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Teaching Ash to be a skank

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Your step sister Ash needs some advice about a boy. Can she talk to you about it? She is sad because the boy she likes pays her no attention. What is wrong with her? Wouldn't you date her if she weren't your sister? She wants to know how to get the boy to like her and you suggest that she try to be skankier. You even offer to help her. Maybe Ash's skirt should be shorter. Yes, you think that would work. Now Ash tells you that she has never touched a cock before. Can you show her how to do that, too? Hell, yes!! You take out your cock and start to handle it like you normally would and Ash is impressed with how big you are. She takes off her bra and you perk up at the sight of her small tits. Ash wants to touch your cock to try it out and her hand seems expertly made to stroke a dick. She takes away tips on how to play with a dick from watching you. All the while, she realizes that she is getting hornier and hornier. Her pussy is wet just from watching you. Ash encourages you through your jacking session, but she thinks that she needs to put her hand on your cock again. Then she tells you that she is excited to taste her first bit of cum from you. Ash goes onto her back and tells you to keep stroking because she really wants to taste and feel your jizz. She tells you that you are the best brother ever because she now knows how to get that cute guy at school.

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Tease and denial with Amber Ivy

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You like a girl to tease you and Amber knows it. Take out your dick and get ready to play with Amber. If you play according to Amber's rules, maybe you can cum today. Jerk your dick just like Amber tells you to. She tells you when and how to stroke and then she will tell you when to stop. If you do not do as you're told, you will not be cumming today. Do you understand the rules? Amber is a supreme teasing bitch, but you also love her sweetness. You wonder whether and how you will cum today. Only Amber knows for sure, but are you willing to risk your orgasm on sexy Amber?


Teasing a loser (with Cheyenne Jewel)

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Are you looking up Cheyenne's skirt? You are such a pervert. You keep looking at her ass and you can never have it because you are too pathetic. Your continuous perving on Cheyenne only makes her want to tease and taunt you. As she makes fun of you for being a loser and a virgin, you are embarrassed, but your dick starts to get hard. Maybe you really are a pathetic loser? In her efforts to keep teasing you, Cheyenne takes off her shirt. Her petite titties turn you on and you cannot believe that she is taking the time to taunt you. Any attention that you can get is welcome. When she drops her bra to show you her tiny tits, she makes it clear that your hands will never touch them. Are you more of an ass man? After all, you were peeking up her skirt earlier. She reveals her butt to you and that makes your groin ache. You wish with all your heart that you could touch her soft skin, but you keep a firm grip on your cock instead. Cheyenne again makes it clear that you can only look at her sexy body, but she offers you a sniff of her panties. She almost feels sorry for you, but not enough to let you cum, and you are immediately dismissed as the loser that you know you are.

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Teasing my step brother (with Amai Liu)

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Amai is getting older (she is 19 now), but she still dresses like she is much younger. You think that she has a Harajuku girl feel to how she dresses. She thinks that it is cute, but maybe she should consider dressing sexier. What do you think? Maybe she should shave off her hair, too? As her step brother, you want to try to help her, but you are a little turned on right now and your brain is foggy. Amai notices your dick growing. You are taken aback a little when she tells you to stroke it up and down, but you do as she asks. Her frilly pink dress makes a very distinct sound each time she moves. Amai also just realized that YOU must be the one who has been stealing her panties! You pervert! That is okay, though. She is kind of flattered by your attention. Amai turns around, lifts up her frilly skirt, and then exposes her ass to you. Keep jerking your dick. Yes, that is perfect. She completely removes her panties and she then maneuvers herself out of her big, frilly dress. You now notice how long her nipples are and you want to touch them. How close are you to your orgasm? Keep going. You are almost there, but you have to wait till Amai tells you to spew. She turns around again and demands your cum on her small ass.

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Thank you for your hospitality jerk off session (with Kacie Castle)

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Kacie wants to thank you for taking her in. She says her parents are assholes because they want her to get a job and now her sister wants her to get a job. Kacie is really stressed out about all of this. She has an idea about how to thank you for letting her stay in your house. Are you interested I hearing her proposal? She knows that you check her out and she puts her tits right out there for you to see. She hears how loudly you fuck her sister at night and she wonders exactly what the cause of all the noise is. You show her your cock and she is immediately excited by your fat dick. Just stroke yourself up and down as you look at Kacie's tight body. You like that she is wearing those eye glasses. She seems a little dumb, but the glasses help just a little. Regardless, she is a hot naked girl who wants to watch you jack off, so you keep doing just that. Kacie turns around so that you can view her ass. She is tiny, but you think she could take a sound pounding. Kacie really wants you to cum and she urges a fat load out of your balls right onto her tiny titties.

