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I won't be a disappointing babysitter.

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I really appreciate this babysitting job. You see, my car is in need of major repairs so I need some extra money to maybe buy a new car. Since your wife isn't here to interview me and it's just you and me I want you to know I also do extra services for extra money if you get my drift. I may seem bashful but I'm not and I know men have certain needs that sometimes they like to go to other women for. I can see by that bulge in your khaki's that you like where this is going. Don't worry, I most certainly won't breathe a word of this to anyone. I need this extra money and I'm the one who suggested this whole arrangement. I want this with you. Oh my, look at how big your cock is? I'm a little surprised. I just figured all suburbia dad's have average or below average size members. Your cock is really impressive and it makes me wonder why your wife doesn't have tighter reign on it! Oh well, it's in my hands now. I'll take such good care of your hungry cock that you will be thinking of only me for your sexual fantasies. I'll get naked for you for some incentive to keep this arrangement going. Do you like my all natural boobs? I happen to know your wife had to buy hers. You look like you enjoy quality and I think my breasts are top quality female flesh. You know, I can stroke your cock for you like this any time I babysit if you are the one to give me ride home. I'll let you see my tiny pussy to. My little slit hasn't squeezed any babies through it so it's still super tight. Isn't this fun? I'm having so much fun being in control of an older man's erection with my petite hands. You know you're the only dad I would consider doing this arrangement with. I think you're hot. I also think it's super hot when a guy gives his cum to a girl. Will you let me have your cum? You can trust me that I won't say a word of this. I like having this special fling with you. Maybe it can go farther than a hand job if we can keep this a secret for a few months. I'm ready for you cum anytime you want to give it to me. Oh wow, that was fast! I should go get you a napkin to clean yourself and I guess this means I have a regular job here for you?

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I would rather date you

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Here I am again, waiting for your son. I don't mind that I have to wait for him because that means I get to talk to you. I've seen the way you look at me sometimes. I have a confession. I am more attracted to you than I am to your son. I know its taboo to feel this way about the guys Dad that I am dating but I cant help it. You are a man and he still behaves like a boy. I also know that your wife doesn't take care of certain things for you. Your son told me so. Since no one is at home right now, let me help you get some of your needs met. You know which need I am referring to. I want to help relieve some of your tension by giving you a good orgasm. Will you let me jerk you off? I wont tell your son or your wife. I know you wont tell them either. I can hardly wait to unbutton my blouse and show you my tiny titties. You know, if I marry your son, you will be a new Dad for me. Can I call you Daddy? Oh, that just made your dick swell when I said that. Ok Daddy, do you like how I'm jerking your Daddy dick? You really like it when I call you Daddy. I can feel your dick throbbing in my warm hand. Are you going to give me your cum before your wife and son get home? You should. I want it. You give me such a pent up load that you got your shirt messy. Hurry, clean your mess while I get dressed and maybe we can play this game again, soon.

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I would rather have your cock.

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I'm sure you heard your father and I yelling at each other earlier. It's hard not to fight with him, he's such an asshole. He's probably out now fucking some young girl who has no idea he has a wife and son at home. You're the only reason I'm staying with him anyway because you are such a great step son. You are worth staying in this relationship. I know you're eighteen and want to move out as soon as you can but I love having you around. You know, I've been meaning to tell you how good you are looking. You been working out? I can tell. Your father doesn't even touch me anymore. I'm so sexually frustrated that I'd give anything just to make a cock hard and cum! I need to feel like a woman! Your dad doesn't look like you. He's gotten fat and sloppy. I have a confession to make to you. Sometimes late at night when I can't sleep I will masturbate, to thoughts of you. I couldn't ever fuck you but I do fantasize how your young big cock would feel in my hands. Your father is a two pump chump but I'll bet you can go for hours. Is my dirty talk to you making you uncomfortable? Just think of this as therapy for your step mom. You're doing me a huge favor by listening and letting me flirt with you. I'm starting to feel like a desirable woman again. I don't think it would really hurt anyone if we played around a little. I love to feel your young firm body. You are getting more comfortable with me because I can see a bulge under the sheets. Can I play with it? It would really mean a lot if I can be sexual with you right now. Who knows if your dad will ever touch me again. Neither of us have to say a word about what we do together. Your dad won't ever know. I'll rub your beautiful cock until you come and your mom will feel like a woman again. Oh yes, you feel so good in my hands. Your cock is so hard for me! How do you like my big tits covering your rod as I titty fuck you? You feel as though you need to explode. Go ahead, release that hot load all over mommies tits. I want to feel your hot sticky cum on me! Oh yes, look at all your cum! You are so amazing. I feel alive and desirable again thanks to you my awesome stepson.

