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I knew you would be open to this.

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You know how hard it is to be newly married. You have built quite a nice house for yourself and my mother in law. It's going to take many years before your son and I can afford anything this nice. Speaking of affording nice things, I really want some improvement on my body but it costs lots of money. I'm sure you've noticed I am not quite properly proportioned. Look at how large my butt is compared to my boobs. I've happened to catch you glancing a little too long at me during family gatherings so I figured I could come to you with my money dilemma. Wouldn't I look so much better with new boobs? I wouldn't tell anyone where the money came from. I would just say I got a personal loan from someone wanting to make me happy. So what do you say, Dad? Of course I know nothing comes for free so why don't you lie down and make yourself comfortable so I can show you how I plan to partially repay your generosity.

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I know I saw you watching porn.

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What did I just catch you looking at on your phone? You have a total guilty look on your face and seem slightly nervous. I'll just snatch your phone and see for myself what it was you were watching. Oh, just as I thought there is a porno open on your browser. Ha! I caught my step brother about to jerk off. That is what you were going to do before I snuck in your room, isn't it? I can see that your cock is semi-hard in your pants. Let me see it. Come on, and let me see how big you are. You're only my stepbrother so it isn't horrible to show me your dick. You were about to stroke yourself so why not let me play to? Oh, you have a nice size dick. I also like to suck cock so shut up while I stick your dick in my mouth and have a quick taste. So you donít feel like you're the only one showing skin, I'll take off my top and show you my perky tits. I have a feeling it isn't going to take you very long to give up your nut for your sis'.

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I know you like a hairy pussy.

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Most men I know keep a stash of porn hidden somewhere in their house. A step dads secret get away place to rifle through images that sparked many necessary stress release moments. Thinking his stash was hidden carefully, his stepdaughter completely took him by surprise when she let him know she found his precious collection. She not only found it but she looked through it and noticed the continuous theme of hairy pussies. She is in that curious college phase and confesses to not being like her friends and mom who get waxed but rather choosing to keep herself all natural. She wants to know if dad keeps it all natural as well. She also wants to know if her all natural ways is comparable to those images she saw in his magazines. Judging by the stirring in his pants he already likes what he sees. Turns out her very hairy pussy rivals anything he has in his collection and she is offering it purely out of curiosity of course.

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I know you lust me in these yoga pants.

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Our parent's sent me to my room to contemplate why I wore these yoga pants to school today and got kicked out. I thought college was supposed to be more liberal than being in high school. Why did our parent's send you up here to my room? Did they think you could talk some sense into me or something? I mean look at me, everything is covered. So what if a little camel toe shows, or the outline of my ass. Chicks wear leggings all the time to school that show the same amount I'm showing off. Whoa, I think I see how much you like these yoga pants on me stepbrother. I do believe I see a boner in those jeans. If I have to be condemned to my bedroom for being bad I may as well go all the way. Come over here so I can give our parents a real reason for making me have to stay in this bedroom.

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I know you want new pussy.

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So I had a long talk with my stepsister about our situation and she is agreeable to help our marriage by being the one to provide you with a new pussy so you don't go out looking for one on your own. You've talked about her for years about how sexy you think she is and how huge her breasts are compared to mine and on and on. I completely trust her to not do anything to disrupt our marriage. You keep saying how if you don't have another woman touch your pretty soon that you're going to go bonkers. Now you don't have to search outside the family. My sister is going to pleasure you with me so you get a new pussy to view and my sister and I get to go shopping afterward. Do we have a deal? You get to see my sister naked, we both have our hands on your cock, then you surrender your credit card and treat us to anything we desire just as I am helping you get your desires met. My sister is going to start this whole thing off. Oh wow! She doesn't hesitate to get your pants off and her hand wrapped around your schlong. Go ahead honey, stare at her big tits. You may as well gawk at them now that she is willingly showing them off to you instead of at the next family dinner. You can't say a word about this to anyone at all. Our family would never be the same if anyone but us three knew what was happening in this bedroom right now. Watch how we both take control of your cock. How does it feel to have another woman's hand on your private part? You've wanted this for so long but you didn't think it would happen with my sister did you? You don't get to go find any other women now to satisfy your dick. This stays in the family. My sister is asking for your cum. She is your cum hungry slut right now honey. Oh my gosh that is the most I've ever seen you ejaculate! You let my sister milk all your creamy cum from your cock! Not only did she milk you dry but she is playing with your jizz. Get a good look at your mess on her because she is the only other woman you will be giving your cum to, ever. Now that I see how much she likes to play with us maybe soon she will be ready to go all the way and share the inside of her pussy with you. Now be a good hubby and tell me where your credit card with the highest limit is. Love you.

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I know you watch me.

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There is only one thing this horny girl needs and that is some satisfying cock rammed in her tight pussy. Problem is, she has no privacy in her house but she does have a pervy stepbrother who will do most anything for her. In exchange for him taking the parents out for dinner so she can get laid properly, she gives him a good cock cranking session. She knows he likes to spy on her while she's in the shower but he's never seen all her assets up close and personal in contact with him. She shows off her tight toned body as she gives his dick a rub down like he's never had before. It's quite a relief to not have to sneak around and fantasize about her as he cranks his own cock. Their parent's think he is being such a good son in taking them to dinner all the while having no clue what kind of almost incestuous activity is happening right under their own roof.

