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Courtney Shea pillow humps while I jerk off

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Courtney knows how badly you want to see her hump her pillow, but she wants something from you as well. Take your dick out and stroke it as you watch her. You have always loved watching a girl do a little pillow humping, so you are thrilled to see Courtney do so today. There is not much better than watching a pretty blond hump her pillow, although her all-natural 34C titties certainly help! You almost forgot that her nipples are pierced. Go ahead and spit on your cock as you stroke off for Courtney. You are hard by now, right? She turns to let you watch her sexy ass bounce on her pillow. It bounces and thrusts and you wish you had her bouncing on your dick instead of that pillow. She has a special talent for shaking and wiggling her ass. Courtney finally removes her panties so that you can see her ass and pussy perfectly as she works her pillow over. Be sure to work the tip of your cock! She can sense that you are ready to bust your nutt and she wants every drop on her sexy ass. You shoot your load right on that bouncy target and she is grateful as the lovely mess you have made of her ass.

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Cover my tits in your cum! (with Lara Brookes)

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You had to send an eviction notice to one of your tenants. She is a single mom with little ones to support, so one of them has come to you. 18-year-old Lara is begging you not to kick out her family into the streets and she is extremely willing to do whatever she must to keep her apartment. She will help get you off. Her awkwardness is a turn on for you. As she strips, you can see that she is slightly uncomfortable, but again, that turns you on. You must promise that you do not tell her mom what she is doing!! Her perky all-natural titties are on display as Lara asks you to start stroking your dick for her. Timidly she removes her shorts and panties before she reaches over to take your hard cock in her hand. She moves her hand up and down your shaft. You cannot remember the last time an 18-year-old girl even looked at you, much less jerked you off - not even when YOU were 18! Lara turns around and lets you gaze upon her ass. When she turns back around, she offers up her titties for your cum load and you unload more sperm than you might ever have done before.

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Covering Dallas Black's face with my cum

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You love a girl with long, dark hair and Dallas has that. You just got back from a date with Dallas and she has made it perfectly clear that neither of you can touch the other tonight. She is willing to play with you, though. Just keep your hands to yourself, okay? Dallas asks you to pull down your zipper and get your cock really wet and start stroking it up and down. Go slowly and give your shaft a squeeze. She likes your technique. Keep going as she starts to undress. Try using two hands since your cock is so big. Go a little faster and pretend like your dick is buried deep inside of Dallas. She takes off her bra and you see her perfectly tiny tits. Her panties are still on and you wish she would remove them so that you can see her pussy. She slides her panties to the side to give you a peek, but she soon takes them off and you see her pussy and her ass from behind. She teases that you might someday get all of what you see and you focus on that thought as you bring yourself to a powerful orgasm right on Dallas' pretty face.


Cranking it for my step mommie Daisy Layne

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Is that morning wood you have? Your step mommie Daisy finds it intriguing and she asks if you need some help before she leaves for work. She removes her jacket and begins. Just relax and take your dick in your hand. Start stroking it while Daisy slides off her skirt. Her legs are so long and lean. She wears a purple lacy thong and she knows of your love of a girl in lace underthings. Even better, though, is a naked girl, and she knows this as she removes her lacy bra. Her firm, perky titties are the perfect size. Daisy squeezes her perfect tits and she plays with her hard nipples. Finally she removes her panties and she stands before you as a naked Amazon goddess. She encourages you to cum on her sexy ass and when you do, she seems quite pleased with your efforts.

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Creeping on a phone sex session with Alexa Grace

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Alexa is on the phone with her guy having phone sex. You barge in on her, but she decides to let you watch and jerk off along with her. Even though she is talking to him, she is looking right at you as she strips and teases. Alexa puts the phone close to her pussy and she plays with it so that her guy can hear how wet she is. She stands up and turns around to show you her pretty ass. It is small, but nicely shaped. Her hands lands a few smacks on her ass. You are stroking off thinking how hot this is. Her guy has no idea you are sanding in front of his girl jacking off and that is a huge turn-on for you. She is ready for both of you to cum and she excitedly encourages simultaneous orgasms.

