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Worshipping Dani Dupree's ass

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Today is all about Dani Dupree and what she wants. What she wants is for you to worship and adore her fat ass while you work your dick. Stand behind her and jack your little dick, but do not touch her perfect ass. Now smell it! Each breath you inhale of her wondrous aroma makes your little dick get harder and harder. You have never been so hard before! She removes her shiny shorts and commands you to lick her asshole. She tastes delicious, doesn't she? She spreads her ass cheeks nice and wide and you shove your head right between them. Never before has any woman given you such unlimited access to her ass. Your tongue licks each time you are told to do so. After all, it is all about Dani and you must make her happy. It is now time for you to cum on her big bubble and to facilitate that, sexy Dani bounces her ass until you bust your nutt as she demanded.


Worshipping Mia Li's perfect ass

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Can you tell that Mia has been doing squats? Her fantastic ass supports your suspicion. You told her that her ass was too small, so Mia did lots of squats to build up a perfect ass. Focus on Mia's ass and stroke your cock because that is what Mia wants to see. Knowing how much you want her to sit on your face, she demonstrates how she will move and grind all over you with her ass right on your mouth. Your veiny dick has her turned on. She loves watching you play with your cock, but you have to prove yourself today to get her to sit on your face. Think about how good it would feel to slide your dick in between her strong ass cheeks and stroke yourself hard. A fat load will impress Mia, so be sure to work out a good load. Pump that shaft and give Mia your cum right now!

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Worshipping my boss so that I can keep my job

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It is time for an uncomfortable chat with your manager, Siri. The women in your office have complained about you and your advances and your manager has in idea about how to handle you. Today you will stroke your cock as you worship Siri's body. If you do not cum on her big tits today, you will be fired. Now get out your cock and start stroking it. She removes a shoe and puts you to the floor to kiss and worship her foot. Start working your way up her legs. Lick them. You know that this is not exactly legal in the workplace and you could probably sue your manager for her behavior, but your dick will not let you seriously contemplate that for more than a brief moment. Siri takes out her pendulous breasts and you wish you could touch them, but you just keep stroking yourself. Worship her thighs now. You do exactly as you are told... not only for fear of losing your job, but also because you have fantasized about this for years! Siri slides her panties to the side and demands that you worship her pussy. She is pleased with your efforts, but you are now ordered to service her massive tits. She jiggles them in your face and you are confident that she could suffocate you with them if she so desired. Now stand up and convince Siri that you deserve to cum on your titties. You make your argument and convince your manager that you are worthy. She makes you jerk your spunk onto her huge boobs and she watches the cum drip off them. Congratulations, you can keep your job for now.

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Worshipping Scarlett's ass (with Scarlett Sage)

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You follow long legged Scarlett up the stairs. Her ass has you mesmerized. It looks so round and smooth. You are already jacking off as you worship her perfect ass. She softly speaks to you, giving encouragement... as if you even needed it. If you are lucky, she may let you cum all over it... or maybe inside of it! Starring Scarlett Sage

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Xandra Sixx is thirsty for my fat cock

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Someone told Xandra that you have a really big cock. She loves big cocks and she is eager to see yours. Will you show her? Her skimpy pink nighty inspires you to take your dick out and stroke it. The sight of your huge dick instantly makes Xandra thirsty for you and it is obvious. She spreads her legs and gives you a good look at her pussy. Big dicks open doors – and pussies! You would practically split her open and you aren’t sure which of you would enjoy it more. Maybe you’ll find out another time. Right now, you focus on stroking your big, hard cock for sexy Xandra.

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You and your little dick should be ashamed! (with Jericha Jem)

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Jericha is not a shy girl and she demands that you whip your dick out right now. You are a little surprised at how demanding she is. When you finally show it to her, she is beyond disappointed at its diminutive size. You are embarrassed as she compares her pinky finger to your little dick, but you are strangely aroused at the same time. You lied about the size of your cock, but since she is there, she demands that you stroke your little dick for her. As you try to rub one out, Jericha verbally humiliates you and teases you by showing off her body. No, you cannot fuck her, so forget about it and keep stroking your tiny prick. Jericha is hoping that you can at least deliver a big cum load for her, but once again, you disappoint her with your tiny spurt.

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You are a real man (with Cherie Deville)

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Your dear friend Cherie is being generous, allowing you to stay with her while you and your wife are having difficulties. In truth, Cherie is excited that a real man like you will be around the house. Her husband is not handy around the house like you are. There are some other things that Cherie appreciates about you as well, and now is the time for her to show you how much she likes you. Can you show her your dick? You proudly whip out your cock and you can see that Cherie is immediately turned on. Will you let her help you get off? Let Cherie help you get nice and hard as she unbuttons her dress. Her tits are firm and perky. You notice that she is not wearing panties when she lifts up her dress and before your know it, her ass is high in the air. "If you weren't my husband's best friend, I'd fuck you right now," she says. Your hand moves faster on your shaft as she considers having your cum drip down her ass. Cherie plays with her pussy and she laments her husband’s lack of sexual prowess before she tells you to cum right there on her pussy.

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You are a worthless, out-of-shape piece of crap! (with Holly Heart)

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After a great workout Holly is a little fired up. You are lazy and Holly is not amused that her biceps are larger than yours are. Get out your disgusting dick out and get it hard, but you cannot touch it. Just put your hands behind your back and stare at her tits. Are you getting hard yet? Go ahead and start stroking your shaft with just one hand. Be sure that you do just as you are told. Holly hopes that you jerk off better than you work out. You suspect that Holly is so mean because you have not worked out in quite a long time. Holly twerks her ass as she continues to berate you. She hates you and she hates your cock. You do not deserve to see her titties, so she exposes them while your eyes are closed. Never has she been so mean to you, but you realize that you like mean Holly. You do everything that she orders you to do, fearing what she might do. Are you thinking about her sweaty pussy? Forget it because you cannot fuck her. Holly orders that you squeeze your cock very hard with both hands and then she wants you to slap your balls hard. You administer pain to yourself because you know she will hurt you even more. She hisses at you to blast your cum all over yourself and then to lick it off of yourself. You have been humiliated, but you came harder than you ever have before, so it was worth it!

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You are here to entertain ME! (with River Fox)

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River is bored. Will you entertain her? Yes? Okay, then. Take your cock out and get to stroking. Oh. Is that it? Surely your cock will grow if she lets you see her tits, right? This size queen is not ready to show you anything else just yet. Just keep stroking yourself as she continues to tease you. She must like what she sees because she finally lets you see her pussy. Her huge labia are on display like a roast beef sandwich. You love it and continue jerking off as she shows off more and more of her sexy body. Starring River Fox

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You are just a Splenda daddy (with Addison Ryder)

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Addison is not impressed with your house. You lied to her about being a rich sugar daddy and she is none too pleased. You did give her a little money, so she will help you to jerk off, but you should not expect to touch her. Hurry up and get out your dick and jerk it off. Addison spreads her legs to reveal a clean shaven pussy with a small landing strip. You want so badly to fuck her, but you know that will not happen and you continue jacking off. Addison knows how much you want to cum on her and how much you want to fuck her ass, but you will be getting none of that. She knows that you are ready to cum and she decides to let you cum on her, but she reminds you that you will never be allowed to cum inside of her.