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Stroking myself for 19-year-old Paisley Parker

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You are the friend of Paisley's boyfriend and she wants to talk to you about him. He is older than Paisley is and a friend thinks he might be using her for sex. She is 19 years old and her boyfriend is 38. Do you think that he is using her? Truthfully, she doesn't care. She just wants to see your dick. Can you stroke yourself for Paisley? That got her horny and now she asks if you want to look at her tits. Do you promise not to tell her boyfriend about this? You swear to secrecy because you have come too far to stop now. Paisley tells you how much she love watching you play with your cock and she slides off her panties. She plays with her wet pussy and she asks if you are thinking about fucking her. This is your buddy's girl, so you stick to jacking off. You do take the opportunity to rub a quick one out for this pretty young girl, though.

Brunettes,Hairy,Bratty Girl

Stroking myself for Nickey Huntsman: a spoiled princess brat

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Nickey the princess brat knows exactly what you want, but she does not give a fuck. She is the princess and she will be spoiled properly and from afar. You are not worthy of being in her physical presence. You will do as you are told. Take your dick out and stroke it. You ask to see her naked, but you are not in control of anything right now other than stroking your dick. She is so perfect, but she is not likely to let you see everything she has to offer. She lets you peep at her nipple and you are grateful. Nickey is specific in how you are to handle your dick. You are doing as you have been told, so she gives you a treat and shows off her ass and pussy. No, you cannot touch her. Keep your hand on your dick and do what she demands. What she wants right now is your cum, so she lets you see her dark bush and her titties. Even a few of her tattoos are on display. Okay this is enough. It is time for you to cum. You have just till she counts down from 30. Do not fuck this up or you will never see this princess again.

Small Tits,Blondes,18 To 19,Long Hair

Stroking myself for Samantha Hayes.

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Soft-spoken Samantha is excited to play with you today. You are asked to stroke your dick and you do just that as Samantha tells you exactly what to do. She has such pretty long hair and a petite body. This girl is all natural and you love that about her. You also love her tan lines. Can you bring yourself to the edge over and over again for Samantha? Pretty please? She is so wet watching you and she wants to see you get close and then deny yourself. You soon find out that she has a bush with shaved pussy lips and that turns you on so much! When will she let you cum??? Starring Samantha Hayes

Brunettes,Big Tits,Foot Fetish,Milf

Stroking myself to Silvia Saige’s perfect feet

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Silvia wants to know what you want to see. Do you want to see her perfect, size 8 feet? You know you do. They are encased in burgundy nylon and you have to rub your dick to those pretty feet. You love the sound of her nylon-covered feet rubbing together. After she slides off her stockings, you really get a close-up view of her feet. You can practically smell them! You are a foot fetishist and you make no apologies for it, but you also get excited to see Silvia’s pink pussy. Her sexy toes would be even more perfect covered in your cum, but you keep stroking yourself for now. Do you want her to give you a foot job? She knows you do. Are you ready to cum on her pretty feet now? Grab those balls and stroke your dick till you explode! Yes, you were right: her feet look even better covered in your cum.

Small Tits,Blondes,College Girl,18 To 19,Glasses,Virgin

Stroking off for a blonde virgin (with Elsa Jean)

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Elsa is worried about passing all of her classes and she is happy you are there to help her study human sexuality. All you can focus on is her pretty face and sexy glasses. Elsa is a virgin and she has never seen a real penis, and she would like you to show off yours. Wow! She thinks that is looks really different from the diagrams in her textbook. Can you stroke it a little bit? Maybe stroke yourself a little faster? She thinks that taking off her top might help you, so she shows hers to you. They are the tiniest titties you have ever seen! Elsa feels excited as she watches you play with your cock. She demurely shimmies up her skirt and you see her blue panties. Elsa cannot resist touching herself through the blue fabric of her panties. Soon she confesses that she is feeling horny and then she takes off her panties. Her tight, young body is more than you could have expected during a tutoring session. She has on only eye glasses and sneakers as she plays with her pussy. This sexy virgin is ready to see you cum and she cums right along with you. Your expulsion of semen fascinates her and she feels certain that this session will help her to pass her upcoming test.

Blondes,Big Tits,Glasses

Stroking off for a girl in glasses (with Jay Taylor)

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A hot girl wearing eye glasses is the sexiest thing you can imagine. Jay has a pair of big, black glasses on and you are transfixed. She wants to watch you jerk off today as you watch her. Does that sound okay to you? You take your cock out and Jay puts her hand down her tight shorts. If she likes the way you stroke, she will show you more of her. She pulls off her socks to show you her feet. Clearly loving your technique, she takes her top off and you get to look at her titties as she plays with them. Her shorts come off and she is now wearing only those glasses and a smile as she plays with her pussy. She is eager to watch you cum. Make sure that you give Jay all your jizz so that she will play with you again in the future.