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I like your fantasy.

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I feel like I need an opinion from someone close to my generation. I'm not much older than you although it seems that way since I'm married to your father. He is kind of an old fuddy duddy but I do like older men, always have. The only thing I can't quite understand is that he would rather I dress like an old church lady than show off my still sexy body. I don't understand why he would not want to show me off when we go out. Isn't that the whole point of dressing up and going out? I'll show you what I am talking about. Stay here while I show you what your father would rather I wear to dinner than this cute top and skirt I have on now. See! Isn't this so overdressing? I feel so old and covered up in this outfit he wants me to wear. What is that? Do you have a semi erection in your pants? Is this like father like son? Oh wow, I had no idea that wearing this old lady outfit would get a young guy like you excited. I'm sure I can do a little something about your obvious hard on. In fact, I would love to do something about it to make me feel like a young sexual woman again. I'm not that much older than you anyway even thought I am technically your stepmother. How does it feel to have my hand on your crotch? We can stop this at anytime if you feel uncomfortable. The fact that your erection is getting harder with each pass of my hand tells me you don't want me to stop anytime soon. Look at my hairy pussy while I stroke your cock. Your father hardly lets me touch his cock with my hands so this is making me so wet inside my pussy to touch you like this. Would you make my pussy all messy with your stiff dick? Maybe next time I can slide myself onto your hard cock and wiggle until you cum inside me. For now I want to make your cock feel so incredibly good with my hand. Oh my! You unexpectedly came for me! Look at all that creamy cum you gave me! You're such a good boy to give me all your creamy cum. Now you be an even better boy and go wash these cum stained sheets while I make you dinner. I guess you are like father like son. I think I'll keep this conservative church lady looking outfit on the rest of the night.

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I live with a pervert.

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Why don't you go do something productive instead of sitting there watching me adjusting this curtain? You know, you can be kind of a creep with the way you look at me. I should tell mom and dad you keep following me around the house and even outside when I'm swimming all for a chance to see my boobs. It's like you're obsessed with these big boobs I grew. I kind of feel like having some fun right now instead of cleaning. Tell you what, you show me the goods you have in your pants and I may let you touch my tits. You know you have sweaty palms just thinking about putting your hands on my tits. Come over here and lie down so I can get a good look at the young cock of yours. We're almost the same age so it feels weird calling you my little step-brother. Too bad I only like older guys so I won't be fucking this big boner of yours but I will tease it a little and stoke it. You're in college now so you probably get all the hot ass you want yet you keep following me around and perving on me. I know you're wanted me to be alone like this with you for quite some time. Here is your chance to just lie there and let me have my way with your willie. I won't tell anyone about this and you can't either. It's already weird enough that you follow me around so much what would our parents say if they knew I was naked and jacking you off? I didn't realize you had such a big cock or I would have been playing with it long ago. Which do you like better, my soft hands or my softer fun bags around your cock? Are you going to give me your cum little brother? I want to feel your nice big load in my hand. Be a good brother and give me your hot cum load. Oh what a good brother you are! Ok now that we've got your head cleared from that great cum, go clean my bathroom for me and finish the blinds cause I have to go wash all this goo off my hands and sterilize myself.

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I love our special time together.

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This is my favorite time of the day, when you come in my room to brush my long hair for me. My mom never had any interest in brushing her little girls hair but ever since you became my stepdad you certainly love doing this for me don't you? I will miss this so much while I am away at college. I wish I could still live at home and go to school just so I can have this every night with you. Did you know that my mom thinks I should get a more grown up hair cut? She wants me to cut my hair very short! I think she is jealous of the time you spend with me each night. You would never let her cut my hair would you? I'm glad she is away for her business meetings tonight. I am glad because that means I can do something I have wanted to do for a long time with you. I know my mom doesnít satisfy your needs in the bedroom. Why do you think I wore this see thru nightie tonight? I wont go all the way with you daddy but I will have some fun, if you will let me.

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I might have daddy issues.

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Iím glad my mom is gone. This gives us a chance to talk about something that might be awkward, at least for me. Iím sure youíve heard of the term ďdaddy issuesĒ. I mean we both know you arenít my real dad. My issue is I find you hot, as in I have a crush on you. Youíre the nicest man I know. Youíre really attractive and I feel a deep connection to you. Itís the kind of connection that turns me on. This fathers day I want you to have the best gift possible. I want to make you feel so good. All these funny feelings inside of me I want to help you feel. Maybe we could start with a massage. Come lay down for me Daddy. Every step dad should be as loved as you are. You always tell me what a pretty girl I am. I like being a pretty girl for you. I can see your cock growing in your pants. I think you like me the same way I like you. This is the perfect time to take our relationship to a more personal, intimate level. We wont ever look at each other the same way again which makes me happy. This is our dirty secret.