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I'll always be your girl.

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I knew the day would come when we would have this conversation. Just to remind you how much you mean to me, look at this tattoo on my ring finger that I got for you. Remember how you went with me so I could get it but no one even knew it was a purity symbol to you, my wonderful step dad. The thing is, now I have a guy in my life who wants to marry me so I am going to be wearing my engagement ring over my tattoo. You are going to have to get used to seeing it there but you must also know I will always be your special little girl. I think we should celebrate new beginnings by having one last "fun time" together. What do you say dad? One last loving hand job from your girl before I move out and then mom has to be the one to take care of your fun down there.

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I'll be your little private sperm collector.

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I heard you and my mom talking last night and I'm quite upset about the discussion you two were having. Why on earth would she want another baby, at her age? Plus you two are barely married only a year so why would she want to burden you with a kid unless it's to trap you. I can tell you aren't happy with her. This is where I come in as the caring step-daughter. I did some research and found out that it will be really hard for you to impregnate my mom if you have a low sperm count. You are younger than her so you probably have super sperm in you still. See, I can help you get rid of those super sperm without us even having sex and she will never know why she isn't getting pregnant. You have to understand that I want to be the only princess in this house. If you give me your sperm instead of my mom, this guarantees I stay the only princess and you get to keep you penis happy and without added responsibility. It helps that I've always had a crush on you daddy. I know you have those kind of feelings for me to. I see the way you look at me in my little skirts I wear. It's ok, this will be our secret from mom. I like having this part of you all to myself. I'll be your little private sperm collector. I like how manly you are. Older men are so sexy. It makes me feel extra special to help you this way because I know you don't want to make a baby with my mom. You just relax on my bed and let me do all the work for you daddy. To give you some ejaculation encouragement I'll get naked for you to. I'm sure you would rather look at my tight young puffy pussy instead of my mom's old dried up prune looking vagina. Isn't this fun daddy? Does this make me a bad girl because I'm stealing your cum so my mom can't have it? I don't care. I want you to think of my hands on your cock next time you're fucking her. You like having a private princess to take care of your penis don't you? Oh, I see pre cum already! You must really like your little girls hands around your daddy dick. I can feel your cum building up inside your balls and your cock getting harder. Come on daddy, give me all your baby batter. You have to give it all to me so mom can't have any later tonight. Anytime you need to give me your super sperm you come in my room and I will take care of you. I like having this secret with you. Now I will always be your princess.

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I'll do things your wife won't do.

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I really like babysitting for you. Your kids are super easy to take care of and every little bit of extra cash helps. In fact, this week has been a hard one because my car completely broke down. I need to pay for a new transmission and don't have anywhere near enough money for the bill. This may seem a little awkward but it also may be perfect timing that you and your wife did not come home together tonight. I've been babysitting for you two for a while now and I've caught on to the little hints that you aren't being taken care of in the bedroom. You know how you sometimes would come home before your wife and remark under your breath how it doesn't matter what time of night she gets home because there isn't any action after the kids go to sleep anyway. I have an idea that would help both of us. It's just us here right now and the kids are asleep so why don't I help to release some of your pent up penis stress and you can give me a little extra money to help with my car repaid bill? I know you must have a lot of stress from your job, so just consider my offer a much needed escape from your ball and chain married life. I've noticed you looking at me a little too long sometimes when your wife isn't in the same room. I have a feeling you want to get close to me and maybe even by my Sugar Daddy. I'm young, and cute and will admit to having a crush on you. Your wife is looking a little old and worn out but you, you keep getting better looking with age. I think older guys are so much sexier than guys my age. I bet you have a nice cock too. I bet you are really good in bed and your wife doesn't appreciate your mature skills. You are going to enjoy having a little side - piece like me. I will make your cock feel incredible and alive again. If you like the way I please you tonight, I will take this all the way with you next time were alone. I understand you want to make sure I don't say a word of this to anyone. I have such a huge crush on you there is no way I would do anything to upset you. I love the feel of your cock in my tiny hands and you balls are so nice and big. I love to cup your warm ball sack in my hand and gently caress you. I'm sure your wife doesn't pay attention to any of your beautiful family jewels, but I will. You know what else I will do for you? I will let you cum in my mouth. You want to shoot your hot load in my pretty little mouth? I want you to feel how soft and smooth my pussy is and how wet you're making me just being this close. You like the smoothness of my little private place? I get it waxed. I bet your wife doesn't even shave down there. How gross, she is probably all hairy and doesn't care about looking pretty for you, but I do. Will you give me your cum now that you know how much I have a crush on you? I want you to make a mess on me. Oh wow! You had a lot of cum saved inside! We better hurry and clean up and you better rest up until your wife gets here. I want to make you cum again in your car when you drive me home. Mmmm, my own sugar daddy.

