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Stroking off to Nina Nirvana’s big pussy lips

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Your sister caught you jacking off and she told her friend Nina all about it. Nina doesn’t seem to mind, especially because she was told that you have a fat dick. Is it true? Are you hung? Nina asks you to take your dick out and jack off to her. You take your dick out and she likes that fat one you have to offer her. She removes her bra and her shoes. She wiggles her ass and gyrates on the bed before exposing a little more of her ass to you. She encourages you to rub the tip of your cock as her hand rubs her pussy through her black thong. When Nina slides aside her thong, her huge pussy lips come flying out. You love big labia and she has just what you need. You are encouraged to go harder and faster until she coaxes a big cum load out of you. Starring Nina Nirvana

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Stroking off to sexy Kasey Warner

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You bet Kasey that you could beat her at a game of Go Fish. You lost, so now Kasey has an idea of how to collect on the bet. She has decided that she wants to see your dick. Show her! As winner, she commands it! You oblige her request. Kasey then decides that since it is out anyway, you should stroke it for her. Turn that half-stiffy into a fully stiff cock!! Well, now she thinks that you might as well cum for her. Even though she won the bet, you feel like you’re the winner as you stroke off to sexy Kasey. She strips down for you, too, and you totally stare at her tiny titties. This is the best day ever, as far as you are concerned…and then she jiggle her bouncy ass. You are ready to cum before you even know what happened!

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Stroking off with Alyssa Cole

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Alyssa says she won a bet with you over pinball. She wants to tell you what to do with your cock and you will listen to her every command. You happily agree because she is such a cute, 18-year-old blonde and you happen to love playing with your dick. Did you know that she loves watching you jerk off? Alyssa lifts up her top and you see her small, perky titties. Then she removes her shorts and panties, exposing her little bush. Do you like stroking your dick to Alyssa? She knows that you do. Keep going nice and slow. She wants to taste your cum so badly and she wants every drop.

Brunettes,18 To 19

Stroking off with my daughter's friend Zarena

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Your daughter's friend Zarena is waiting for her to show up, so she engages you in conversation for a bit. Zarena wants to wait for her to show up, but in the meanwhile, she has a question for you. After all, you are an older man and you know things. You figure that you have nothing better to do, so you entertain her chatter. She seems frustrated with guys her own age and she wonders whether an older man might be more suited for her interests. She questions whether you are attracted to her and you stutter a bit. Zarena knows that you look at her, but she confesses to you that she does not mind that. In fact, she is attracted to you. She wants to go along with your mutual attraction because she sees a bulge growing in your pants. Zarena assures you that she will keep your time spent together a secret and you decide to pull out your dick for her. When you begin stroking to her, you know that there is no turning back. Very quickly Zarena is sitting before you with her bra showing. This girl is not shy. She can tell that you want to see more, though, so she removes her bra to show off her perky titties. Her shorts slide down her long legs and she is now standing there in just a brightly patterned thong. Keep stroking that dick. When she removes her thong, you have to pinch your dick a little to maintain control. It has been years since a sexy girl has been naked right next to you like this. Luckily, Zarena quickly coaxes a fat load out of you, giving you both plenty of time to clean up before your daughter gets home.

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Stroking off with my naughty neighbor Mari Possa

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Your neighbor Mari was going to make cookies, but she needs to borrow some sugar. As she chats with you, you notice that she seems to be making advances toward you. Is there anything that you can do to entertain poor, bored Mari? Her husband left her and she could use a little appreciation. Maybe you can play with yourself a little bit. It has been a while since she has seen a nice, hard dick and she thinks that you might be able to help her. You decide to be neighborly and so you take your dick out for Mari to see. She likes what she sees. In fact, she likes it so much that she wants to watch you touch yourself. Do you feel weird stroking your dick as your neighbor watches? Nope, you feel perfectly happy to be jacking it with Mari. She unzips her jacket and asks if you like what you see. Her titties are bigger than your wife's titties. Mari can no longer control herself and she removes more clothing. Her panties are pink and lacy. You think that she might be wearing a thong. As you stroke off, be sure not to neglect your balls. Mari slides her panties to the side and exposes her pussy. You can see the wetness from where you sit. Her meaty pussy lips look so much different than your wife's pussy lips. You wonder how it would feel to fuck Mari with those fat pussy lips wrapped around your shaft. That thought is just enough to bring you to climax and you unload your sperm onto her pussy.

