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Cum on my bush, daddy (with Ashley Stone)

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You are Ashley's step dad and you bought her a cute costume for Halloween, though she is not impressed with your offering. She has her own costume and she wants to show it off to you. Her costume is much better than your choice. She wears an impossibly tiny plaid skirt and a tiny crop top. As she bends over, she realizes she is wearing no panties. Her body is very sexy and she sees that you have a boner. Isn't that a little creepy? It might be creepy, but Ashley confesses that she loves how much this turns you on. As she sits spread-eagle on the bed, she asks if you are going to jerk off for her. There was never any doubt of that, as far as you are concerned! She has a bush and very fat pussy lips and she tells you that she wants you to look at her as you jack your dick. You follow her instructions because you do not want to disappoint her. She tells you that she wants you to cum so hard that your toes curl and you already know that they will. Her tattoos are a turn-on for you as well as her tight, petite body. Ashley is ready to take your cum, so she asks you to cum right on her bush.

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Cumming for my step sister (with Alison Faye)

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The news is out that your girl dumped you, so Alison has decided to try to make you feel better. She thinks you are really cute and that you are better than the girl who dumped you, even if you are Alison's step brother. You feel the same about Alison, so when she asks to see your dick you do not hesitate. While she would like to do more with you, for now, she only wants to help you jack off. Start slowly. Grab those balls tightly as you rub your dick nice and slow. Yes, just like that, step brother. She removes her top and asks you to focus on her sexy cheetah bra. When she finally removes the bra, though, you see her small, perky titties have pierced nipples. You never saw pierced nipples at such close range before and you wish you could touch them, but you cannot right now. Would you like her to take off her shorts? Okay, she can do that. You see that she wears a matching pair of cheetah panties. Now you can really see how tight her little body is and you enjoy it even more knowing that you could get caught at any minute. "Can you cum for me," she asks. Alison tells you to stroke faster until you finally jizz all over the place.

Step-sister,Small Tits,Brunettes,Hairy,Glasses

Cumming for my younger step sister (with Shyla Jennings)

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Shyla says that she has something very serious to discuss with you. Please sit and listen. As your step sister, Shyla really needs some help from you. She is 20 years old, but she looks younger than that. You think that this is kind of funny, but she is concerned because no one pays attention to her. Is it her glasses? You assure her that she should wear the glasses because they make her look hot. Shyla feels like an ugly duckling, but you assure her that she is nothing of the sort. She is sexy and she does not even realize it. Then she confesses that she has never seen a penis before. In fact, she has barely even kissed a guy before. Her virginal nature makes her that much more appealing. She has an idea. Since you two are home alone, she asks if you would mind showing her your dick. Please? Pretty please? You would be doing her a big favor, honestly. You agree to help her and you take your dick out of your pants. She seems pleased. Can you stroke it for her? Yes, you certainly can! As your hand wraps around your shaft, Shyla seems to be getting aroused. Her pussy is getting wet just by watching you pleasure yourself. Would it be okay if she takes off her clothes? Of course it would - in fact, you were hoping that she would strip for you, but you want her to keep those glasses on. Her perky titties look so soft. You wish you could lightly bite her nipples. She coyly removes her panties as she informs you that you will be the first to see her pussy. Shyla has a small bush and a very tight pussy. You very badly want to spread her pussy lips and lick her till she cums, but you have to hold back right now. Do you think that her pussy is pretty? It is more than pretty! She asks you to jerk your dick faster because she really wants to see your dick spew forth loads of cum. "Cum for me," she pleads. You blow your load as requested and she seems quite happy with the outcome.