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How could your wife divorce you?

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You don't know me very well but I'm here for a sleep over with your daughter. We met in one of our classes here at the local junior college. She is really out cold in her bedroom right now. She must have taken a sleeping pill or something. We were talking about your divorce earlier. I'm really sorry to hear your wife left you all alone to take care of this house and your daughter. You are such a sexy man I can hardly believe you're alone now. It must be very lonely spending your nights in this big bedroom all by yourself. It makes me want to get closer to you. Have you ever been with someone close to your daughter's age? Now is your chance to be with a hot young college girl who is very turned on by you. Looks like a good fuck would cure both of our insomnia problems tonight. Let me see that cock of yours and taste it. Oh yes, come over here and climb on top of me. Show me how much you need this young pussy. I love older men because you've been fucking pussy a long time and know exactly how to thrust into one. Oh god yes, slap my ass as you fuck me in doggy. Are you going to give me all you cum? I want to feel your hot load on my soft skin. Oh wow! You gave me so much cum! You should be able to sleep really great tonight now.

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I am a better version of her.

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I don't know how to say this but I found texts on my mom's phone that indicate she is having quite the steamy affair. She didn't go out of town this weekend with her girlfriend's, she went to get fucked by her side dish. You are such a great step dad that I felt you should know. I don't want you two to break up because then I would be without you. Instead of getting mad at her, why don't you and I have our own little thing on the side. I am legal and think you are a really great guy. Come closer and let me take your mind off that woman who is the older and much aged version of my cuteness.

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I am a horny housewife.

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Something tells me you knew my son wasn't going to be home right now, as well as my husband either. Yet, here you are playing pool with your best friends mother. I think you planned your visit today. It's ok, because I admit to being a lonely horny housewife. All you college guys are the same, horny. As far as I'm concerned if you won't tell, neither will I. We don't have much time so I'm going to remove my panties so you can show me some love, just how I like it.