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I'll jerk it for you Step Daddy.

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BONUS VIDEO - This video includes Lexi Belle's first Jerk Off Instruction video shot in 2007 - 5 years later I got her back to continue the story! Watch Lexi's JOI video following the handjob. I've been gone from home for a while now, first college and then a European backpacking trip with friends. As much as I love being away from home I also miss certain things, like Mom's warm apple pie and how I can sleep all day if I want to. The main part of home that I've missed is playing games with my Step-dad. He knows how to make me feel special and appreciated. He is more like a dad to me than my biological father ever was. The heart necklace I wear everyday was given to me by my step-dad as a reminder of how much he loves me. It was my first full day of being home and my mom had plans to leave on a mini vacation with her girlfriends. In some ways it was good timing because now I get to play catch up with my dad and get all of his undivided attention the few days my mom is away. As soon as my mom shut the door for her departure I began giggling to my dad if he remembered that special game we used to play. It didn't take much talking for him to acknowledge exactly what game I was talking about. He used to watch me show him parts of my body while he was touching his manhood. He called what I used to do with him, "Jerk Off Instructiion". I thought it was fun because I could see the pleasure I gave him. He never touched me, he only liked to watch. I could hardly wait to play the same game with him except now it was a more grown up version. He seemed nervous with my flirtations so I devised a way to get him in an appropriate setting to show him what I was talking of. I suggested he put mom's suitcase away which would mean he would be in their bedroom, where I would quietly follow him and position myself in a place where he wouldn't say no to my advances. Everything went exactly as I imagined and within a minute of being noticed I was over his body on their marital bed. I knew he wanted to see what I had learned since all those years ago when I was barely 18. His penis was already becoming engorged in anticipation of my touch. I removed his pants so we could be in contact his flesh against mine. I stripped from my clothes and began stroking his big dick. It felt exactly how I thought it would. I would watch him jerk it and it looked big in his grip but in my little hands it looked huge! It made my pussy moist to have it so close to such a huge throbbing cock. I thought about how I wanted his cock inside of me. It's the same cock that goes inside my moms slit yet I wanted it all to myself inside my holes. Maybe if I show him how good I can stroke him off then he would return the pleasure by fucking me the next time mom goes out of town. I looked at him with my big doe eyes as I begged him for his cum. "Please daddy, give it to me", I said, over and over. I know how much he loves it when I call him daddy. I stroked him so fast until he finally released his cum in my hungry hands. As he gathered his composure from such a huge release I thought I heard moms car pull in the driveway. Ut oh, I hope she just forgot something and didn't return because she suspected something. I quickly dressed and made it out of their bedroom just in time to pass my mom in the hall. Whew, she forgot her favorite sun hat is all she returned for. Little did she know I left her husband, my step-dad in a mess just seconds before her return. Oh this next few days are going to be devious fun!

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I'll show you what's under my panties.

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I try to be a good step mother, but recently there is such a strange thing happening that I can only think of one person to blame, my step son. No sooner do I buy new panties to replace ones that went missing then the new ones disappear as well. I've had it and am determined to get to the bottom of this. Maybe I can quietly search his bedroom and recover my stolen undergarments. When he realizes I have been through his bedroom then he will know I am on to his perverted ways and stop stealing my underwear. I looked all over his bedroom and didn't find my panties but did find him jacking himself off with my lacy underwear while he was under his bed hiding! What kind of weirdo jacks off under his bed? Ok, I have to be understanding of a young man's needs. He is nineteen now and I am sure his hormones are raging out of control and causing him to do things he probably doesn't think through to the consequences. I asked him to come out from under the bed and show me exactly how he uses my underwear for his sexual pleasure. His cock was exceedingly hard at being caught by me. I let him continue to please himself as I spread my legs and showed him my bare pussy. We both rubbed our private places in full view for each other then I suggested jacking him off just this once to maybe get this step mom panty fetish out of his system. Sometimes the reality cancels out the fantasy. Now that he has been found out it takes away some of the titillation of stealing my underwear. I'll stoke his big dick and beat out a fat load so he can now have a visual to replay in his mind over and over with no need to come to my panty drawer for anything. I can hardly wait to get his nut worked out. Come on sweetie, I know you have a hot creamy load for me because I walked in on you while you were trying to bust it out of yourself. Come on and give it to me you little panty thief. I'm going to keep slamming my hands up and down your rod until you surrender that hot load to me. Oh look at your cum shoot out of you, you dirty boy! You shoot like a fountain! Next time I catch you with my panties, I'm going to make you fuck me for as long as I want, which will be a very long time. Now get cleaned up before you father gets home and don't say a word about what just happened. He doesn't have to know what kind of pervert his son is and what kind of kinky slut he married.

