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My step niece gave me a handjob for homework help

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Family helps each other out. My sisters step-daughter needed some help with her college math homework and I needed some help with my cock. So it worked out quite well. Ever since my sister married her husband I have been rock hard for his daughter. She is young and slutty, exactly how I like them. I could tell she liked me and was eager to show me as much skin as possible without incriminating herself. I mean, I am almost old enough to be her dad. I helped her with her math because numbers have always been my thing. Well, that and college girls. She got naked and stroked my cock with a firm even grip. Her hands pulling up and down making her firm tits bounce. She stood up and showed me her hard heart shaped ass with her pink twat peeking out from her thighs. Then went right back to work with her soft pink hands begging for my load until I gave it to her. I will help her with homework anytime she wants it. Starring Samantha Hayes

Blowjob,Handjob,Brunette,Long Hair,Niece By Marriage

My Step Niece is Naughty

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I got divorced a couple months ago and have been staying with my sister and her family. Her step-daughter a very sexy young woman now. It's been really hard to keep my head down and not look at her sexy body when she walks around wearing almost nothing. I guess my sister told her about when we were kids that she would blow me. I've never told anyone about that. I can't believe she told her husbands daughter! My niece brought it up and said that she heard I had a big cock and wanted to help me "be happy again" since my divorce. I did want to feel better? She took off her shirt and showed me her young firm tits. Pulled my cock out and started giving me the most eager blow job I've ever had. Or maybe it's because I haven’t had my dick sucked in years. So sloppy, wet and warm. She couldn't get enough of it. She sucked and jerked my cock til I filled my pretty little niece's mouth with my huge hot load. She was right! It did make me feel better. Maybe I will take my time finding my own place. Starring Ashley Layne

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My step son’s Happy Ending

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I was looking at the phone bill recently and found some strange charges. I discovered that my husband had been going to a massage parlour for a happy ending. I must had been out of the loop because I didn’t even know those things existed; so I asked his son about it. It is strange that his father felt the need to go behind my back to get his needs met. I thought I gave a really good hand job. I knew that he was my son, but I needed his honest opinion. Starring Vera King

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My Step uncle helped me, so I want to help him

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My uncle works for a firm that I have been trying to get a job with for the last year. He was able to get my foot in the door and I got the job of my dreams. He's my stepmom's brother and I have always had a crush on him. I can tell that he thinks I'm sexy too. I see him look at me and he gives me long hugs at family gatherings. I used to love sitting on his lap. Now that I'm all grown up and got this awesome new job I went to his house alone to thank him for helping me. I pulled his cock out and it was so thick and perfect, I had to have it in my mouth. I loved the way he tasted and I could tell he loved me shoving his fat dick to the back of my throat. I got naked and showed him my perfect titties while stroking his cock. I got down on my knees like a good niece and let him rub his cock between my perky boobies. Stroking and pulling he exploded all over my chest and I cleaned him up with my mouth. Thank you Uncle!

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My Step-dad Spoils Me!

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My step-dad bought me pink and white knee socks that are so soft and cute. He also got me a cute little top with a bow and skirt to match it. He gave it to me while mommy was at the store. I know he likes when I wear knee socks. I knew I could get him to let me play with his cock. I look so innocent and I get tired of being a good girl. I wanted to be a bad girl. I wanted to make my daddy cum real hard like the girls on the computer. I asked him if I could please touch it. I could see he was already hard as soon I put on the outfit in front if him. He pulled his big thick daddy cock out and I asked if I could please make him cum before mommy got back from the store. I told him what a dirty old man he is and how much I love it. I spit and stroked on his cock just like the big girls in the movies he watches. I mean, I'm technically an adult. But I’m daddy's little girl. I showed him my pussy and then continued to jerk his hard cock until he exploded in my hands. Maybe next time it can be my mouth or somewhere even more naughty. Starring Nickey Huntsman

