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I must approve you for my little sister.

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You think you're good enough to date my little sister? I 'll be the judge of that. She thinks I'm in here asking you questions about your goals in life, let's keep it that way to protect her innocence. You do know she is a virgin don't you? She can't have just any guy break her perfect hymen. If you have too big of a cock you will stretch her out and make her less desirable. For this reason I must see your cock. No, I'm not going to fuck you. I'm not that kind of slut to break my sister's heart by fucking her potential boyfriend. I just want to get a good look at your dick, touch it, rub it some and see what kind of cum load you have. I do want to be an Aunt someday and you must produce a good cum load for this purpose. So lie down and let's get to the inspection. I'll do all the work. You just lie there quietly and hope you pass my exam. My sister is downstairs awaiting my conclusion. I'm not admitting to being a huge slut but I have had a lot of cocks in my mouth so I feel I know what kind of cock would be perfect for my little sister. I didn't waste time to lose my virginity. Look at my little sister though, how innocent she appears. She is so wholesome and sweet she deserves a lovely cock for her first fuck. We can't be in here to long so to encourage your cum load quicker I am going to undress. My little sister has larger breasts than I but mine are still quite perky. I don't get any complaints from the guys I bang about my tight body. My little sister may be the younger one but my experience with many cocks counts for something. Like right now you are getting the best hand job of your life. I don't think my little sister could make you feel this good with her hands. Your cock looks the perfect size for her first time with a man. I'll rub my pussy as I rub your cock since we have to hurry up with this inspection before my little sister comes back and catches us like this. Hurry and give me your cum. I know you want to pass this test. Oh look at all that warm cum! I like that you shared your cum with me for the sake of getting to fuck my little sister. I will go tell her you passed my test. Now, you clean up and don't speak a word of exactly what kind of test I put you through. I'm sure my little sister's pussy will be worth your silence.

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I need your cock for extra credit.

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My stepdaughter is a pretty smart kid. She's in college now as a pre-med student and is working really hard to get good grades. I stopped in her room the other day to see how she was doing, and was caught a little off guard when I saw her with what appeared to be a very realistic fake penis in her hand! She was sitting on her bed, wearing her big glasses and knee high socks, and in her hand was an obscene looking fake penis that she was using to study male anatomy. She greeted me, and told me she was having trouble with this class and really wanted good grades, but the big fake penis was not really helping her understand how a man's body worked. She had a suggestion for me that really took me by surprise. She said that if I would help her get a good grade, her mom would be happy and would never have to know that I helped. She asked me if she could see my penis and thought that if she was able to take a sperm sample into class then she and her classmates could look at real sperm swimming around under the microscope, and she could get extra credit! Always the helpful Dad, I laid down on her bed and let her take my learning device out of my pants. She started by measuring the length and circumference of my cock and jotted her findings down on her notepad. This girl was being very scientific about the whole thing. She then began to stroke my penis lightly, examining how it began to grow in her hand. She was fascinated by how hard it soon became, and began to stroke it up and down to begin the semen extraction. She knew I would need some encouragement if she was to get a big enough load out of me, so she took off her top and bra and let me have a long look at her perfect breasts. She's a petite little thing, and her huge natural tits really started to get things flowing. I could feel an enormous load building, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I filled her little vial. When she removed her shorts and panties, she straddled my leg and began to grind her bare pussy against my thigh. She turned around to let me see her tight little pussy as she continued stroking. Before I knew it, I started spewing sperm all over her hand, overshooting her vial by a foot at least and splattered it all over my shirt. She scooped it up with her fingers and filled her vial. "Thanks Daddy, That looks like some good extra credit!"

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I should have learned this long ago.

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I really need a guys opinion on how to deal with something that happened while I was on a date last night. If I told any of my guy friends about this they would just laugh at me. So that guy I've been seeing and I got all hot and bothered and I thought for sure we would have sex, until I saw the size of his penis. His dick looked so big it scared me so I made up an excuse not to be sexual with him. I've heard my mom talk about you and how open you are sexually that I figured I could come talk with you regarding a solution to what happened last night. You don't mind helping me do you stepdad? I don't even know where to begin should this happen with this guy again. You think I should just jerk him off? Guys would take a hand job over pussy at least in the beginning? Truth is I haven't even jerked a guy off before. I really need your help. Will you let me practice on you? It is to help me as a young woman in the dating world. You would be doing me a huge favor and no one has to know about this because I'm sure it wouldn't be acceptable. You really are the best stepdad a girl could have.

