciate you returning my lost phone. I mean my whole life is in there not to mention all the phone numbers of friends I would have lost. I don't even have money to give you some kind of reward. I think you're cute though. Would it be weird if I showed you how thankful I am for your honesty by having sex? People hook up all the time for no reason other than to fuck so why not? I can see by your smile you're thinking the same. This is going to be fun!

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Honey, Iím fertile!

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Youíve been such a great sport about fucking me at a moments notice when itís the optimum time for me to get pregnant. Here we are again, my temperature says Iím fertile. We donít even have to go to the bedroom. You can fuck me here on the couch then get back to watching your game. All I need is a good size hot load delivered inside of me. What do you say sweet husband of mine, ready to be a good sport one more time?

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Hook ups happen unexpectedly.

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I never expected to find a hook up from the dog park! Sometimes a girl just needs to get fucked ya know? I noticed that rather large bulge in your pants and knew you had to come home with me. I have a feeling youíre going to make my pussy so very happy.

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Horny housewife needs my skills.

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My boss sends me over to his house to make some minor repairs for his wife. Little to do I know she wants my hands for more than household repairs. She promised me her husband would never suspect a thing if I do a little extra around the house meaning a full service job on her. She is one horny housewife that needs my cock!

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Hot for Professors pussy.

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There is no denying I am here to fuck you but we have to be clear on some things. If anyone finds out about this I could lose my job and you could be expelled. These are serious consequences for being able to fuck but I think weíre on the same page with keeping this a secret. Weíre both adults, not too much difference in age and both crazy hot for each arenít we? This has no bearing on our relationship in the class room. Youíre simply a horny college freshman who wants to fuck his hot professor and I am here to oblige. Now get that cock out and give me all the fucking youíve had on you mind.

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How can I repay you?

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You and my cousin seem to have the perfect life. I mean look at this house! You two seem like the absolute perfect couple. I wish I were so lucky to have a guy like you. I only seem to attract total losers who take my money and leave. Its weird to be broke and without a job right now so I hope you know how much I truly appreciate you letting me stay here until I can get on my own two feet. It has been bothering me that I cant help out with your utility bills or groceries. I need to feel like I am contributing to your household. I didnt say anything to my cousin about asking you to come talk to me so lets keep this between us. I notice she has kind of let herself go as far as she stopped working out a couple years ago. One of the things I have going for me is my young tight body. Since I dont have any money to contribute to helping out around here, let me contribute in other ways. This is just between you and me.