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You are just a Splenda daddy (with Addison Ryder)

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Addison is not impressed with your house. You lied to her about being a rich sugar daddy and she is none too pleased. You did give her a little money, so she will help you to jerk off, but you should not expect to touch her. Hurry up and get out your dick and jerk it off. Addison spreads her legs to reveal a clean shaven pussy with a small landing strip. You want so badly to fuck her, but you know that will not happen and you continue jacking off. Addison knows how much you want to cum on her and how much you want to fuck her ass, but you will be getting none of that. She knows that you are ready to cum and she decides to let you cum on her, but she reminds you that you will never be allowed to cum inside of her.

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You are my bitch today (with Miss Austin Taylor)

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From the start of this clip, you know that you are nothing to Miss Austin Taylor. She immediately orders you to the floor and she insults you and your manhood, but this intrigues you. Your small cock does nothing to impress this bitchy woman, but she will permit you to jack off for her amusement. You begin jerking off your little dick at her feet. You love her sexy black boots, but then she shows you her fat pussy. You love a meaty pussy like Miss Austin has. Her fat ass is now on display and she informs you that only a fat dick can get behind her big ass. You feel like you might pass out from all the excitement when she commands you to lick her boot. This is more than you could have ever hoped for! "I am your fucking mistress," she hisses. If you do as you are told, you may be permitted to be in Miss Austin's presence. You are highly motivated. Do girls laugh at you when you pull out your pathetic little dick? She already knows the answer to that question, so keep your mouth shut and keep stroking. As you deep throat the heel of her boot, she calls you her bitch. Now is the time for you to cum, but only do so exactly when she allows it Ė or else you may never see Miss Austin again.

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You are my bitch, boy! (with Kat Monroe)

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Why is your dick out already? It is always out and Miss Kat is disgusted. Why would you be so proud of such a sad little dick? Slap it right now. Slap it hard! You are vile. Look at Miss Kat's pretty pussy and its perfection. Your pathetic member, on the other hand, deserves only pain. Slap it again. You are not a man as far as Miss Kat is concerned. Your tiny thing deserves only ridicule from Miss Kat as you try to stroke yourself. Don't even think of putting any lube on your hand. Miss Kat wants you to feel only pain and humiliation for your small penis. Even your balls are a disappointment. Since you have done as you have been told today, Miss Kat lets you see her boobs. Ready to see you leave, Miss Kat counts down to your orgasm and you give her just a trickle of cum. Starring Kat Monroe

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You are my personal sperm bank (Aiden Ashley)

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Your good friend and lesbian Aiden wants a baby with her partner, but she has no desire to go to a sperm bank for an anonymous donor. Her idea is to use your sperm for this, but she will do it her way. You will jerk off for her and she will handle the rest. Are you ready? Unzip your pants and let Aiden see what you have down there. Can she touch it? Her receptacle is ready for your load, so get to stroking! She likes watching you jerk off since it is something new to her. "Do you like these lesbian titties," she asks as she offers a little visual stimulation to you, her potential baby daddy. An you fill up the whole container with your daddy juice? Maybe if Aiden lets you see her pussy it will help. Are you getting close to an orgasm? Aiden is very eager for you to cum, so hurry up and work out a fat load of cum for her and be sure to get it all inside the container.

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You can't fuck me, so fuck yourself (with Jay Taylor)

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Finally you are getting some alone time with Jay. You brought condoms, right? Wait What? You didn't bring condoms? Well, she can't fuck you now because she is not on the Pill any longer. There can be no sex today, but Jay wants to watch you fuck yourself, so get that dick out and start working it! She is even wearing her sexy eyeglasses and you are beside yourself that you cannot put it in her. She is a total tease as she tells you to pull your dick out. Poor Jay is so horny and you cannot fuck her. She is upset with you and when she reveals her pretty tits, to you, she reminds you that you will not be touching her today. Her pale skin beckons you, but don't get too close! Worse yet, Jay turns around and puts her as in the air as she tells you that she really wanted you to fuck her ass today. You promise yourself never to forget to bring condoms again! Jay reminds you that she still wants a load of cum today and then she takes off her shorts and plays with her pussy. You should be inside of that pussy right now! You tighten the grip on your cock and imagine that Jay is pulling your cock deep inside of her hot pussy. "Cum for your girl," she whispers as she continues playing with her horny pussy. You give her the fat load that she so badly needs.

