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Study break with Nadia Styles

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A girl wearing eye glasses and cute knee socks is your perfect jacking off image and your girl Nadia is exactly that today. Nadia is not having sex with you today, though. She has to study for an exam, but you really need to get off. Your persistence pays off sort of. There will be no sex, but Nadia needs to make you go away while she studies. She promises to get you off if you promise to let her finish her studying. You agree to her terms because your balls feel like they could burst at any second. She tells you to get your dick out and rub it till it gets nice and hard. When she lets you see her tits, that really gets you going since you love titty fucking Nadia so much. You want more from her, though. Nadia delivers when she begins playing with her wet pussy. Those fat labia feel so good wrapped around your shaft when you fuck her. She turns around and your focus is on her ass briefly. There is no part of Nadia that is not jack-off worthy! She is keenly aware that you are ready to cum and you get it all over the place. You feel much better now, don't you?

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Study break with Sadie Holmes

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Sadie is trying to study, but you cannot resist bugging her. She dismisses you immediately. You go away and think about what you wish had happened. Your scenario would be that she is sitting on the couch in sexy lingerie reading her book. As you come into the room, she is very happy to cease her studies to give you some attention. Get out your cock and stroke it. You know how much Sadie likes to watch you jack off. Go ahead and use both hands on your cock. She knows that you like when she tells you how to stroke off. Sadie removes her bustier and you now see her small titties. What you really want to see, though, is her ass. She obliges you and fully exposes it to you. She spreads her cheeks nice and wide to give you a good look. As she spreads her pussy lips, she tells you that you are the only thing to keep her from studying. This pleases you and you continue stroking right there in front of sexy Sadie. She asks for your cum and you spray her with a big load. Whoops! You are snapped back to reality when you finally hear her yelling at you to go into the other room. At least you have your fantasy time with Sadie.

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Study time with Gracie May Green

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You and Gracie May are working on a school project together and you have been slacking. You are distracted by this totally hot girl who wears glasses. All you think about is her sexy body. This project is important for her grade and she will not allow you to run her grade. There is only one solution. She will help you to rub out a quick one so that you can empty those balls and concentrate on your school project. Hurry up and get to it, pervert. Jack that cock. She decides to move things along a bit and strips down to provide you some inspiration. You have never been so turned on by a nerdy girl before. Her small titties, her round ass, that back tattoo, her is a total turn-on for you. She even wears her black sneakers the whole time. You soon realize that you are ready to cum and she offers her ass as a target. Can you get your load in between her ass cheeks? Yes, you can!

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Sucking Miss Lyra Louvel's cock

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Lovely Miss Lyra orders you to your knees before her. She is wearing one of her small strap-ons, but you are terrified at how big it is. You take it into your mouth and start to suck on it. She is amused that her cock is so much bigger than yours is. Your little dick fails to impress anyone. As you continue to stroke your tiny penis, she shoves her high heel into your mouth while continuing to make fun of your small dick. Then she demands that you suck her giant strap-on cock once again. She rams her strap-on down your throat, face-fucking you like the worthless mouth hole that you are. This is total humiliation. Will you do anything to please Mistress? You know that you will. Again her cock is shoved down your throat, choking you, but you keep sucking because you want to make Miss Lyra happy. You never thought that small penis humiliation and dick sucking would ever be something you would enjoy, but you look forward to it with Miss Lyra. You will never be closer to her sweet pussy, so you continue to suck her cock. Sit up and put both of Miss Lyra's high heels into your mouth as you stroke your little dick. The countdown begins and when Miss Lyra gets to one, she permits you to cum. From now on, anytime you want to cum, you will have to suck off Miss Lyra's cock first. Do you understand that, suck boy??

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Sucking on my step sister's strap-on (with Alexis Grace)

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While snooping through your step sister Alexis' drawers, you find a fat strap-on. Alexis is more than happy to tell you how she uses it. She fucks losers just like you up the ass. OMG. Are you getting a boner at that thought? Go ahead and stroke it while Alexis prepares herself. She slides the harness up over her hips and you feel your dick growing even harder. She tightens the straps for a perfect fit. Her dick is impressive. Maybe you would like for her to bend you over and shove it into your tight asshole? Alexis would go balls-deep inside of you. Come over and suck on it first. Get it nice and wet. You take it eagerly down your throat and do your best not to gag. She is impressed that you can take it so easily in your mouth. Have you done this before, pervert? Now that her bra is off, you can watch them bounce as she thrusts her hips in your direction. You worry that her cock would be too large to fit inside your virgin ass, but you feel confident that Alexis could fuck you skillfully. You suck her strap-on as you continue to work your own shaft. She decides to give you ten seconds to cum and she counts it down as you still have your mouth wrapped around her cock. She laughs as you cum with her fat cock in your throat.