Handjob,Small Tits,Blonde,Step Sister,Long Hair

My Stepbrother needs cheering up

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My stepbrother is so hot! He’s a bit older than me, but I've had a crush on him since our parents got married. I recently turned 18, and I feel like he looks at me differently. But he has had this dumb whore girlfriend that fucked everyone but him. As soon as he came in to talk about them breaking up, I knew it was my chance to show him what a big girl his stepsister has grown into. I just had to find a way to get closer. I offered him a massage to make him feel better, then started rubbing his cock through his jeans. I could tell he didn't know what to do at first. I just pulled his cock out and started stroking it. It was so beautiful, thick and hard. I pulled my shorts off showing him what he could have if he wanted it. Making him so much harder. I liked it a lot. I kept jerking him off and then took off my shirt. I wanted to show him my cute boobies I grew over the last couple years. I stroked him harder and harder. I wanted his cum so bad. Soaking wet, I straddled him and spread my legs so he could see my tiny pussy. I slid my hands up and down his thick brother dick, begging him for all his cum until he shot it all over me. I think he feels better now! I know I do!

Blowjob,Handjob,Small Tits,Brunette,Step Sister

My stepbrother's cock isn't too big for me!

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Athena talked to her Stepbrother's ex girlfriend. She said she dick was too big for her too handle! At first she was weirded out, but then she became intrigued and turned on. When her brother takes his pants off, she realizes his cock is even better than she thought it would be! She wraps her hands around his cock and puts his cock in the back of her throat. She makes him cum far better then his exgirlfriend ever did! Starring Athena Faris

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My Stepdaughter found me on Tinder

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My stepdaughter was scrolling on Tinder and found me. I never thought about her finding me. My wife just doesn't care about me or herself anymore. We haven’t fucked in years. My stepdaughter is so fucking sexy and sweet. She is worried about me getting catfished or mugged. Such a sweet girl. Shouldn't I be taking care of her. Oh! I have thought about taking care of her. She is an adult now, and knows how sexy she is. She wants to help keep the family together by helping me cum. I like the way she thinks. She pulled my cock out and started rubbing and tugging on it. She told me I'm the best stepdad ever and she doesn’t want me to leave. She pulled her shirt off and let me play with her little perky tits. Then she got completely naked. Her perfect ass and pussy almost made me cum just looking at them. So young and tight. She took my hard shaft in her hand and pulled on it telling me what a good daddy I am. Her pretty face and tits look so perfect and sweet in front of my cock. Stroking and jerking, begging for my hot fat load I came all over her arm. She is such a good girl taking care of her daddy. Starring Maya Kendrick

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My stepdaughter is in heat

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My stepdaughter had a guy at our house today when I got home. My wife hates it even though our daughter is an adult. She just still happens to live at home. She is constantly flipping her tight young ass in front of me and walking in on her with that guy today was so fucking hot. I had to use every ounce of my composer to not show how hot it was. He left and then my sweet little girl told me how "cock thirsty" she is and how willing she would be to do ANYTHING for me to keep my mouth shut about what I saw today. Well, I will keep my mouth shut as long as she keeps hers wide open. She pulled my pants off and instantly started stroking my cock with her soft small cold hands. The temperature difference between our bodies was so arousing. Then plunging my hard cock to the back of her hot throat without hesitation made me grow even more rigid in her mouth. I could tell it turned her on because she told me. Giggling as she stroked and sucked my cock made me feel like I was going to explode. Showing me her tight young, pale and tattooed body was so sexy. He pale pink nipples on her firm young tits as she pulled and yanked on my cock until I couldn't take it anymore and blew my fat load all over her pretty pale tan lines. I promise to keep all her secrets if she promises to take all my loads.

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My Stepdaughter’s Erotic Photoshoot

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After marrying River’s mother, I worked from home as a freelance photographer. My slutty daughter loved prancing around in her skanky little outfits after her mother had left the house for work, driving me crazy with desire. I always thought it was playful flirting when I caught her eyeing my package or pulling down her shirt to show off her cleavage, but I never expected her to take it to the next level, until one day she discovered explicit photographs I had taken of her mother in the bedroom. I was shocked when my daughter asked me to take erotic pictures of her for her boyfriend, but the bulge in my pants couldn’t resist as she began undressing, rubbing my cock over my pants, teasing me, and posing with her hot, little body for the camera. My sweet daughter made her daddy’s cock so fucking hard, and she looked so angelic with daddy’s cock in her small hands. My baby girl was so willing and eager to please her daddy like a good, little slut. She stroked daddy’s cock until I exploded my load all over her beautiful, young breasts. Starring River Fox