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This bad bitch likes your tiny cock. (with Nicole Aria)

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Nicole is completely turned on by your cute little Johnson and she encourages you to stroke away on it. She slowly takes her sexy outfit off to entice you to beat off harder. She bets your fantastic at pussy eating, you wanna show her? Imagine your wee pee pee sliding in-between her perfect tits. Lucky you!rn

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This girl is a spinner! (with Kat Dior)

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Kat Dior is known as a spinner because she's so tiny. This is a petite girl with a big ass and she wants to watch you jerk off to her. Get out that dick and start rubbing it. Kat takes off her pink bra and she plays with her nipples while you keep stroking yourself. She teases you with her small body. She knows that you want to be inside of her, but for now, you cannot. Just keep stroking. Kat removes her panties and spreads her legs. You see her dark bush and clean-shaven pussy lips. For a tiny girl, she has some meaty pussy lips! She encourages you to cum a fat load for her tiny pussy.

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Tiny dick appreciation jerk off session (with Olive Glass)

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Olive saw your glorious, tiny penis and she wanted to spend a little time with you. When she saw how small it was, she was super excited. Show it to her. You take out your little guy and you start stroking it for sexy Olive. She loves deep throating and anal with a small dick just like yours. Will you slap your tiny penis against her beautiful tits? Please? You would do anything Olive asked you to do. Her words and naked body inspire your stroke session like never before. You are so happy that Olive is in your life. Starring Olive Glass

Small Tits,Brunettes,Small Penis Humiliation

Tiny dick disappointment for Alex More

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Tonight you and Alex went out on a date and you had a nice time. Now that you are at her home, she confesses that she is a size queen. She wants to see your cock so that she knows if she will fuck you. She doesn’t see a bulge in your pants, so that worries her. Unzip your pants right now so that she can see what you have to offer her. “Oh,” she says after your get out your cock. You have failed to impress her with your tiny dick. She suggests that you use two fingers and start to stroke yourself. On second thought. stop touching yourself. She wants to show you her favorite dildo and you both realize that you could never please her with your inadequate penis. She is in a generous mood today, though, so she decides to help you jack off with some visual stimulation. Some booty shaking starts you off nicely, but she is going to show you more than that. Keep watching sexy Alex the cock tease and stroking that tiny penis. Don’t forget to use lots of lube on that little prick and do everything Alex asks of you. Starring Alex More

Small Tits,Brunettes,Petite

Tiny tease Cadey Mercury takes a big load

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From the start Cadey sees you are excited to see her petite body. Everything about her is tiny, but perfect. She is willing to show off her little self to you, but you have to jerk off while she does. First she shows you her small, perky tits. Then she slides off her short shorts. Cadey loves knowing you are jerking off to her like this, so she decides to take off her panties. Her pussy is very small and you figure that you would have a really hard time penetrating her, but you also know how good it would feel to do so. Even her dark bush is small. While you are stroking off, she rubs her hands all over her body. Cadey really wants to see you cum today and you cannot wait to give her exactly what she wants.

Small Tits,Brunettes

Totally horny slut needs to you to cum all over her (with Kasey Warner

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Kasey was a slut the last place she lived. Her mom made her promise not to be the town slut anymore, but it is hard for Kasey. Would it be okay if she took off her clothes, watched you jerk off, and then have you cum on her? Yes? Perfect! Get your dick out and start working yourself for Kasey. Immediately Kasey is going crazy with desire and she is eager to show you her pussy. Just do not stop stroking yourself! You like her hairy bush and you like how turned on she is by you jacking off. She fingers her pussy and you can hear how wet she is. You cannot wait much longer to cover her with your big load. She looks so desperate that you finally drop your jizz all over this horny slut's wide-open mouth and tongue.

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Trading an orgasm for a bedroom (with Elsa Jean)

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Your stepsister Elsa wanted to have the basement as her room, but you beat her to it. She is willing to do anything you want if you give her the room. You can even masturbate to her if you will promise to give it to her. You are weak and you unzip your pants and begin stroking. Your stepsister is a total cock tease. You really like her petite body and those sexy eyeglasses she always wears. Blonde Elsa is happy to show you her tiny tits as she motions how to jack your dick. Would you like to see her ass? She slides down her shorts and showcases her small, round ass, which is framed by a lacy thong. Then she begins playing with her pussy through her panties, but she soon decides to take them off. Elsa leans back and continues to encourage your jerk off session by spreading her pink pussy lips and then showing you her ass. You love huge labia and hers are just that. Do you want to drop your load all over her sweet ass? Go ahead and do it!

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Trying on panties for my brother-in-law (with Claire Heart)

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Claire is having some problems with money right now, but you are kind enough to let her stay with you in your home. She is your sister-in-law and you would never have thought not to let her stay there. Claire expresses sadness that her sister isn't taking such good care of herself and that she is gaining some weight. You have a gift for Claire, so she follows you to the bedroom. You bought some panties for your wife, but now that she has gained weight, they will not fit on her. You might as well give them to Claire. You know that she will be able to wear them. She is grateful and she decides to try on a few of them just for you. This is even more than you would have expected. She first tries on the blue boy shorts and they fit her just right. She shimmies on the next pair and she instantly loves how silky they feel on her body. Next she puts on the tiny thong. That makes your cock grow instantly hard and Claire notices. In fact, she knows that you want to stroke off, so she encourages you to do so. She removes her shirt and she reclines on the bed. She is so turned on by what is transpiring that she cannot resist playing with her wet pussy. "Look what you're doing to me," she purrs, as she fingers her pussy. She wants to see you cum today, right on her pretty new panties. Your load feels so good on Claire that you expect that this will not be the last time you and Claire get intimate.

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Trying to help a tiny-cocked loser rub one out (with Ivy Wolfe)

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Before anything happens between you and Ivy, she demands that you show her how big your dick is. You expose yourself to her and she laughs at you. You are instantly humiliated, but somehow also turned on. She refuses to fuck you, but she does want to see if you can get that little thing hard. Ivy remains unimpressed with what you have to offer, but she continues to tease you. Sadly, you lose your hard-on, but Ivy tries to help you by showing off her little round ass. She is doing all that she can to help you and your tiny penis, but you are too pathetic. To further entice and humiliate you, she spreads her long legs nice and wide and lets you see the pussy that you will never fuck. Can that little dick cum hard for sexy Ivy? She encourages you as well as she can, but when you spurt, she is absolutely disappointed. You suck.

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Trying to impress Jessica Ryan with my small dick

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Jessica thinks that you are lucky to come back to her place, but she realizes that she is not also lucky when she sees your little dick. You can jerk off for her, but don't get too close. Spit on your hand and stroke your dick. Jessica sees the precum leaking from the head of your cock. Have you ever even been with a real woman before? She does not really care, so shut up and keep pumping your dick. She spreads her legs and plays with her big pussy lips. You can hear how wet she is as her fingers move over her cunt. You try to follow each of her instructions to the letter because you want to make her happy. It is critical that you not cum until she gives the order. Jessica was actually looking forward to fucking you, but then she saw your small dick. At least you are getting to see her sexy body and jack off for her. Maybe she will like what she sees and fuck you anyway! Jessica is now ready to let you cum, so she counts down and gives you the cue. She expects a big load, but what you have for her is truly disappointing. Clean up your mess and get out.