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I want more boob cream.

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You must tell me where you got this magical boob growing cream! This is no joke, look at how huge my boobs are now! They grew like two sizes since you gave me this cream. The problem is I am all out and there is no way I want my boobs to shrink back to what they were. I tasted some of the cream from the bottom of the container you gave me and oddly enough it tasted slightly like pineapple and also reminded me of my ex boyfriend for some reason. You absolutely must tell me what the cream is made of you weird geeky stepbrother! Donít make be beg you for an answer because I totally will. Are you serious? You're joking. That magical boob growing cream is your semen? I am having a hard time believe this. You are the science award winner of the family though so I have just one thing left to say. Take your pants off so I can get my hands on more of that magical cream! I'll take it from you myself. You had better not be lying to me just to get my hands around your cock cause I'm sure you have plenty of college girls lined up for you. I donít' care if taking my stepbrothers sperm is kinky. All I want is my boobs to stay the perfect size they are and I will do whatever it takes.

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I want to be more to you.

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I treasure our time we get to spend together but I have come to the decision that in order for us to ever have sex you must leave your wife. I don't want to be the cause of a divorce but when I first started working here as your kids nanny you said your marriage was on its way out and I have waited patiently long enough. I know you must be aching to have sex with me arenít you? I want you so very much but I must stick to my decision about waiting to give it up until you are divorced. I would never want it known we were fooling around while your wife was here in the same house and your kids. I'll tell you what, I'll give you a little preview of what you will get once you divorce. Oh I'm still not going to fuck you but I will treat that cock of yours so nice and let you see my tight young body which I know your wife lost hers years ago. As I am stroking your cock just imagine what it would feel like to thrust your erection deep into my very tight pussy. You remember that thought on Monday as you make a call to your divorce attorney. For now, lets take care of that beautiful big cock of yours that I can hardly wait to call my own.

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I want to be your good girl.

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My bitch of a wife left me last year. She is so selfish that she even left me with her 18 year old daughter. The poor girl was pretty scared that I would kick her out of the house after her mom left, but I can't blame her for her mother's actions. I'm letting her daughter live with me while she figures out what she's going to do with her life. In exchange for cleaning around the house, cooking now and then and helping me keep this place livable, I'm letting her live her rent-free. She's been extra helpful around the house lately, which is good and bad. I love that I don't have to worry about things, but there is a certain lack of privacy in the house. It's hard to bring a date home and have to explain why I'm living with a hot 18 year old girl. It's also hard not to look at her as a young woman and not as my daughter. The lack of privacy also spills into my personal space. She has made a habit of coming into to use my bathroom while I'm in the shower, claiming that her toilet is clogged or some other nonsense. I was startled when I came out of the shower to find her sitting on my bed. Ever the helpful daughter, she told me that she wanted to do everything my wife did when she lived in the house. She's pretty pissed at her mom, and made it very clear that she liked living with me, and wanted to do anything to make me happy. She even offered to put lotion on my legs after my shower. I hesitated a moment, but then figured that if this cute young girl, who isn't really related to me, wants to be extra helpful, who am I to deny her? I lay down on the bed, and she began to run her hands over my legs and upper thighs, rubbing in some cool lotion. It felt great, so I closed my eyes and let her make me feel good. Her hands began to slide higher and higher under my towel, lightly brushing against my balls and shaft with her fingertips. It felt wonderful, even though my conscience was a little guilty for letting my stepdaughter touch me like this. Finally she took off my towel and told me that she really wanted to massage my cock for me. I was lost in her touch by this time, and she began to slide her hands up and down my shaft. She told me how long she had been wanting to do this, and how she used to listen to her me and her mom fucking in the room next to hers. She said that she imagined that I would come into her room all the time. This was one horny 18 year old girl I was living with. I let her stroke me, as she promised that this would be our secret. Her hand pumped up and down my engorged shaft faster and faster, until I couldn't hold back any longer. I let a creamy load blast from my cock, covering my girl's hand. When she asked me if she could spend the night in my bed, I knew that life would never be the same at home again.

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I want to feel your dick.

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What are you doing in this room all alone daddy? Were you looking for some privacy? I noticed mom is gone, probably shopping spending your money as she usually does. I noticed something else. A few minutes ago when I was outside tanning on the patio, you were watching me from the window in this room. Were you touching yourself as you looked at me in this little bikini? Did you have dirty thoughts about me? I'm only your step-daughter so it's not horribly creepy to have dirty thoughts about me. I do have these awesomely big tits that don't even fit in my bikini top so I know it's hard not to stare as you were. Am I making you uncomfortable by telling you I noticed you looking at me? I'm going to make myself more comfortable next to you and keep talking about this. I like to see your cock swell and move under your clothes. I like that it's because of me that your cock is moving. Do you want me to do dirty things to you daddy? I could put my hand on your dick and do what it was you were probably doing to yourself as you watched me sun bathe. Would you like me to rub your dick for you daddy? You don't mind that I am sucking this popsicle do you? I think the slurping noises sound sexy, don't you? What if your hard cock was in my mouth and I had my mouth wrapped around it like I have this popsicle? I would make your stiff dick feel so good with my soft mouth making your shaft slippery. Oh, this dirty talk is making your cock completely hard! Well let me be a good girl while mom is away and take care of that big daddy dick of yours. You know what would be really dirty and wrong daddy? If I showed you my pussy and said I wanted your big dick stuffing it. Do you like the slurping noise I make as I stroke your cock? I know what your really want me to do, stick that dick in between my huge fake tits and titty fuck you. Oh you like this a lot! You should like these tits and get to feel them cause you paid for them. They are the best graduation present I got! I am happy to finally share them with you. You like my soft hands wrapped around you the best though, I can tell. Are you ready to give me your cum? I want to see what you cum like. Does your cum shoot fast out of your cock or are you a dribbler? Come on daddy, show me, give it to me. Oh thank you daddy, you gave me your hot sticky cum. I bet mom doesn't care for your cock like I just did. I hope she isn't coming home for awhile cause now I feel like fucking you too.