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I should invade your privacy.

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I had a feeling you have been spying on me when I come home from work and undress. Ever since your father and I married I sometimes feel like an object on display in this house the way you stare at me. Your lingering looks don't make me uncomfortable at all. I love the way I look in my own skin and from that bulge growing in your pants it appears you like what you see as well. The only thing I can't quite understand is why you arenít out spying on girls your own age. There must be voluptuous girls in your college that you can secretly stalk. I never imagined my stepson would be so enamored with me. Since you got quite the long show of me in the shower, I feel I should get a show in return. I want to see you pull your erect penis from your pants and stroke it for me. I may or may not decide to intervene and finish the stroke job myself. I'm not quite sure yet what to do with you but, start stroking stepson!

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I should thank you for rescuing me.

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You really are a pretty awesome stepbrother. If you hadn't come to pick me up from that party who know how I would have gotten home! I would probably have had to walk which means I would have been out all night and we both know what that means. I would have been grounded indefinitely. My boyfriend is suck a dick for getting so drunk that he couldnít take me home. For all I know he is still at that party passed out on the lawn. You know speaking of passed out, mom and dad are sound asleep down the hall. I really feel I should thank you for getting out of bed in the middle of the night just to drive across town to rescue me from having to walk home. We haven't ever been inappropriate with each other but I must say I have been curious about you ever since our parents married. I seriously day dream about what size cock I have living down the hall from me. Why donít you let me see it since it is the middle of the night and no one will know I'm in your bedroom. Let me show you how much I appreciate that ride home.

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I should work harder for this.

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Tired of hearing all the gossip around the water cooler that Marie is only where she is because of her father's generosity, Marie takes matters in her own hands. She knows she doesn't do enough work at the company to warrant her having the nice large office she enjoys. She is a smart girl and determines she can take care of her stepfather in other ways to earn that big paycheck. A little lunch time wank job makes the work day go so much better.

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I show you mine, you show me yours.

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I'm so glad my mom married your dad and you are actually a nice guy for a step brother. I thought you were going to be grumpy to live with but you're kind of fun sometimes. I like that you play games with me. I have a game that I used to play with other boys that we can play together if you want. The game is called I show you mine then you show me yours. It's easy to play, I'll start. I have to pull your pants off first. Don't worry, I just want to look. Oh, it's already hard! I'll stroke it softly over your underwear so you can see it's for me to touch it. Are you ready to show it all to me? You have a pretty dick. I like how it feels in my hands. See, isn't this a fun game? Now it's my turn to show you something. I'll show you my young boobies. These soft boob would feel so nice against your hard dick. I'll titty fuck you younger brother. It's so nice we're close to the same age isn't it? Would it be too weird if we hung around on college campus together? Maybe this should all stay a secret, the games we play at home. My pussy is so close to your cock. It would be really easy to slip it right in. Oh don't be shy. Your cock is being a little shy. I won't talk so dirty anymore to you I'll just focus on stoking you and getting your cum out. You will give me your cum won't you? That is part of this game. I show you what I want and then you give me what I want. I got completely naked for you and rubbed my soft little pussy for you to watch so now I want to see what you will give me. I want to see if I can make my new step brother cum. It would make me so happy to see your cum shoot out of your cock because of me. You like me to fuck you with both my hands to make you cum don't you? I want to make you cum. Listen to that sound of my slippery hands stroking your cock. Oh yes, look at that! You made a slippery shiny mess all over my hands! Now that we've gone this far if you come to my room later tonight I will show your more things, better things.

