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Leave your load in nature.

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Isn't this so much fun hiking on the trail? I have a slight problem right now. I really have to pee. Come with me off the trail and spot me so I can relieve myself. Ahh, I feel so much better but what is that? What is that in your pants? You got a boner from watching your step mother pee? Well we can't go back to the trail with a boner in your pants so you had better take care of that thing right here. I'll spot you while you jerk it but hurry up because I want to get back to hiking.

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Let me explain a woman.

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I don't want you to feel left out of any sex ed you may not be getting in real life situations so let me take this opportunity to explain a woman to you. I don't think you are getting enough interaction with women and maybe if I show you ways you can please a woman, you will feel more confident in your abilities. You are at the age where you should be going on lots of dates like my own son is, rather than sitting alone in your bedroom night after night. Just consider this some fyi time between us. Now, let's start at the neck...

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Let me have a sperm sample.

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You may wonder why I'm in your bedroom with a medical supply cup. You may or may not know your dad just had a vasectomy that I didn't agree to. I'm still young and the clock is ticking for me to have a baby of my own. I figured your DNA is as close as I am going to get to your dads so how about it, will you give me a baby? All you have to do is jerk yourself off and I collect it in this cup and take it to my Doctor's office for insemination. No one has to know this came from you. I'll make up some story of how I went and fucked a guy who looks like your dad in retaliation for him getting snipped without consulting his wife. Be a good stepson and jerk yourself while I give you a little visual incentive. I know you're always trying to sneak a peak at my tits so here they are in full view for you. That's it, stroke that young cock. Milk it really good for a nice big load for mommie. This is taking a little long so why don't I reach down and give you some help. Yes, that's it. I don't want to miss a drop of that precious baby batter so I'll get the collection cup ready. Yes, look that big load for me! Now just in case this first try and the Doctor's office doesn't work out, we can do this again, right?

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Let me help with your insomnia.

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You've had too many nights of little to no sleep. It's about time we remedy this problem. When I have trouble falling asleep I masturbate. Don't be uncomfortable with that thought. I'm just your stepmom but I care for your well being especially now that you're in college and need your rest for school. I happen to notice you have an erection under your sheet which tells me that masturbating is not too far fetched an idea to help with your insomnia. Why don't you let me help you at least this once. I've been told I give a good hand job. It's been so long since my hand was wrapped around a hard young cock. Your father certainly doesn't get this hard anymore. I don't even have to see your dick, I'll leave the sheet over it so you don't have to be embarrassed about me seeing it. I happen to think I'm a pretty nice mom right now in here late at night jacking off her step son so he can sleep. Oh my, you dick is really getting super hard. You must be close to ejaculating. Go ahead and let it all out. Well from the look of how much cum you soaked the sheet with you clearly haven't been jacking off enough. You look very relaxed now so I'm going to leave so you can fall asleep. I'll clean your cum soaked sheet tomorrow. Oh, and don't tell your dad about the insomnia remedy I gave you. This is our secret.

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Let me see if you're bigger than him.

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I figure it's time you knew that I've been fucking your best friend. You know your dad is kind of getting up there in years and even though I love him, he doesn't satisfy my needs. Your best friend offered his cock to me and I took it, again and again. Oh now don't get jealous. I can't fuck you, you're my step son. Maybe I can at least help you get off without touching your dick. Go ahead and get your dick out for me. I want to see if it's as big as your friend's. You can rub it for me. That's it, rub the tip gently. Show me how you stroke it. I'll even show you my mature body while you rub yourself to climax. This is a bonding moment isn't it? I hope your dad doesn't come home from work early and catch us like this. It's not bad because I'm not touching you. Are you ready to cum for me? That wasn't a very big cum load, you poor thing. I may have to save some of your friend's cum in my pussy next time I fuck him so I can show you what a real cum load looks like.

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Let's talk about your small penis.

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Your sister told me you are skipping class because you are getting bullied at school by the guys in your physical ed program. I know college can be hard to deal with sometimes but you have to go back to school. Your sister also told me the bullying is because you have a small penis. I am only your step mother but I am trying to do all the duties a real mother would and feel I should talk with you about this matter objectively. Lets determine if you even have a small penis. Go ahead and pull your pants down and show me. Well, maybe you should get it hard so I can really see it's growth potential. Hmm, o.k. well let's talk about the advantages of having a small penis. You can satisfy very petite women. You can have anal sex with most any woman and it won't hurt her. You won't ever have any embarrassing bulges in your pants to contend with in public. Now that you're hard I probably shouldn't leave you like that. The least I can do to help you feel better is help you get a good nut before you have to go back to school. I will help you have a really good cum. Go ahead and stoke yourself for me. Don't be shy, I want to do this for you. I'll get undressed and tell you exactly what I want you to do for me. Now that mommie has undressed for you and showed you her beautiful naked body, will you stroke yourself and cum for me? Imagine you are fucking my tight little asshole with your perfect penis. Oh yes, that's it give me all your hot cum right on my pink puckerhole. There now, don't you feel better already? You made me so proud and I'm sure you're going to satisfy any woman you want with your penis just like you satisfied your mommie.

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Lets masturbate together.

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Since when is an open door an invitation to watch your stepmother masturbate? I was sneaking a few minutes to myself and now I have to reprimand you for watching me pleasure my pussy with my vibrator. I thought you were at work or in class at this time of day! This is so awkward to have this discussion with you. I suppose in the end it's just the matter that we all need to have sexual release, even you. I would like to finish if you would like to join me. So long as you don't breathe a word of this to anyone, let's hurry up and both get our nut so we can carry on with our day.