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I want to make you cum Step Daddy

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My 18 year old stepdaughter was on her way to college and leaving home for the first time. We've always been close, but little did I know how close she wanted to be, until I found a little package she left for me before she moved away. Wrapped up in a colorful package with a bow, My little girl gave me a very personal gift. It was a single disk with a video on it... a video where she expressed her deepest desire, to cross the line with her stepfather and enter the world of a taboo relationship with me. In the video, she revealed that she had become aware that I occasionally caught a peek at her while she was in the shower, or that I sometimes hugged her a little too long. What can I say, she's a very pretty young lady and I'd be lying if I said I didn't find her attractive. But the biggest bombshell she dropped was that she enjoyed my attention, and even left a pair of her worn panties for me underneath her pillow! Imagine my surprise when she closed the video by removing her top and giving me a little masturbation show... promising more when she returned in a couple of months over college break. All I had to do was sneak into her room on the night she got back, and she would know that I too wanted to explore our taboo fantasies. On the night she got back, I crept into her room and found her asleep, wearing the same cute outfit and pigtails that she had worn on the video. I pulled back the cover and saw her nubile 18 year old body as if for the first time. I couldn't help myself, I was sweating, worried that my wife would wake up and catch me in her daughter's room. When she awoke, with a smile on her face, the first thing she said was "Hi Daddy, I've been waiting for you." My cock jumped to attention at her sweet voice. The next thing I remember was my not so innocent stepdaughter with her hand wrapped around my throbbing cock as she stroked it up and down, begging me to cum for her.

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I will do nice things for you.

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I saw my mom leave this morning with a new designer purse. You are the best boyfriend she has had so far. I notice you always buy her expensive things and she flaunts them. I was thinking I would like in on this. My stupid boyfriend is nothing but a burger flipper so he can't afford to buy me nice things. How about if I do nice things to your cock and you can be the one to give me expensive gifts? If my mom asks I will just tell her I acquired a very giving sugar daddy. She never has to know I am talking about you. Why don't you lie down here for me and I will show you just how nice I can be.

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I will do what your wife doesn't.

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Sultry daughter-in-law takes care of her husband's father's cock while Mom is out shopping! Thanks for sitting here with me a minute. I mainly want to tell you how much I appreciate you letting us stay here, your son and I. We never thought we would be in this predicament of him losing his job first and then our house. He has a new job now and is working extra hard to get us enough money to move out on our own. I really, like really appreciate you and mom letting us stay here while we get our feet back on the ground. I've been thinking of how to possibly repay you for your generosity and what I came up with is I can do the things for you that your wife doesn't do. From being here I gather you two don't have the most exciting sex life and when you do copulate, its over rather quickly. It doesn't sound like your cock really gets the attention it's deserving and desiring. I can help you with that. I would love to give you a hand job. Hand jobs are so great because you are the one being focused on. You don't have to do anything, no pressure to perform, just lay there and let me take care of you. Oh, and in case you are wondering, I did NOT ok this idea with your son, my husband. This is all my fantasy and desire to please you. Did you know sometimes I see you in the house and I get turned on by the way you look at me then I grab your son and run to the bedroom so we can fuck? You didn't know I have these feelings for you did you? This seems like the perfect excuse to get close to you and justify it so I won't feel guilty about having my father in laws dick in my hand, and liking it. Do you like what I am doing for you? Does it make you nervous your wife could walk in the house any minute and catch us? What do you think about maybe fucking me one day. How weird would it be if you made me pregnant and I wouldn't know if it was you or your son who planted his seed deep in me? We'll just go with a hand job for now. Let me make you feel so good with my soft warm hands. Do you like how I spit on your dick for lube? I'm sure my prudish mother in law doesn't do that does she? Let me show you my pretty pink pussy that I am going to give you sometime. Stick your dick in between my tight ass cheeks, yea, rub it in between my ass cheeks. Look how swollen my pussy is for you, it's wet inside to. Are you ready to cum for me daddy? Do you like it when I call you daddy? Lots of guys like that, including your son. This dirty talk turns you on doesn't it daddy? Come on, give me your hot sticky load...I'm jacking you off faster and faster. Ahh, yes, I know you have more in your balls for me. I'm milking every last drop from that dick. Maybe if you manage to keep this a secret tonight, I will let you fuck my ass tomorrow. I want this nice big dick of yours in my ass. I know your wife doesn't let you fuck her ass. Think about what just happened between us all night tonight while you lay next to your frigid wife. Now let's get cleaned up before your wife and my husband get home and this family gets really fucked!

