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Friendship at the next level

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How can you keep getting wrecked by these young bimbos? Can't you see the pattern youíve created for yourself? Weíve been friends for like 8 years and youíve not once hit on me. Am I not your type? I have a body that is nicer than some of the women you've been with and I know for a fact I have a lot more going on upstairs. So tell me something, are you finally ready to be with a real woman who actually loves you and not looking at you for usage? Youíre looking at a woman who truly cares for you. Iím ready to take our friendship to the next level, are you?

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Fuck me in front of my husband.

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See, I told you he was a little man. Look at him sitting there in the corner exactly where I told him to watch you split me open with that monster cock of yours. Oh don't worry, all he will do is sit and watch. He is what is called a cuckold. It will probably make his pathetic penis rock hard to watch my pussy get stretched out from your big dick. I'll give you a sloppy blow job so you are nice and wet before you slide yourself into my tight pink hole. Oh yes, watch my legs spread wide open to let you inside. I have to climb on top of your thick dick and ease myself down on to your throbbing ramrod. Oh my god, I can hardly believe I am taking all of you inside me. Oh you want me bent over with my ass toward you? I like doggystyle to when there is a big dick stretching me. My pathetic little husbands pencil dick wont ever fit inside me the same way again. Bang me hard like that please, harder so I can feel those huge balls slap my pussy. Make me cum all over your big dick. Spray your hot load all over my ass so my husband can see how large a real mans load is. Oh you made me cum so damn good. I'm not even going to let my husband pleasure himself just yet. He can go clean the dishes while you get hard again for me and stuff that dick inside one more time.

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Fuck me in my crotch-less tights.

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Hurry and get in here while all my room mates are out of the house. I hardly ever get the house to myself plus I have a surprise for you. We've been shopping all day at the mall but you didn't know I wasn't wearing panties did you? I bought these crotch-less tights when we were at the adult store last week. Do you like them? Omg, your dick just jumped in your jeans. I guess you are liking what you see. Want to see the front? No bra either! Completely see thru. Come fuck me in this see thru outfit. Lick my pussy first, you know the rule, lick it before you stick it. Oh wow your dick feels so good! Come on babe, fuck me really hard! You know how I like it! Don't worry, I'll turn over so you can see my ass. You know doggystyle makes me cum. You want to cum with me? Cum in me! Yes! Yes! I can't believe how much I am shaking that was such a great orgasm. Where are you going? Oh, you're gonna have a shower? I'm going to clean up a different way. I'm going to take your cum from inside my pussy and eat it right from my hand. Nice and dirty, you taste so good.

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Fuck me like you do your wife.

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Thanks so much for letting me hang at your house while I wait for the lock smith to let me in my house. It's nice to have a neighbor as kind as you. There is one thing I would like to ask if it's not too personal. I happen to hear a lot of sex noises coming from your house. It sounds like you really give your wife a good pounding. You know I am divorced. I hardly date and certainly don't get laid as often as I would like to. I was wondering if since your wife is out of town on business right now and I have an hour to sit waiting for the lock smith that you could fuck me like you do your wife? I would never tell her. There is no way I would mess up having you two as the great neighbors you have been. I just could really use a good screwing and it sounds like you're the guy who could give it to me. I can hardly wait to see what size cock you have. Oh wow, it's really thick! No wonder your wife hollers like she does when you're ramming her with this thick chub. Mmm, let me taste you. I need to sit on top of that thick pole to make myself cum. Do you feel how wet my pussy is for you? I really want you to plow my pussy with your big dick while I lay here. Yes, like that, go all the way deep inside me. It barely fits inside my tight hole! You feel so fucking good I'm glad I got locked out of my house today. You made me cum so damn good. Where to you want to leave your cum? Oh you know exactly when to pull out and cover my tan lined tits with your hot load. Ah, I feel so much better and don't worry, I won't say a word to your wife but I will be a little jealous of her next time I hear you two screwing.

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Futon fun for old times sake.

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How great is it that we reconnected after all this time? Its even greater that we are both newly divorced so anything is possible. Wow! You still have the futon from when we were in college! So many great memories happened with you on this futon. Hey, it was a really nice dinner tonight and I don't know about you but I'm horny especially after seeing our old sex spot. Should we recreate some fond memories of our college days? You remember how to give a pearl necklace don't you?

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Get it out of your system.

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If were going to get anywhere productive with research to finish this assignment we have to get something out of the way. You havenít been exactly discreet with your long glances. I know all about the ďHot for TeacherĒ fantasy. I donít mind being your fantasy. I also donít mind making that fantasy become a reality. Weíre both consenting adults but we will have to keep this a secret.

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Get on a real woman.

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Dorm rooms havenít changed much since the last time I was in one. I see guys donít change their sheets in between sex partners either. Nothing changes with you college guys. You know why Iím here in the first place? Stamina. Guys your age can fuck for hours no problem. I can ignore the surroundings because Iím here for that gorgeous bulge in your pants. Come here and taste what a real woman poontang is like.

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Get to work on me not the yard.

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You can put that rake down for a little while because I have something that needs much more attention than this yard. It's ok, my parents already paid you for this weeks service so you won't lose any money. It will be quick and fun, I promise. I just want your attention for a little bit of time. I am so bored and super horny. My college is so far away from my parents house other wise I would be there trying to get laid instead of hitting on the gardener. Let's be quick before my parents get back home. Isn't this much more fun than raking the yard? I needed penetration so damn much! Oh yes, make me cum then pull out of my tight little pussy so you can cum. Go ahead and leave your mess on my perfect ass. Oh I like the way that feels. You are one full service kind of guy.

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Getting busy with the babysitter.

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I really like babysitting for you. This has been a great job and has helped me money wise but I need to ask for something. My car is broke down and the repair bill is huge! Do you think maybe I can get a small advance? I know nothing comes for free and I'm prepared to take care of you if you will take care of me. I will do things your wife won't do. I know you want me like this from the way I've caught you looking at me when your wife was preoccupied with the kids. I know you're a good man who wouldn't cheat on his wife so just look at this as a way to help each other. Come here and kiss me. I want to feel your tongue all over my body starting at my toes and working you way up to my pussy then neck. Ohhh, I have to taste that hard cock of yours before you slide it in my tiny hole. Fuck me nice and slow to stretch me out so I can get on top of you and ride that huge dick. If I were your wife I would never deny you my pussy. I can tell you want to fuck me hard in doggie before you cum. Are you going to pull out and shoot your load on my ass? Oh yes, do that please. You know, we can make this a regular thing if you want. You can be my sugar daddy.

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Girls have fantasies to.

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Cute young Claire loves to play with her high powered vibrator. There is nothing unusual about a grown girl playing with a sex toy except Claire likes to fantasize out loud about who she wishes she were fucking instead of playing with her toy. As her legs are spread wide open and her eyes are closed she calls out for her daddy to come fuck her deep and hard. She has had a crush on her step dad for years but would never act out her fantasy. All she can do is lie back and day dream for her step dad to come make her feel as good as he makes her own mom feel. Oh Claire, you are a very naughty girl.