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Give me a chance.

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I want to get out of the friend zone with you. Donít get me wrong, I like hanging out with you so much. I want to hang with you in a different way. You do see Iím a girl right? I have tits, long hair and a mouth that will make parts of you feel amazing. I can do things to you that none of your guy friends would do. Let me show you how serious I am about taking us to the next level of friendship.

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Give me the D again.

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We arent wasting one minute of time now that your dad is officially on his plane. Oh yes, he called right before he powered his phone off. Its just you and me now and you know why I am in your bedroom. I must have that dick again. I know this is kind of wrong but I cant stop myself. You like fucking me to dont you? From the looks of that bulge growing in your underwear I see the answer is yes.

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Good girlfriends make you feel better.

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I can tell your day at work kicked your ass. I can also tell that some great sex would clear a lot of your bad day away. That's what I like to do for you, make you feel better whenever I can. You know I'm always ready for sex with you. No matter what crap happens out there in the world you can come home to me and get some relief. Come put your tongue on my pleasure spot and taste how much I want you.

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Good guys get treats.

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I know you didnít want to see that movie you took me to tonight. You were really thoughtful in making us dinner reservations and sitting with me in the movie Iíve wanted to see. To show you how much I appreciate everything you do for me, youíre going to get treated to, me!

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Good thing sheís a lightweight.

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I was ready for a long night of fun but your sister cut that short by passing out after two beers. I donít want to go home just yet. How to do you feel about hanging out with me a little while? I mean, I have more on my mind than just hanging out. Do you know how long Iíve crushed on you but didnít flirt with you at all because youíre my best friends brother? I see this as a perfect opportunity for two attractive people to pass some time together. Iím not going to beg you but I will be direct in how much I desire you. I promise Iím a good time.

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Guess who gets my virginity?

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I think you know why I got ahold of your number and asked you to come here tonight. Your best friend and my long term boyfriend decided to screw up his one and only chance at my virginity by getting a blow job from my best girlfriend. The only way I could think of to get back at him would be to give my virginity to you instead of him. He knows how much this means to me and I guess he just couldn't wait to get everything from me. I was supposed to be the only one whole lips went around his cock and he was supposed to be the first cock inside my tight pussy. The honor now goes to you, that is if you want it. I know you have thrown some pretty strong hints at me over the years, which is why you are here right now. I am ready to have my cherry popped, by you.

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Guys make me nervous.

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You are a really nice guy for agreeing to see me without my sister knowing. You arent going to tell her I came over are you? I knew you were a good guy. The reason Im here is because I want to be a good girlfriend but guys make me nervous so much that I dont know how to please them sexually. I was hoping you could let me practice on you and kind of show me what feels good to a guy. This doesnt have to be weird or anything. Look at it like a personal form of sex education.

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Guys say weird stuff.

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I have to explain something before we have sex. Iím kind of having to erase a weird sexual experience that happened a couple weeks ago. This guy was fucking me and then said something like ďravioli, ravioli guess whatís in your little hole-yĒ How stupid is that? Iíve never had a guy say anything like that and it totally turned me off as in I had to stop fucking. I need you to help me erase that stupid sentence from my memory. Fuck me so good I wonít thing of anything else but an incredible orgasm. Can you do this for me?

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Ha Ha Ha, you are dreaming.

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You are the weirdest stepbrother a girl could have. Where did you get the idea that if I look at that stupid thing dangling from you hand that I would do whatever you want me to? I'm starting to get sleepy I think. I am your personal sex slave and will do as you wish, master. You want your cock sucked? Yes, master. You want to fuck me? As you wish master. I like what you are doing to me. You need to release your hot cum? Please use my body as a cum dumpster master. Thank you.

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Happy Anniversary sex honey!

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You hardly ever see me dress this way but tonight I am wearing beautiful lingerie just for you and do you know why? It's our anniversary! Happy Anniversary my sexy man! It's ok if you forgot. You've been working so hard and I appreciate all you do for me so all I want from you tonight is sex! I can see your cock getting hard already. I've missed that big cock of yours. Come closer so I can pull it out and tasted it. I want you to fuck me like the dirty girl I am with your big dick. Come on bebe give me every inch. Plow my pussy full of your man meat. I'm with you because of your big cock you know. I need you to stuff me full. Oh god yes, make me cum while I am bent over in doggy. I want to turn over so I can see your face when you fill my pussy with your hot load. Please give me all your cum deep inside my little tight hole. Ah, I felt it go in me! I feel my pussy squishy inside with your gooey cum. I'm so glad we got to have sex tonight, happy anniversary bebe.