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I will jack you off for car privileges.

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It's the weekend and my parents left me in charge of the house and my brother while they are away. I don't know why they have to put me in charge. My brother and I do our own thing for the most part. I tell him what he is going to do and he does it. The only flaw to this weekend so far is that this is my brother's weekend to have the car we share and I got invited to this really important party that I must go to! When my parents bought us the car to share, we were given strict rules of use or else all privileges would be taken away. I know better than to even approach my brother with the idea of me getting the car to go to this party. If he were to tell Mom and my step-dad that I even asked for the car then I would get my weekends taken away, which I just cant have happen. I have to figure out some way to keep my step-brother's mouth shut to our parents and also get me to that party. He is way to much of a home body geek to take to the party with me. That would be a total embarrassment. He is kind of skinny so I could probably kick his ass if I tried. He would be to humiliated to tell anyone his sister whooped his ass, so that is an option, or I could take the more friendly approach. I could jack him off for car privileges! The only action his cock gets are from his own two hands. I know he doesn't date, he's just too homely for any girl to want to be seen with him. I feel a little sorry for him for that which is why I am offering him the friendly approach to using the car on his weekend. We aren't blood related so technically, if I give him a hand job he can lay there and imagine he's on a date or something and getting wanked by a hot chick. He opted for the wank job instead of the ass kicking so I had him lie down on our parent's bed so I could get to cranking. Not only was I going to make his cock spew its goo I would add a little to the fantasy as I stroked him. I let him see my tits and my pretty pussy. I know he watches a lot of porn in his bedroom and seeing me is the closest he has been to a real girl. I had to make sure he wasn't going to tell our parents about this little arrangement. I was surprised by how big his cock is in my hands, it's so big I can wrap two hands around it and pump. I could see he wanted to get a glimpse of my little pussy so I took off my dress and spread my legs for him. I teased him with my red lips real close to his dick as if I would open them and start sucking any moment. Instead, I sat up and bent over so he could get a view of my juicy round ass. My little pussy lips were throbbing at the thought of his rod drilling me from behind. When I got back to stroking his stiffy I made it count for the cum cause I had a party to get to. In fact as soon as he released I was relieved cause that meant I was getting out of there to go get some action for myself. If I don't get laid at the party tonight then I am for sure coming back and taking my step-brother's dick for a ride.

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I will miss being your teacher.

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It's so nice you took some time to come say goodbye. I have to tell you that I am so very proud of your accomplishments while in my class. You deserve this letter of recommendation for any college you choose. I wish you the best of luck in your bright future ahead. Before you go there is something I would like to divulge. Not only are you the brightest young man in my class this last semester, you are the hottest by far. I would really like to show you just how much I am going to miss having such a good looking guy in my class. I am technically not your teacher any longer as semester has ended so come over to my little office sofa and lets have a little fun.

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I wish I'd married you instead

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What kind of inconsiderate husband forgets his semi-newly wedded wife's birthday? I'll tell you who, your father! He knows how important I think birthdays are because I always go way out to give him such a nice day. I certainly thought that now since we're married he would make today extremely special for me. All day I've waited for something from him and now he called to say he is working late and for me not to wait up. That's it, I'm getting dressed up and taking myself out and if I'm lucky I'll get some birthday cock. Oh, what's that behind your back? Aww, how sweet a flower for me? You remembered my birthday! You are nothing like your father. I mean, you're just my stepson and you remembered to do something nice for me. Say, why don't I stay home instead of going out to a club. I could stay home and hang with you. Would you like that? Would it be wrong to tell you that sometimes I wish I had married you instead of your father? I mentioned I wanted birthday cock and I still do. Let's go in my bedroom and get more comfortable with each other. Oh I think I see a bulge in your pants. Is that for me? I love that I am turning you on. Let me see your young cock. Oh, I could have so much fun with this. You've made me feel so special by remembering my birthday that I want to make you feel extra good right now. Can I touch you? Doesn't that feel nice? Your father and I hardly ever have sex anymore since he works so much. Your cock is so much nicer than his and fits in my hand perfectly. Would you like to see your stepmom's body? I'll show you what your dad ignores most of the time. I can tell you like what you see. This is so much fun and I feel very sexy right now. It's flattering to make a younger man's cock rock hard. I'm sure you could go have any college age girl you want but you're here with me. We're not so far apart in age though which makes our attraction even hotter. I want to make your cock feel amazing. Does it feel good when I rub my perky tits all over your stiff shaft? My pussy is so wet right now. This is the best birthday I've had in a long time. The tip of your dick feels so nice against my nipple. Do you think you could blow your hot load on my tits? That would be so sexy to see your jizz sprayed on my skin. Give me your hot creamy cum. Oh fuck yes! Thank you for giving me my birthday cock I wanted and the extra gift of your sweet load. This turned out to be the best birthday ever.