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Cum for me, baby! (with Sasha Heart)

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How could you possibly forget a condom?! Sasha does not trust you to pull out when you cum, but she is incredibly horny, so she has an idea. She will help you to cum by talking you through a jack off session. Unzip your pants and take your cock out of your pants. Sasha will talk you through this entire session, so you do not even need to think about it. She asks you to rub the tip of your dick on her hard nipples. Stroke yourself with long strokes. You would rather fuck her tight pussy, but since you fucked up, this is better than nothing. Sasha is happy to show off her pussy to you and she really loves watching you jack off. Be sure that you do not cum until she tells you to. Imagine that you are fucking her sweet pussy as your hand moves up and down your dick. She really is hungry for your load and she wants you to fill her mouth with all that you have. Cum now and give it all to Sasha Heart!

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Cum for mommy! (with Carey Riley)

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You are on vacation with your step mom, but your dad will arrive tomorrow. Since you have some time alone, your step mom Carey wants to talk with you. She is going to be blunt. She knows that you masturbate to porn, but she is curious whether you have ever been with a real girl. No, you have not, but you are excited to be some day. Well, that day is right now. Your step mommy wants to take good care of you. Unzip your pants and wrap your hand around your shaft. Slowly move your other hand up and down your dick. Remember that mommy is here to help you. She exposes her boobs and you cannot help but thinking that this might be wrong. That thought goes away as soon as she begins to pinch her nipples. She commands you not to stop jerking your dick as she takes off her skirt and shows you her black lace panties. You really want to see her pussy and you are excited when she takes off those panties. Your step mommy plays with her pussy and she even shoves two fingers inside. It is obvious that step mommy knows best as she encourages you to stroke your dick until you explode to cries of, "Cum for mommy!" all over her pussy.

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Cum in my mouth, daddy (with Zoey Nixon)

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You were just watching a little television when your step daughter Zoey joins you on the couch. She wants to snuggle up with you and you think it is a little odd, but you go along with it. Now that Zoey has turned 18, she wants to know if you can increase her allowance. She promises to do more around the house if you want. She could do laundry or yard chores, but Zoey actually has something a little different in mind. She shyly presents the idea to you that she has a crush on you. You are caught a little off guard when she says that she can help you to jerk off, but before you know what is going on, you are thinking about showing your dick to your step daughter Zoey! She asks if she can touch it through your pants and you do not protest. It is clear that Zoey wants your dick and you can no longer hide your desire for her, as your dick is growing in your pants. Zoey pulls off her t-shirt and wiggles her tits at you. She asks you to feel them and when you do, you know that there is no turning back now. Soft, perky titties like Zoey's make your dick nice and hard. You are now stroking your cock as redheaded Zoey encourages you. Do you want to see how wet you are making her pussy? You really want to fuck Zoey, but you cannot cross that line. Zoey wants to show you her pussy and as soon as she stands before you totally nude, you rethink wanting to fuck her. No, you have to maintain some control here! "You make me really wet, daddy," she moans. Then she asks if she can jerk your dick off as she leans toward you. Her tiny hand is masterfully handling your prick and she now asks you to cum. You do just as your step daughter asks and you feed her your big load. Does this mean that you will give Zoey a bigger allowance?

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Cum in my mouth, daddy! (featuring Alex Chance)

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Your step daughter comes to you to let you know that the business trip your wife is going on is more of a sexual romp. Alex seems to feel sorry for you and she does not want to lose you. Maybe you should have an affair, too! Alex thinks that you could pleasure yourselves tonight and see where things go. Since you are not really related, you start to stroke your dick. You are a man, after all, and you have noticed your step daughter has some big titties. When she lets you see them, you feel the blood surge to your cock. Even better, sexy Alex spreads her legs wide and shows off her pussy lips before flipping over to put her ass high in the air. You could take her from behind, but for now you maintain control over yourself. Before too much longer, though, Alex is begging you to fill her mouth with your daddy juice. This is just the beginning!

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Cum on my bush, daddy (with Ashley Stone)

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You are Ashley's step dad and you bought her a cute costume for Halloween, though she is not impressed with your offering. She has her own costume and she wants to show it off to you. Her costume is much better than your choice. She wears an impossibly tiny plaid skirt and a tiny crop top. As she bends over, she realizes she is wearing no panties. Her body is very sexy and she sees that you have a boner. Isn't that a little creepy? It might be creepy, but Ashley confesses that she loves how much this turns you on. As she sits spread-eagle on the bed, she asks if you are going to jerk off for her. There was never any doubt of that, as far as you are concerned! She has a bush and very fat pussy lips and she tells you that she wants you to look at her as you jack your dick. You follow her instructions because you do not want to disappoint her. She tells you that she wants you to cum so hard that your toes curl and you already know that they will. Her tattoos are a turn-on for you as well as her tight, petite body. Ashley is ready to take your cum, so she asks you to cum right on her bush.