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Under the total control of Russian doll Elena Koshka

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Today, sexy Russian doll Elena is going to put you under her spell. Look into her blue eyes and listen to her voice. She will tell you exactly what to do if you let go. Are you ready? You feel both calm of mind and sexually aroused. Her soft voice explains what to do. Just put your faith into Elena's very capable hands. You are safe with her. Starring Elena Koshka

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Unofficial porn audition with my guidance counselor, Nikki Daniels

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The time has finally come for the talk with your guidance counselor. You are 19 going on 20 and you are still in high school? Miss Daniels thinks that she has to help you learn to check out your other options after high school. She feels that you have only two options. One is to work as a food delivery person, but the second option is a little unorthodox. She thinks that you might be able to make a career in porn. From what she can see, she thinks that you would have a good future, but she first wants to see if you can handle the pressure. Can you get your dick hard on command just like in the movies? Miss Daniels reaches over and feels your package and she seems pleased. Take off your pants and show her what you have. Again, she is encouraged by what she sees. She strips down to her bra and panties and starts to instruct you. Remember that there will be a lot of people on the movie set, and you must be able to perform. So far, you are doing great! Her perky tits inspire you and you start to think that you might finally be heading in the right direction, career-wise. Importantly, she informs you that you must be able to cum on command and repeatedly. Next she reveals her pussy and ass to you and you cannot even believe that this might someday be your job. Finally she is ready for you to cum and she tells you to let it land on her face. Your massive load impresses Miss Daniels and she is ready to refer you to her movie contact.


Vacation jerk off session with Amarna Miller

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You invited Amarna up to your hotel room. You are vacationing in Spain and you caught her eye. She is sexy and you especially love her Spanish accent. Amarna is a smart girl and she knows that you just want to fuck a Spanish girl for one night and then never call again. Her plan is that you will not fuck her, but she will help you to jack off. Maybe you can fuck her another time, but maybe not. Amarna is the one in control right now. She asks you to start jerking off and you do what she asks. In fact, she says that she will masturbate later while thinking of you jerking off. Every word out of her mouth is a turn-on to you since you love girls with accents so much. She asks you to jerk off as fast as you can, but she reminds you that you cannot cum until she is ready to see you cum. Amarna wants your cum to cover her face. Can you imagine what her pussy tastes like? It must be delicious, but you cannot have her now. It is time for you to cum and Amarna encourages you to cum into her mouth and on her face and then she thanks you.

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Very eager bartender (with Alison Rey)

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You've just interviewed Alison for a bartender role and she is quickly becoming the number one candidate. She tells you how much of an asset she will be if you give her the chance. She is very hot and very eager and you are very much in need of an orgasm. Alison wants to help you to get off and you quickly see that she has verbal gifts. Every single thing she would do to your cock is described in detail as you stroke yourself. Alison will definitely be your new bartender and designated dick sucker. Starring Alison Rey

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Virtually fucking Brooke Wylde

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You love the sloppy, wet blowjobs that Brooke gives and she knows it. Take out your dick and think about your cock sliding between her huge, soft tits. She knows that you like her pussy and she strokes herself and then she asks you to stick your dick inside of her. You pump slowly and she exposes her big boobs so that you can watch them bounce with each pump. "You feel so good inside me," she purrs. Do you want to fuck her doggy style? Brooke gets on all fours and offers up her pussy for a rear entry. You slide inside of her pussy and you watch her back up onto your shaft. She can take it no longer and she turns around to take your cock into her mouth. Please don't cum yet! Brooke hops on top of you and takes a ride with her pendulous titties slapping together. She can last only briefly before she cums. Brooke dismounts and begs you to cum all over her face. You cum on her face and in her mouth and she smiles and she tells you that you taste good.

