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Step Daddy, now we can be alone

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My stepdaughter and I have a wonderful secret relationship. Since she became legal she has been making me cum harder than her mom ever did. Watching her blossom into a full grown young woman, her big full perky titties, her beautiful thick meaty ass. And then when she pulled my cock out that first time sticking it in her pretty little mouth... we have been sneaking around the house fucking whenever we got the chance. So when she decided to get her own place. I was happy to help her move. After getting everything in the apartment, we sat on the bed. She thanked me for my help like a good girl and asked me to help her break in her new place since we didn't have to sneak around anymore. Pulling off her shirt and showing me her perfect natural breasts, oh how hard they make me! Pulling my cock out and slurping and sucking on it on all fours. Her sexy tits bouncing as she pulled me out to stroke me then shoving me back in her warm wet mouth again. Then begging me "Please cum for me Daddy" and what baby girl wants she gets. I came all over her hand. I plan on stopping by to check on her regularly.

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Handjob,Big Tits,Blonde,Long Hair,Cum In Mouth

Step Daddy, thank you for my new boobs!

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My stepdaughter is very sexy! She has grown into such a beautiful young lady, and For her 18th birthday, I bought her boobs. They are perfect. My wife thinks its weird that I bought her a boob job. But I asked her what she wanted, and that is what she wanted. Anything for my little girl, sure maybe I was hoping that she would find a way to pay me back that didn’t include money. After she had recovered, that is precisely what she did. She asked if Daddy wanted to see her pretty new tits. Of course, I did. They made me so hard she could see through my pants. She said she didn't know how to repay me, but she would like to try. She pulled my cock out and stroked it with her beautiful new breasts showing. Pulling up her skirt so I could see her pretty ass and pussy she started sucking my cock. I have wanted this so badly for a very long time. She is my perfect secret angel with my cock in her pretty mouth. Sucking my cock perfectly and stroking me with her pretty tiny hands, she’s such a good girl. Good girls don’t only get new boobs; they get Daddy's hot cum in their mouth.

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Step Daddy, you came in my mouth!

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At first, your stepdaughter Trillium didn't really like you. That changed, though, when you paid for her new titties. Would you like to see the boobs you bought? She happily shows you and you think that you got your money's worth. She asks if you would like to feel them and you reach over and grab a handful. You can feel yourself getting hard. Trillium notices and she reaches over to touch you. "Daddy, you're so hard," she says. You reach over and let her suck on your thumb, a preview of things to come. She asks, "May I?" and you get your cock out for your pretty blonde stepdaughter to suckle. Soon she removes her denim miniskirt, but she gets right back to sucking you off. Trillium turns around and mounts your cock, riding up and down. She spreads her ass cheeks apart and you can see her tight asshole. Still needing you in her throat, she dismounts you and once again sucks your daddy cock. She even offers up some titty fucking because, after all, you paid for her new tits. Trillium is happy to see that she is able to use both of her hands at the same tie as she jerks your dick off. Did you notice the bruises on her ass? She knows you would never do that to her. Finally you unleash a mighty load and she takes every drop down her throat.

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Handjob,Small Tits,Blonde

Step Daddy’s Favorite Little Girl

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I was so glad that sissy moved out. I loved my new room. It was so big and I had so much space. There’s room in my bed for two. My daddy was sad since his real daughter had moved out. Maybe if I played with daddy’s cock, then I would be his favorite little girl and get whatever I wanted. It was so big, thick, and hard. I humped daddy’s leg like a good, little slut. I wanted to be a good whore so I let my daddy use my wet mouth and tight, little throat. I am daddy’s favorite little girl now. Starring Vienna Rose

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Step Daughter Sent Home for Being Sexy

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I got sent home from school today because they said my skirt was too short. I mean, it's a little short. But I want to look pretty at school, and what I'm really worried about telling my mom is that I gave a boy a handjob in the art closet and they expelled me. I don't want to go back to public school. So I decided to tell my stepdad instead of my mom to see if I offered to please him if he would lessen the blow when my mom finds out. I know he thinks I'm sexy and I've always thought he was too. My mom is stuffy and mean and I'm more than happy to help daddy if he helps me. I pulled his hard cock out and started stroking it. He was so hard for me. Then took off my school uniform top and continued to run my pretty hands up and down his shaft. Pulling off my plaid school skirt and sliding his cock in my panties and letting him see my young tight twat. Pulling and milking my daddy's beautiful dick he gave me his entire load in my hand cause that's what good girls get, all daddy's cum. Starring Alex More

Step Mom,Handjob,Big Tits,Brunette,Big Ass,Long Hair,Milf

Step Mom Caught me Jerking off to her.