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Thanks for the ride! (with Alexa Grace)

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Alexa is unable to pay for your driving services right now. She does not get paid till Friday and she is wondering if you are open to negotiations or interesting trades. Maybe she could help you to jerk off. You have a weakness for tall, pretty blondes and she can see that your cock is growing hard in your pants. To give you a little inspiration, she takes off her top and shorts. Her thin body is standing before you and she wears only a bra and a matching thong. Alexa slides the thong to the side to show you her pussy. She is such a tease, but you love her statuesque nature and you stroke yourself hard. This thin girl has a meaty pussy and you think about how hard you would thrust into her. Are you ready to cum for this tall, small-titted hottie? Yes? Give it to her!


The best home tour ever with Janessa Jordan

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You are on a house tour with your real estate agent, Janessa Jordan. You are not sure whether you are interested in this house, but Janessa really needs this sale. She needs the sale so badly that she is willing to go the extra mile to get this sale. You make it clear that her sale of this house depends on her stripping down right there in that spacious living room. Janessa observes your growing bulge and she feels strongly that she can help you with that. Will you let her touch your dick? She leads you to the couch to get comfortable. Janessa is impressed with how quickly your dick gets hard. Go on and jerk your cock. Yes, do it just like that. She plays with her pussy on the couch. Her desperation turns you on, but so does her pretty little ass. She puts a finger in her mouth and then transfers her saliva to her ass. Shove your cock in there and fill her ass with your hot jizz. She certainly was not kidding! Janessa Jordan will do anything to sell a house.

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The best revenge (with Raylene)

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Raylene found out that her husband and your wife are sexting and likely having an affair. You are shocked about this revelation, but Raylene has something in mind. Instead of causing problems by exposing the situation, she wants to get a little revenge by playing with you. Take out your dick for her and jerk it off for her. She spreads her legs and you see her bush and pussy. Raylene massages one of her tits as you jack off for her. You have always loved her huge tits and now you are closer to them than you have ever been before. You ask to see her ass and Raylene obliges. You are jacking off to her sexy ass and she can see your balls tightening up. Raylene encourages you to jerk your cock harder so that you can cum all over her. She wants you to spread your load all over her pussy and you spew like you have not done in years. Now you and Raylene have your own dirty secret.

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The best secretary ever (with Summer Brielle)

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Summer is desperate for a job and she is grateful that you have granted her an interview. She is not a really good typist and she might be a little dyslexic, but she does have something special to offer. It seems that Summer has a very special talent in helping to relieve stress. Are you interested? She can certainly give you a little sample of what she can do. She asks you to take your cock out and you are slightly concerned, but not concerned enough not to do it. All you have to do is to jerk off your cock while Summer entertains you. Unbuttoning her blouse, she reveals big titties and you think that you like where things are going. Is it against the company dress code not to wear panties? Summer is wearing none, as she happily shows you. Next she fully exposes her huge tits. This is just the kind of help you have been looking for in the office. You are even more sure of this when she gets on her knees and begs you to cum into her pouty mouth.

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The bet (with Kelly Klass)

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You are spending a little time with your girl's little sister Kelly. She wants to see how good you are at pool and she has a wager for you. If you can make your shot, she will show you a little something. If you miss the shot, you have to show her your cock. You line up your shot, but Kelly distracts you by showing off her ass. You miss badly and Kelly demands to see your cock. Kelly seems happy that you missed because she loves your cock. She loves it so much that she wants to have a little fun with you right now, so start stroking it. Kelly gets up on the pool table and exposes her little tits. Then she shows you her ass. This girl has it all, but you are dating her sister and you have to try to maintain some self-control. She takes the pool cue in her hands and works it like it was a dick. As Kelly sits on the table, you can see her fat pussy lips hanging low. That is all you need and you bust a fat nutt for your girlfriend's sister.