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Wanna take a picture of my pussy, stepdaddy? (with Maddy O'Reilly

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Maddy is in her step dad's office on the phone and she has been asked to take some dirty photos of herself to send to her guy friend. She takes several naughty shots and sends them. A little while later, you confront her with the photos. It seems that she accidentally sent the pictures to you. You should be outraged about this, but since she is of legal age, what can you really do? She asks you to delete the photos, but you refuse. At first, Maddy thinks you are a pervert, but on reconsideration, she decides that she is flattered. She asks you to follow her to the bedroom. She tells you that she will do anything for you if you promise not to tell her mother about what you have seen. Now Maddy confesses that she has been fantasizing about you. Will you take your cock out and show Maddy how hard you can get it for her? She promises to keep this a secret. As you begin stroking your cock, Maddy tells you that she often thinks about you sneaking into her bedroom late at night for some secret fun. Do you want to take more photos of Maddy? She will pose for you! You take out your phone and snap a shot for your use later on. Maddy's perky titties deserve to be captured, so you take another shot and then go back to jacking off. When she reveals her pussy to you, your knees nearly buckle. Her pussy is tight, wet, and pink. She continues to encourage your stroking, but she briefly takes your cock in her hand and works it herself. She says, "Tell your little girl where you want to cum," and you focus on her small, perky titties.

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Watching my old neighbor jerk off (with Blair Williams)

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The girls were talking about what a dirty old man you are and Blair wonders if it is true. She finds the thought of an old guy like you fucking her tight, young pussy so appealing. Show her your cock and your saggy balls. You take your dick out and she is surprised at how big it is. Blair knows how to turn you on with her dirty talk – something that older women cannot seem to do. As you stroke your old dick to her soft titties, you already are wondering where your cum will end up. Starring Blair Williams

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Watching my sister's boyfriend jerk his fat dick (with Lola Foxx)

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Lola needed to get away for the night, so she crashed in your bedroom. You were shocked to find her there, but not upset about it. It seems that Lola and her boyfriend are having some relationship issues. His dick cannot satisfy her, but she heard that you have a nice one. Is it like a porn star cock? Come on, you can share this with her. She does not want to fuck you, but she does want to see your cock. Just take it out and show her. She will reciprocate, so you show her what you are packing in your pants. Your dick impresses Lola and she exposes her tiny boobs to you, promising to show you more if you will jack your dick for her. Lola is now jealous of her sister having access to your fat dick anytime she wants it. Your dick grows with each stroke, Lola notes. She shows you her bouncy ass and suggests that you might like jerking off onto her big butt. Lola promises not to tell her sister about this encounter. You do not care if she tells on you because you are too turned on to worry about it right now. Where do you want to cum? Maybe you can cum on her titties today. She asks you if you are ready to cum and she offers her titties for a target. Mission accomplished.

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We might get caught! (with Trillium)

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You are crazy if you think that Trillium is going to fuck you right now. There is a chance that you could get caught, but if you can be quick, you can rub out a quick one while Trillium teases you. She takes off her top and you see her small tits with puffy nipples. Then she stands to slide off her pants. Your dick is in your hand and you are stroking yourself to her sexy body. Trillium confesses that the thought of getting caught in the act is a big turn on for her. She rubs her pussy through her panties and then she slides them to the side to work her pussy some more. She has fat pussy lips that would wrap around your dick so perfectly. Then she turns around and removes her panties so that you can look at her round ass while she finger fucks herself. As her fingers move around her pussy you can hear how wet she has become. You are absolutely turned on by her hairy bush and she can tell you will soon be ready to pop for her. You cannot cum yet, though, so keep yourself under control until Trillium tells you to cum. Stroke yourself a little bit faster…faster…yes, pick up the pace. How do your balls fill? Are you ready to cum all over Trillium? Jerk that dick nice and fast and spill your load all over Trillium.

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We seduced the hotel pool boy! (with Zoey Foxx and Chloe Addison)

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Zoey and Chloe are excited that they were able to convince you to come back to their hotel room with them. They are anxious to play with their hotel pool boy and you are more than anxious to play with them. The girls ask you to jack yourself off and you see no reason not to, so you start jacking it. You have a sexy blonde and brunette in front of you and they are kissing as they remove their bikinis. You have never been so turned on before. Zoey and Chloe cannot keep their hands and lips off of one another. Can you give the girls a big cum load? If you can, they promise to let you fuck them later. That is more than enough incentive to rub out the biggest load of your life. They offer up their perky tits for your hot nutt and you spew like you never have.