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I spank your ass, you wank my cock

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My step-daughter is a hot little number but I am not supposed to think of her in that way. How am I to keep my mind out of the gutter when she stands before me in a skin tight little outfit that shows every part of her young tight body? I don't know if she knew what effect she would have on me when she came to me to borrow some gas money in that outfit. I would like to think her intentions were to just ask for the money and leave. Never did I think what transpired next could actually come to pass. First, I declined to give her money, second, I denied her to leave the house in that little outfit. She threw a mouthy fit as she usually does so this time I felt compelled to show her I was serious in my authoritative attempt at being a dad. I pulled her across my lap and began administering a stinging spanking. She mouthed off even more that I was producing a weak spanking to her ass, she was almost mocking my chosen effort to get her attention. Then something happened I could not control. My dick began to get hard. Her little nubile body wiggling across my groin and legs sent my sensations into a frenzy with lust for her. I was hoping she wouldn't notice, but she did. She jumped from my lap and immediately suggested we come to an arrangement of some sort as a punishment for my perverted ways. Now she was the one in control and she knew it. She was curious about the size of my manhood as she began to remove my pants citing since I groped her ass it was only fair I expose my cock for her. She began to stroke me off with her small hands as she informed me there are many sexy outfits she would like to own which she doesn't have the money for. This is turning into an arrangement of I scratch her back and she'll scratch mine, I like this. I opened my legs and let her rub my stiff cock slowly. For being such a young girl of 18, her skills at giving my dick a good rub are impeccable. She gave me the full experience of pleasure by showing off her little lithe body. My dick continued to feel fully engorged at the sight of her. I was throbbing for her to climb on my lap again this time to take my cock in her tight little wet slit. I wasn't going to get to fuck her today. Today, she had control and wanted to make me cum with her hands. She placed her perfect lips to the tip of my dick as if she were going to take it in her moist mouth, but didn't. She made my head spin as she continued to stroke me off. When she called herself a dirty little step daughter I couldn't contain my composure any longer. I let her have my load all over her tiny hands. It felt incredible to release in her control. She said next time my hot sticky cum will slide down her throat and she won't event gag. I swear hearing that made my dick start to swell again. She informed me she was still wearing her skimpy skin tight outfit and I agreed, not much else I could do given there was no more blood supply in my brain to think clearly.

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I swear I'm not a cock tease.

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I can't believe I have a reputation at my new college of being a cock tease! How do people know what I am like anyway? I have lots of guy friends and we kiss and stuff but I am a good girl who doesn't put out to just anyone. Do you think you can help me get over this bad feeling I have about being called a cock tease? You've always been such an understanding step-dad, it's like you totally still remember what it's like to be my age. I was thinking that if I gave you a hand job then I could affirm to myself I don't just tease the men in my life I actually do something about it. I could start with pleasing you and then give a few select guy friends of mine the same treatment. This way maybe rumors will start spreading that I don't just tease a guy I actually do something about it without going all the way which would make me a slut. Is this something you feel comfortable helping me with dad? What do you think of the clothes I wear? Are they too revealing? Does wearing short shorts and a tank top make me a cock tease? I can't help it if I am young and cute and a guy's cock stirs in his pants at the sight of me. Does your cock stir a little for me daddy? I'm ok with that if it does. It's important we all feel comfortable with ourselves and I really do like myself. In fact, I like myself so much and feel so comfortable with you that I don't mind taking off my clothes while I touch you. A cock tease wouldn't do that would she? I'm a good girl and will prove it to you. I will rub your big daddy dick until you bust a fat load all over my little hands, which will prove I am a good girl and not just a cock tease. Even if I take off my short shorts and little panties it doesn't make me a cock tease. I can't help if you think dirty thoughts like plunging your rock hard cock into my tiny pink pussy and pummeling me until you blow your load all over my ass and backside. Those are your dirty thoughts, not mine. You don't think about dirty things like that do you daddy? No, you just lie here under me and appreciate my tiny hands wrapped around your cock and stroking you. A real cock tease wouldn't place her sweet little pussy on your chest so you can get a closer view and even a sweet sniff. I'm just simply sharing. Sharing is caring, right daddy? I care enough about you to jack off this big daddy dick of yours while showing you all of my pretty private parts. A cock tease wouldn't show you anything, she would simply talk about it. Oh daddy, what a big load you squirted out for me! See what a good girl I am for you? I am your good girl, always.