Suffer for me, bitch (with Casey Calvert)

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You are aware that your sexual relationship with Casey is a little stale - strictly missionary style sex - but she wants to spice things up. Take your dick out and get it hard for her. Are you ready for a surprise? Close your eyes! Now open them! Today you are going to be Casey's jack off bitch. She wears a sexy black leather body harness that leaves nothing to the imagination. Immediately she takes over and tells you that she wants to watch you suffer for her. Scratch your balls as you jack off. Very good. Now stop touching that cock. "Suffer for me," she says. Rest assured that Casey will not be touching your cock today. Ordinarily that would be upsetting, but you find her taking control quite a turn-on! You already want to cum, but she denies your request. Get on the floor and kiss her pretty ass instead. Oh, your poor cock wants to cum, doesn't it? Well, you will have to work for your orgasm today! Keep worshipping her ass. Casey pulls aside the thong and demands that you lick her dirty asshole. You love her scent, be it soapy clean or all-day dirty. She pulls away from you and demands that you continue stroking off. She asks you to slap your cock and you do. Will you be her bitch forever? That is what she wants and your cock tingles when she threatens you with strap-on sex. You never thought of yourself as submissive before, but somehow Casey seems to be bringing that out in you today. You really want to cum, but you must cum only when you are told. If you cum prior to Casey's order, you will forever be denied. She counts down from ten and when you are allowed to cum, it feels better than any orgasm ever has before.

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Sugar baby Astrid Star thanks her sugar daddy

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Astrid and her friends all have sugar daddies, but Astrid thinks that you are better than all of the others. She is going to show you some appreciation today for all the nice things that you do for her. She starts to strip and she asks you to unzip your pants and start jerking off. Play with yourself as your sugar baby Astrid puts on a show. She knows how much you love her big boobs and her platinum blonde hair. Your hand glides up and down your shaft as her fat tits are finally let out of her bra. You love those double Ds quite a lot. Every single time she calls you "daddy" it makes you smile. She takes off her shorts and thong and you get a closer look at her shaved pussy and those tattoos. Your sugar baby wants to make sure that you cum today and she happily encourages you to a powerful orgasm.

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Sweaty jerk session with Alexis Grace

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Alexis fans herself on the bed. It is so hot because the air conditioner is broken. No, she is not going to have sex with you, so back off. It is just too hot for that right now!! Oh, but you can jerk off to her if you like. Take out that cock and start jerking off to her sweaty body. You can see the sweat glistening between her fat tits. She rubs some titty sweat on your cock to get you started. If you fix the air conditioning, she will let you fuck her. For now, though, you really want to rub one out to Alexis and her sweat-covered body. You are both sweating even more now. She takes pleasure in directing your stroke session, happily orchestrating each of your motions. This has gone on long enough, though, so Alexis counts down from ten to signal you when you can cum for her. You cum all over her lacy yellow panties.

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Taboo jerk off session with my stepdaughter (with Alexa Grace)

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Your stepdaughter Alexa knows that you check her out all the time. Why are you with her mom, anyway? Just go ahead and take your dick out and rub one out to her. You know you want to. She is kind of a younger, firmer version of her mom and your dick is hard, so you start stroking yourself. Alexa shows you her tiny tits and soon reveals more to you, including her jiggly, spankable ass. You would love to put your hand on her ass, but it is firmly wrapped around your hard cock. When she spreads her legs to show off her untouched pussy, that is just about all you needed to blow your load for your naughty stepdaughter Alexa.

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Taboo time with my son’s girlfriend (with Nia Nacci)

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Nia is grateful that you picked her up today. You son didn’t respond to her, so she turned to you. Are you home alone right now? You start to get turned on when Nia asks to help you and for you to take your cock out. You instantly take your dick out and Nia asks if you are comfortable. When is the last time someone touched you or gave you attention? She lifts up her camisole so you can see her big tits. You hope that your son doesn’t find out about this taboo encounter with his girlfriend! Starring Nia Nacci