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My stepmom looks like a pornstar! She’s so fucking hot! She has these amazing huge fake tits that I want my dick between so bad. She showers with the fucking door unlocked. Come on! She has to see the way I look at her. She knows how hot she is. She flirts with me and my friends all the time. She wants young cock and I'm happy to give it to her. After she caught me, she got dressed for work but couldn't let it go. She came in the front room and said she saw me jerking off watching her. She said that she thought the right thing to do would be to let me finish. WTF! Thanks Mom! She was eager to pull my cock out. I knew mommy was naughty. Her soft hands stroking the tip and then sliding to the base. She took off her shirt and bra showing me her beautiful mature pierced rack. Getting down low and stroking me hard mommy was getting me close to cumming. I was trying to make it last. This was amazing! She pulled, stroked and jerked until I dumped my load in her loving motherly hands.

Step Mom,Handjob,Big Tits,Blonde,Panties,Milf

Step Mom caught me with my sister's panties.

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My stepmom walked in on me while I was jerking off. She caught me with my step-sisters panties. Fuck, I know I shouldn't be doing it. But they are both so hot. I can't imagine what they would do if they knew I had about 10 pairs hidden in my underwear drawer. They only stay the way I like them for a few days. But they are the best if I can snag them off the bathroom floor when she is in the shower. I've even caught a glimpse of titties and ass a couple times. My stepsister wants nothing to do with me. But my stepmom, she has been trying to catch me with my cock out since I turned 18. She is really thirsty for all my juices. So when she walked in and caught me with me hard cock in my hand and her daughters panties in my face, it was the perfect opportunity for her to pounce. She showed me her tits and asked how I would feel if I were to just walk in with people's privates out, like it was some lesson. Then she told me my dad was waiting, grabbed the panties and starting jerking me off with them. My stepmom jerked me off with my stepsister's panties. It was so fucking hot. The she spit on my cock and stroked it long and hard. Rubbed my step sisters panties in my my face and her pussy with them. Stuck them in her own mouth and jerked me off until I came on her tits. Cleaned herself up with the panties and said it was our little secret.

Step Mom,Blowjob,Handjob,Big Tits,Blonde,Long Hair,Milf

Step Mom fixes my broken dick.

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My Step-mom is so dumb but incredibly sexy. The other day I came home and told her I had something embarrassing to say to her, and that she couldn't tell my Dad. I told her that I injured my dick jerking off. I asked her if she would please help me take care of it because my real mom is not around. I had a hunch she wanted to know if I stacked up to the old man. I'm pretty sure she approves. My caring new Mom came in my room to "change my bandage" again. My favorite part of the day. She unwrapped it and said that she thought it was getting better because it was starting to get hard again. Then she said it would make it better if "mommy kissed it." Moms are always right about that. She slid it deep into her mouth taking my full length. Mommy looks the best with my cock deep in her slutty throat. Stroking it hard and long, rubbing the head on her big full breasts only to take me deep in her mouth again. Gagging, sucking and drooling all over it! Giving me mommy’s special healing sloppy blowjob, I blew my load deep into her throat. I think she knows it wasn't broken.

Step Mom,Handjob,Big Tits,Blonde,Long Hair,Milf

Step Mom milks my cock before my date.

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I was getting ready for a date the other night. My dad was gone, I came out into the front room and my stepmom told me how handsome she thinks I am. She told me that she wants to make sure I don't get anyone pregnant. She said a way to keep that from happening his to make me cum before I go on a date and fuck anyone. I don't know she felt like she had to do it instead of me. But, whatever. She's hot. She told me she asked dad first. Not sure if that is true. But honestly I've came to her so many times. It was just the first time she was actually there for it. She laid me down on the couch and got butt-ass naked. They tits my dad bought for her are fantastic. She fingered her mommy pussy. She told me to let my date blow me but not fuck her. She stroked my cock and told me how good I was going to do in college. How sexy I am and what a good boy I am. She said that my cock is hers while she stroked me hard and consistent. Stroking and pulling on me saying "Do you want to go on this date?" until I blew my load all over her pretty hands. I think my stepmom really cares about me.

Step Mom,Blowjob,Handjob,Big Tits,Redhead

Step Mom proves she's still got it.

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Your stepmom is feeling a little unattractive lately, and needs some encouragement. She's been working out, and trying to dress sexy, but your father doesn't even notice. He's too busy working, or watching sports, and she's feeling a little deprived. You think she's hot has hell though, and aren't afraid to let her know! Mom appreciates your words, but she's not sure she believes you. You're just being nice, she thinks. But there is one test to see if you're being honest, and do think she's hot. Mom wants to see if she can get her boy's cock hard! She tells you to lay down and starts to feel you over your pants - and it doesn't take long before your sexy mom makes your cock grow. She takes it out of your pants and holds it in her soft hand. Her big tits are begging to pop out of that tight little dress she's wearing. She takes your cock in her mouth and you can't believe how good this feels! What the hell is wrong with your dad for not wanting to fuck her? Her mouth feels amazing and you grow even harder as she slobbers all over your dick, and takes it all the way down your throat. Your girlfriends don't do that. She takes off her top and shows you her big MILF tits and you're ready to explode. Her hand pumps faster and faster until a big load of sticky cum is soon covering Mom's hand. You're lucky to have such a hot and loving mom - and you're going to make sure she knows she's the hottest girl you know.