Brunettes,Milf,Aunt (not Related By Blood)

Stroking off for my aunt the cougar (with Caroline Pierce)

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Your Aunt Caroline (not your real aunt...but she is the step sister of your mother) is excited that you will be staying with her for a week. She is very, very excited. You are told that you will not really get to see your uncle because he is out of town right now. It will be just you and your aunt. She tells you that she sometimes gets a little restless when her husband is gone. Restless? No, maybe she means frisky instead. She thought that you would be able to entertain one another while you were visiting, but she is explicit. Aunt Caroline wants to see what is in your pants, so take that dick out. You are being a little shy, so she reaches over to take it out for you. Auntie Caroline is happy with what she finds. Touch it for her and get it rock hard. She smiles at you as she watches your dick grow. She admires your technique... your gentleness. Caroline the cougar is definitely horny for you. She starts to strip down as she tells you how sexy she thinks you are. You take note of her big butt. You happen to love a big ass and your aunt definitely has that. When she takes her bra off, you are pleasantly surprised to see pierced nipples on her perky tits. Sweet Caroline is very eager to see your cum fountain and you do not want to disappoint her. You unleash a stream of white hot fury like you never have before. You feel confident that this vacation with Aunt Caroline will be something you will always remember.

Small Tits,Brunettes,18 To 19,Babysitter,Hairy

Stroking off for my babysitter Shyla Jennings

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Your babysitter Shyla wants to talk with you about something. When you and your wife were out last night, Shyla was a little bored. She found a really awesome movie in your collection, but she is a little embarrassed about it. It happens that it was a home movie of you and your wife, and that has turned Shyla on quite a lot. You are taken aback, though not embarrassed. Never did you think that Shyla was that kind of a girl! You will soon find out just what kind of a girl Shyla really is. Your wife will be out for a little while longer, so what would you think showing your dick off for Shyla? She really wants to see it to see if it really is a big as it appeared in the movie. You expose yourself to Shyla and she is instantly turned on by what she sees before her. She begs you to stroke yourself and she kindly offers visual stimulation. Her young, perky tits are like nothing you have seen in quite a while. Sarah mentions that she is also attracted to your wife and she asks if a threesome is a possibility. You feel as if you are dreaming when she says that she would like to make a video with you and your wife. When she removes her white lace panties, you see an impressive bush and clean shaven pussy lips. Those fat pussy lips need to be bitten softly, you think. Sarah tells you to stroke faster and faster because she really wants to watch you cum all over her pussy. After you cum all over her pussy, she tells you that she wants that threesome right now.

Small Tits,Brunettes

Stroking off for my dirty cleaning girl (with Delilah Davis)

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Delilah is surprised that you are home so early. She is appreciative that you have hired her to clean your house because she wants to pay for school on her own. If there is anything extra that you want her to do for you, just ask. She is pretty talented, you know. Sit down and take your dick out of your pants. Happy with what she sees, she asks you to masturbate. As she shows you her very small tits and the rest of her sexy body, your hand more strongly holds on to your dick with each stroke. Your wife will be gone for a while, so keep stroking your dick for sexy cleaning girl Delilah. If this arrangement between you and Delilah works out well, there could be many more opportunities for both of you. After all, she does need a lot of money for school! Do you like her ass? She rubs and spanks it a bit as you consider shoving your dick deep inside of her. Delilah offers up many perfect locations for you to drop your load, but she finally decides that her ass would be the best place. Pretend you are taking her ass as you drop your load right on her ass.

Blondes,18 To 19,Girlfriend's Daughter

Stroking off for my future step daughter (with Emily Austin)

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Emily wants to go to the mall, but her mom is not around to take her there. She takes the opportunity to tell you all about the rules that are in effect. You will marry her mother soon and this interest in your wallet concerns you. Also concerning is the fact that she seems to be completely comfortable telling you to take your dick out of your pants and jerk it. Emily quickly exposes her tits to you and she tells you that she plans to play lots of daddy and daughter games with you. Then she actually calls you "daddy." She has you in a tight spot, but there is a part of you that enjoys the game and the manipulation by this pretty blond. Emily knows how badly you want to fuck her from behind. You are always looking at her perfect ass, but now you are really getting a good look at it. Her toned and tan body has many places where your cum would look perfect, but you ultimately cum on her face after she promises, "If you spoil me, I'll spoil you." Like mother like daughter, it seems.