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Stroking off with Sami St. Clair

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Tired of playing backgammon, Sami really wants to try something more fun with you. She lifts her shirt up and you see her pink bra. What are you going to show her? She wants to see what is in your pants and she will not take "no" for an answer. Get to stroking! Sami takes off her bra and her perky tits seem to have grown over the summer. She slides off her shorts and turns around to show you her butt, which has also grown. She is maturing quite nicely, you observe. Sami is impressed with how big your cock is. She eagerly shows you her pussy and you wish you could lick those big pussy lips. "Have you ever thought about fucking me," she asks. You have been her friend for a while now, but she wants more from you. One thing that she wants is your cum and you are ready to give it to her. Sami urges you to stroke faster and faster until you finally spew your jizz right there in front of her. Sami was right. Her game was much better than backgammon.

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Stroking off with stepmom’s panties for my horny stepmom (with Lynn Ve

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You have been caught red handed holding your stepmom’s panties. Oops! Your stepmom is not happy about this. What were you doing with them, anyway? Have you been collecting them? You are totally embarrassed, but you find your stepmom totally hot. She demands that you show her exactly what you have been doing with her panties. You take your dick out and she asks what you do once your dick is in your hand. You stroke yourself off into her panties and that grosses her out. Just keep the panties, you freak. You decide to show off your masturbation technique for your sexy stepmom Lynn. She is intrigued now as she encourages you to cum into her panties. Some visual stimulation from her really takes you to the edge. You know that you will work out a healthy load for your horned-up MILF of a stepmom. Your load fully drenches her panties and she reminds you that this will be the last pair of her panties that you defile. Get out of her room now, pervert! Starring Lynn Vega

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Stroking one out for my buddy’s hot mom (with Havana Ginger)

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You heard a salacious rumor about your buddy's hot mom Havana and you ask her about it. You love Latinas so much. Oh, calm down. It only happened one time! You threaten to tell her son about her indiscretion unless she does a little something with you right now. Havana makes you promise to keep this a secret and you agree. She hops onto the bed and she tells you to pull your cock out and stroke it. Her big tits are mesmerizing to you as she fingers her pussy. She loves seeing you stroking your big cock and she strips down to her bra. Her navel is pierced and you see some genital piercings also. Her long nails look so good against her pretty pussy. She is eager to see you cum for her and she gives you all of the motivation that you need to rub out a fat load for this horny MILF.

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Study break with Nadia Styles

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A girl wearing eye glasses and cute knee socks is your perfect jacking off image and your girl Nadia is exactly that today. Nadia is not having sex with you today, though. She has to study for an exam, but you really need to get off. Your persistence pays off sort of. There will be no sex, but Nadia needs to make you go away while she studies. She promises to get you off if you promise to let her finish her studying. You agree to her terms because your balls feel like they could burst at any second. She tells you to get your dick out and rub it till it gets nice and hard. When she lets you see her tits, that really gets you going since you love titty fucking Nadia so much. You want more from her, though. Nadia delivers when she begins playing with her wet pussy. Those fat labia feel so good wrapped around your shaft when you fuck her. She turns around and your focus is on her ass briefly. There is no part of Nadia that is not jack-off worthy! She is keenly aware that you are ready to cum and you get it all over the place. You feel much better now, don't you?

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Study break with Sadie Holmes

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Sadie is trying to study, but you cannot resist bugging her. She dismisses you immediately. You go away and think about what you wish had happened. Your scenario would be that she is sitting on the couch in sexy lingerie reading her book. As you come into the room, she is very happy to cease her studies to give you some attention. Get out your cock and stroke it. You know how much Sadie likes to watch you jack off. Go ahead and use both hands on your cock. She knows that you like when she tells you how to stroke off. Sadie removes her bustier and you now see her small titties. What you really want to see, though, is her ass. She obliges you and fully exposes it to you. She spreads her cheeks nice and wide to give you a good look. As she spreads her pussy lips, she tells you that you are the only thing to keep her from studying. This pleases you and you continue stroking right there in front of sexy Sadie. She asks for your cum and you spray her with a big load. Whoops! You are snapped back to reality when you finally hear her yelling at you to go into the other room. At least you have your fantasy time with Sadie.