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It's bath time for you.

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This is such an awkward situation for us both but it can't stop me from making sure your hygiene is taken care of. It's the Dr.'s orders you keep your injured hand out of water until it is completely healed. I know your father isn't going to come in here and bath his own son so that leaves me, your stepmom. Let's just get through this as quickly as possible. Oh dear, I didn't prepare myself for the event that you could get an erection. How should I handle this? I feel bad for you that you can't even relieve yourself. I suppose there is no better time to take care of that to for you. It must be incredibly frustrating at your age to not be able to jerk yourself off. It would be nice if you had a girlfriend that I could call over here to do this part for you but you don't. Look, if you can keep this part of your bath a secret from your dad and the Dr. I'll take care of your erection and we can all get to bed and have a good nights rest.

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It's go to work with stepmom day.

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I know it's a little odd to bring you to my company's annual bring your kid to work day but you are here to learn a lesson. The lesson is you should be going to college like every other kid your age and not slacking around the house everyday. You aren't going to sit here today and not be useful. Get over here in front of me and be on your knees. You are going to worship your step-mothers sore tired feet. You are going to lick them, massage them, sniff them and make them feel vibrant and beautiful. I have to work so hard to support our family so you will do your part to contribute, whatever I say it is. Oh my goodness, are you getting an erection? Does the site and touch of my pantyhose turn you on? I think we can have some fun with this. Go ahead and jerk that cock for me. We aren't going to leave my office until you show me your cum. I 'm curious to see what size of load you can give your step mother. I had no idea the site of pantyhose on a woman excited you so much. Keep stroking that cock. Take a good look at my firm little ass in these hose. Oh, you're ready to bust your nut aren't you? Spill your filthy seed on my foot. Oh look at what a mess you made. Now you can really make yourself useful and go to the store to buy me new hose. Who says some stepmother's cant be just as freaky with your pantyhose fetish as you are.

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It's not the size of the tool.

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You are of the age where it's time to have the penis talk. I can't have my eighteen year old step son going out to the world uneducated about his penis. Let me see your tool. Let's see what you're working with. Oh look, you have an average sized penis honey. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Let's see how big it gets. Go ahead and play with it for me. I am sure there are many other moms out there who have had this same experience with their step sons. You want to feel comfortable around women don't you? Well here is where it starts.

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Jerk it to my perfect ass.

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Oh hey, you caught me as I'm heading to the gym. You think I might get noticed at the gym wearing this outfit? Oh look at that bulge forming in your pants! I suppose there is no harm in having a little fun with my step son. Go ahead, pull your cock out and let me see it. Oh look! You have a much larger penis than your dad. Oh man, now I want your cock! Since I cant fuck it, let me watch you jerk it. I'll show you my pretty pink pussy and how shiny it is for you. Yes, you're making your mommie wet by stroking that big dick for me. I never knew how much shiny spandex pants could turn a young man like you on. There must be lots of college aged guys at the gym that I am causing erections and didn't even know it! You're trembling a little, does that mean what I think? Go ahead, you can release your hot load all over my shiny spandex covered ass. Oh wow! Something tells me by the size of your load that I need to wear these kind of pants around the house more often.