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I understand how you are.

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Ever since your father and I married, I have been voicing my strong opinion that each of you boys need your own bedrooms. You will be leaving soon for college but I still think you should have your own space to return home to on breaks. I know you are nothing like your studious brother. You are more like me and I'm not even your real mom. I also think you act out when under stress, like I do. I will get you your own bedroom so you can do your stress relief in private but for now why don't I be a good mom and help you get a little quick release. Don't tell your brother or father. This has to remain our dirty secret.

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I understand sissy boys like you.

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You know what happens when your father leaves out of town for his business trips don't you? Your step mom gets all dolled up for a night of slutting around town. You like to watch me prepare myself with heavy makeup and slutty but sexy clothes. I know you also play in my make-up and I am ok with that because I understand sissy boys like you. You know I will tell you every dirty detail of my sexual escapades later tonight. You loved hearing about all my cocks I will suck and fuck tonight because you too much a sissy boy to go get a real girl.

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I want to be a good stepmom.

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I know I shouldn't be reading your sister's journal. She has been getting into so much trouble lately that I had to find out what the matter is with her. Why should this concern you anyway. Wait a minute, how long were you staring at me while I laid here on her bed? You must realize I don't wear panties. Is that really why you are so interested in what I am doing? I think so because I can see quite a large bulge inside your pants. Tell you what, why don't I assist you in getting rid of that nasty nuisance and you keep your mouth quiet about finding me reading your sister's journal. After all, I'm really trying to keep your best interest in mind in trying to be a good stepmom to you and your sister. Go ahead, have a good look at my pussy and I'll rub it as you rub your member. That's it, rub harder and faster for me. Oh look at that mess you made on your sister's bed! It wouldn't look good for your sister to know that it's her brother's cum on her bed. I guess you are going to keep quiet after all.

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I would not judge you.

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I know about your pantyhose fetish. I understand why you have the desire to wear my pantyhose. You are addicted to the feeling of the soft hose against your skin and the binding feeling they give your penis. You like the feeling of your penis being squished against your belly don't you? It's ok. In fact, I want to see what effect I have on you while wearing my pantyhose. I can see you're already swelling in your pants. Go ahead and pull your penis out so you can hold it and rub it. I have my own fetish's you know. Go ahead and let's have some fun together. I'll tease you with my beautiful long legs and pantyhose and instruct you how I would like to see you rub your penis for mommie. I'll even give you my pantyhose after I am finished infusing my special scent in them. You are such a good boy. It's time to put the pantyhose away now but we will play again soon.