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You have a laughable, tiny dick (with Alison Rey)

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Alison is so excited to meet you in person. You met on a dating site and she is super anxious to see your dick. You take it out and she is immediately angry. How did your dick pic look so good and your dick is actually so tiny? She laughs at you. You know you will never get laid with a dick that small, right? Her bitchy attitude is a huge turn on for you. There is no way that you will ever get into the pussy of this size queen. Donít even bother trying, boy. Her verbal humiliation is so hot! In a rare moment of kindness, Alison decides to let you play with your dick for her. She takes off her bra and your little dick grows ever so slightly to the sight of her small tits. She knows that you love the feeling of penile inadequacy as you try jerking off your pathetic prick. To further tease you, Alison takes her panties off so that you can see precisely what you are missing. Her huge labia taunt you. You love that she has a bush and you wish she would let you go down on her, but you donít even bother to ask her. You know better than that. Your little dick throbs each time she mentions how small you are. Finally you cum and she laughs at your indescribably tiny cum load before she dismisses you. Starring Alison Rey

Brunettes,Humiliation,Small Penis Humiliation,Big Tits,Bratty Girl

You have a tiny worm dick (with Val Dodds)

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Val may have accidentally seen your dick in the shower the other day and it was tiny. Why do you lie about how big it is? Show it to her now. You take your little thing out and Val is disgusted. Are you serious right now with that little prick? No way. How do you even jerk it off? Show her. Gross. It is made clear to you that you will never have Val, so just stop perving on her. It is the smallest dick she has ever seen. Her ass would simply crush it. Even though you are fully hard, Val is unimpressed. She strips down a bit to see if it will get any bigger. It does not. Will you just hurry up and get yourself off? Val has better things to do that to watch you stroke your tiny dick. You would never tell her that you find her verbal humiliation a turn on. Val is curious about how big your load will be, so you give her everything you can. She is again unimpressed.

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You like that Iím a spinner, donít you? (with Brooke Haze)

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You love how tiny Brooke Haze is. She is a spinner. Everything about Brooke is tiny, including her size 6 feet. Her tiny hands would look perfect wrapped around your cock. Her little titties look so good to you that your dick gets even harder than it was before. Keep stroking it for Brooke as she shows off every inch of her petite body. Her ass is small, but perfectly round. You love that this tiny girl has a full bush! You are nearly ready to cover this tiny spinner with a fat, fresh load of cum Ė and you do just that. Starring Brooke Haze

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You make my boyfriend jealous (with CeCe Stone)

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Your step auntie CeCe wants to talk with you. Her boyfriend is not happy that you are living there with them. He is jealous and CeCe wants to know if you said anything to him. Maybe it is because you are so handsome that he is so angry. He actually broke up with her over this! Auntie CeCe just wants to help you out because you are her nephew. She likes having your youthful body around the house. How would you feel about her taking off her clothes in front of you? You do not mind one bit. Even better, she asks you to take out your dick and work it slowly for her. Auntie CeCe seems horny for you as she watches you play with yourself. Unable to control herself, she takes off her clothes, much to your approval. Her ass is fantastic and so smooth. Her erect nipples on those small tits make your dick jump. You would like nothing more than to take a nipple between your teeth and bite it softly. Did you know that watching you has made auntie's panties wet? She finally shows you her pretty pussy and she invites you to come closer. Now you can really see how wet her pussy is. She was not joking! She sees that you are ready to burst and she invites you to drop your spunk onto her chest.

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You want to see it, don't you, step daddy? (with Sadie Holmes)

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Your step daughter Sadie knows that you are upset about something, so she comes to talk to you. It seems that you are upset because you caught her messing around with her step brother earlier today. You are a little jealous about this, even though you know it would be inappropriate to do anything with Sadie. Sadie, however, does not feel uncomfortable at all and she reaches over and feels your dick. She wants to know if you are jealous that you do not play games with her like your son does. Go ahead and take your dick out and begin stroking it. Sadie tells you that you can only cum when she is ready for it, but in the meantime, she begins to strip down for you. Her body is very sexy. You have not seen a girl this sexy in many years... well, not in person, that is. She promises that no one will find out about your time with her if you keep her rendezvous with her step brother a secret. That seems like a good idea and you agree to keep everything quiet. Sadie briefly recounts her time with her step brother and you become more and more aroused. She calls you "daddy" and that catches you a little off-guard, but your dick somehow gets harder. Her small, perky titties are now free of their bra and you keep hoping that Sadie will let you see her pussy. She must be reading your mind because she finally takes off her panties and spreads her legs. Come closer and get a good look at that pussy, daddy. You get a close-up view of her huge labia as she directs you to stroke faster while you think about your son touching her body. This is all so twisted, but you cannot stop now. Sadie asks if you want to cum on her face and she drops to her knees, begging you to coat her face with your daddy jizz. You do so, and she again promises not to tell anyone about your time together.