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Cum all over my dark bush (with Avi Love)

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Avi grew out her pussy hair because she heard you love hair pussies. She is wearing a crop top with short denim shorts and cute pink knee socks. You are asked to start stroking your cock and you get right into it, eager to see that hairy bush. Very soon you see her tiny titties and puffy nipples. You wish your lips could touch them right now. Did you know that Avi loves getting fucked from behind? She slides down her shorts and you see that sexy pink thong between her ass cheeks. Can you see her pussy hair sticking out of her panties? Your hand is firmly stroking your dick as you anticipate seeing that hairy twat. Her pussy lips are clean shaven, but her upper bush is long and dark. As she puts her ass high in the air, a few pussy farts slip out and you take in her scent. Avi encourages you to stroke faster until you cum a big load all over her dark bush.

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Cum all over my hairy pussy! (with Shyla Jennings)

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Shyla has a surprise for you and she wants you to try guessing what it might be. You take a few guesses until she tells you that she has grown out the hair on her pussy. You have never seen her pussy hairy before, so you are already getting hard thinking about it. Get out your dick and work it a little as Shyla tells you how much she has missed it. She asks you to stroke yourself, promising to show you her bush very soon. When she finally reveals her hairy bush to you, you are more than impressed. Her pussy lips are clean shaven as she sports that sexy bush up top. Shyla plays with her hair as she implores you to stroke off harder. You get close to her pussy to see that bush and you are mere inches from her fat pussy lips. That is just about all you needed to finish yourself off. You jack off right onto her hairy pussy and you feel like you have not cum

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Cum countdown with my son's girlfriend (with Alix Lynx)

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Blonde Alix is disturbed that you are on Tinder. You are, after all, married! Alix is dating your son, but she is very attracted to you. You are the man version of your son. The thing that is about to happen will never be spoken about again, understand? Now get your dick out and show Alix your fat cock. Her tits are on display and you can see that she is turned on by the older version of her boyfriend. She tells you that she wants you to watch her get naked, though she leaves on her sexy black high heels. Think about how good it would feel to have your dick inside of your son's girlfriend's pussy. This is so wrong, but it feels so very good. Do you want to pound that tight twat nice and rough from behind? Alix guesses that you like a rough fuck and she is right. You have your boundaries, of course, so all you will do today is rub out a fat nutt for sexy Alix. She asks you to vary your pace, but she soon decides that it is now time for you to cum. Use both hands up and down that shaft and don't cum until she counts you down from ten.

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Cum for me, baby! (with Sasha Heart)

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How could you possibly forget a condom?! Sasha does not trust you to pull out when you cum, but she is incredibly horny, so she has an idea. She will help you to cum by talking you through a jack off session. Unzip your pants and take your cock out of your pants. Sasha will talk you through this entire session, so you do not even need to think about it. She asks you to rub the tip of your dick on her hard nipples. Stroke yourself with long strokes. You would rather fuck her tight pussy, but since you fucked up, this is better than nothing. Sasha is happy to show off her pussy to you and she really loves watching you jack off. Be sure that you do not cum until she tells you to. Imagine that you are fucking her sweet pussy as your hand moves up and down your dick. She really is hungry for your load and she wants you to fill her mouth with all that you have. Cum now and give it all to Sasha Heart!

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Cum for me, stepdaddy! (with Trillium)

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Trillium thanks you for the gym membership that you bought her. The guys at her old gym freaked her out so much. The new gym is much better and her plan is to make her ass fatter and her stomach flatter. You do approve of this plan, but she is already well on her way to a great ass. Trillium asks you why you are even with her mom because she feels that her mom is mean to you. To thank you, her stepdad, for the gym membership, she wants to give you a little something special. Would you like a private show with your cute stepdaughter when her mom is out of the house? Trillium would be happy to accommodate you. You silently agree and the bulge in your pants definitely gives away your agreement. She lifts up her bra and you get to see her perky, little boobs. Now it is your turn: take your dick out. To help you through your jack off journey, Trillium strips down and shows off her ample bush. Her fat pussy lips and hairy bush are the perfect combination as for as you’re concerned and you rub your hand up and down your hard cock. Trillium promises that she will do anything to make you cum and just knowing that is just about enough to put you over the edge. She begs you to cum on her tits and you coat them with your stepdaddy sperm.