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The best revenge (with Raylene)

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Raylene found out that her husband and your wife are sexting and likely having an affair. You are shocked about this revelation, but Raylene has something in mind. Instead of causing problems by exposing the situation, she wants to get a little revenge by playing with you. Take out your dick for her and jerk it off for her. She spreads her legs and you see her bush and pussy. Raylene massages one of her tits as you jack off for her. You have always loved her huge tits and now you are closer to them than you have ever been before. You ask to see her ass and Raylene obliges. You are jacking off to her sexy ass and she can see your balls tightening up. Raylene encourages you to jerk your cock harder so that you can cum all over her. She wants you to spread your load all over her pussy and you spew like you have not done in years. Now you and Raylene have your own dirty secret.

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The best secretary ever (with Summer Brielle)

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Summer is desperate for a job and she is grateful that you have granted her an interview. She is not a really good typist and she might be a little dyslexic, but she does have something special to offer. It seems that Summer has a very special talent in helping to relieve stress. Are you interested? She can certainly give you a little sample of what she can do. She asks you to take your cock out and you are slightly concerned, but not concerned enough not to do it. All you have to do is to jerk off your cock while Summer entertains you. Unbuttoning her blouse, she reveals big titties and you think that you like where things are going. Is it against the company dress code not to wear panties? Summer is wearing none, as she happily shows you. Next she fully exposes her huge tits. This is just the kind of help you have been looking for in the office. You are even more sure of this when she gets on her knees and begs you to cum into her pouty mouth.

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The bet (with Kelly Klass)

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You are spending a little time with your girl's little sister Kelly. She wants to see how good you are at pool and she has a wager for you. If you can make your shot, she will show you a little something. If you miss the shot, you have to show her your cock. You line up your shot, but Kelly distracts you by showing off her ass. You miss badly and Kelly demands to see your cock. Kelly seems happy that you missed because she loves your cock. She loves it so much that she wants to have a little fun with you right now, so start stroking it. Kelly gets up on the pool table and exposes her little tits. Then she shows you her ass. This girl has it all, but you are dating her sister and you have to try to maintain some self-control. She takes the pool cue in her hands and works it like it was a dick. As Kelly sits on the table, you can see her fat pussy lips hanging low. That is all you need and you bust a fat nutt for your girlfriend's sister.

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The last jerk off session (with Lacey Channing)

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Lacey invited you over today because she doesnít think that things will work out between the two of you. Donít be sad about it because she is going to give you a little something to remember her by today. She tells you to grab your dick and she describes exactly how she wants you to do it. Lacey wants you to cum one last time for her and you are here for it! Your huge load of cum pleases Lacey, but you can leave now. Bye!


The last orgasm (with Evelin Stone)

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This is the last time you will get to see Evelin, your red-haired goddess. You both knew this would have to end eventually, but she is going to help you get off one last time. You love the yellow lace bra and panty set she is wearing. You will miss fucking her, but at least she is giving you a good send-off! Evelin is a supreme tease, but you know that she will get you off soon. Her fingers work over her pussy as she offers verbal encouragement to you. A set of fat pussy lips like hers come along infrequently and you will miss licking them and nibbling on them when she is gone. At least you can relive all the times you were together each time you feel the need to rub one out!

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The last orgasm with Alix Lynx

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After the threesome you and Alix had a while back, Alix really hit it off well with the other girl. In fact, it seems that Alix has now discovered that she loves being with women and she is making that threesome a female-only twosome. Yes, you are getting dumped, but Alix decides to help you get off one last time. She coaches you through your very last orgasm with her and you enjoy every last second with her.

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The virgin Elena Koshka helps me to jack off

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Elena is relieved to meet you in person and to see that you look like your pictures online. You are surprised to hear that she is a virgin and that you will not be fucking her tonight. She really wants to watch you masturbate while she instructs you exactly how to do it. Are you up for it? Of course you are! You take your cock out and start working it. Elena puts her hand into her panties, but she soon removes them. She plays with her pussy and you see that she has a bush, which you love. Elena is specific in how she wants you to stroke your cock, so pay close attention. Starring Elena Koshka

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The wrong sister (with Avril Hall)

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Avril is home alone when you stop over to see her sister. You thought her sister would be there waiting for you, but she is not there. Avril wonders what it is that you see in her sister. You wonder, too. Avril is way sexier and fit than her sister is and you wonder if you have picked the wrong sister. You have some time before her sister gets home and Avril would like to show you her best yoga moves. She is quite flexible and she can even put her legs behind her head, which she happily demonstrates. Your dick reacts immediately. As she rubs her pussy through her shorts, you can see a wet spot forming on them. There is plenty of time, so at her urging, you get your cock out and stroke away. Her small tits are now on display for your pleasure, but to further entice you, she takes off her shorts. Now you can see her sweet pussy. Avril likes your stroke technique and she fingers her pussy in appreciation. You inform her that you are just about ready to cum and she seems pleased with herself. Can she cum along with you? As she counts down to your mutual orgasms, she fingers her pussy furiously and you both cum together. Yep, you did pick the wrong sister.

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Think about the cream pie Iíll bring you tonight (with Athena Faris)

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Athena is a slut who loves big cocks. You know that you canít give her what she needs, but you love hearing about all the guys who can. Before she goes out on her date tonight, she wants to have some fun with you and your tiny dick. If you are a good boy, maybe sheíll come home with a nice cream pie for you to clean up! You can feel your tiny dick tingling and getting hard at the thought of eating another manís cum out of her pussy. This turns on both you and Athena and she is all set to tell you all about her big-dicked bull. Get out that little dick and jack it off while she teases the jizz right out of your balls. Starring Athena Faris

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This girl is a spinner! (with Kat Dior)

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Kat Dior is known as a spinner because she's so tiny. This is a petite girl with a big ass and she wants to watch you jerk off to her. Get out that dick and start rubbing it. Kat takes off her pink bra and she plays with her nipples while you keep stroking yourself. She teases you with her small body. She knows that you want to be inside of her, but for now, you cannot. Just keep stroking. Kat removes her panties and spreads her legs. You see her dark bush and clean-shaven pussy lips. For a tiny girl, she has some meaty pussy lips! She encourages you to cum a fat load for her tiny pussy.