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I'll spank your monkey to make cheerleading squad.

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You know I've wanted to make the cheerleading squad for the past two years. I know who you have a date with tonight and you had better take care of that cock of yours so you don't screw up and look like a two pump chump. I think we should work out some sort of arrangement that is mutually beneficial. I help you relieve some of that pent up penis pressure before your date and you put in some good words for me that will guarantee me a place on the cheer squad. I don't care what you have to do: lick her pussy for half hour, buy her the most expensive item on the menu at dinner. I don't really care what it takes so long as you come home and tell me that she is putting me on the squad. What I am offering you is something that shouldn't naturally happen between brother and sister. It's a good thing you're only my step-brother or else this could be really wrong. I don't know of anyone else who would offer to put their hands on their brother's cock just to get what she wants from him. Go ahead, lie down so I can get your dick out and perform my end of the deal. Just to show what a good sport I am I will show you my perky little boobs and even my tight toned ass. Do you like the way I jack you off? Have you imagined my little hands on this cock of yours? Now it's really happening. You would probably like to go all the way with me wouldn't you? You would like me to climb on top of you and slide that big dick deep inside my little wet pussy. My pussy is wet. It's probably wrong that I should get excited by jacking off my brother but I am, excited. I wonder what our parents would do if they found us together like this. I'm sure they would be speechless. You are pretty quiet yourself. Are you imagining all the dirty things your would like to do with me? You like how I stroke this cock of yours? Who knows, maybe someday I might need a huge favor and let you fuck me for it. I love feeling this hard cock of yours and knowing it's hard because of me. Do you want to cum for me? I can tell you do, you balls are getting tight as your cock is beginning to get even harder. I can't wait to see your cum on my hands. This is so dirty what we're doing. Oh yes, make a mess on me. Wow! You had a lot of cum stored up! It's a good thing we got this nasty stuff out before your big date. Now remember your end of the deal and put in lots of good words for me tonight. Make me a happy sister.

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I'll stroke you for your silence

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In only three more months I will have enough money saved to move out of my parents house. I know I shouldn't have spent money on a tattoo but it was done by one of my good friends from high school who was only in town for a weekend. I was so excited about finally getting the tattoo I've wanted I had to tell someone. I slipped and told my step-brother. Why I couldn't have just told my best girl friend I don't know. Now I have to beg my stupid brother to keep his big mouth shut so I don't get kicked out of the house before I have enough money saved to move. He is such a little prick, my brother. He knows he totally has me by the panties right now and can ask for pretty much anything to keep his silence. Ever since our parents got married he stares like a stalker at me. We are pretty close in age but he acts so much younger I treat him like a kid. I had no idea he would want a hand job from me to keep quiet about my new tats. It didn't surprise me cause he is such a pervert in the way he talks about girls but it's kind of gross that he wants his cock jacked off by his sister. I made him pinky promise to keep his mouth shut and went to work. As I undressed him and got a good look at his rock hard rod it didn't seem so horrible to have to give him a hand job. His dick is pretty nice actually. I kind of felt sorry for him to have to ask for a hand job from me because he probably hasn't had any other girls touch his penis. I wanted to make him feel exceptionally good since I had a lot riding on this hand job. I let him see my perfect tits and pretty pussy. I put my fingers deep inside me and got them wet to lube his big dick. That is as close as his penis will ever get to my vagina. He liked both my hands slowly rubbing his shaft. As I held the base of his dick in one hand and teased the tip with the other I told him it was time for him to give me his cum. I gave him permission to cum as I gripped tighter and stroked faster. His dick was so sensitive as I kept rubbing it just to make him squirm. I am his big sister after all so I had to include a little teasing just for my amusement. It wasn't so bad after all and I let him know if he's a good boy and keeps his mouth shut about this secret then maybe we can do this again sometime.