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Binky wearing thigh-high stockings while I jack off

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Your love of Binky's sexy legs and size 7 feet have motivated her to showcase them for you. She has on a nude pair of thigh high stockings and she wants to watch you jerk off to her. With your hand on your cock, she teases you by rubbing one foot against the other. You hear that distinctive sound of stockings rubbing together. As she turns around to show off her sexy soles, you quickly realize that these might be the prettiest feet you have seen in years. She gives you a peek at her pussy as you continue stroking off. Binky wraps her feet around your dick and the sensation somehow makes your dick even harder than it was before! You cannot control the precum leaking from the tip of your dick. Not only are you a foot and leg man, but you also happen to love Binky's small titties. She asks you to suck on a stocking covered toe as you look at her tits. When she spreads her pussy lips nice and wide, you can see how wet she is. Again she takes your cock between her feet and gives you a foot job. Finally it is time for you to cum on her feet. Binky allows you to cum on the soles of her feet and then she promises to give you the stockings as a little souvenir. She takes them off and hands them to you.


Blind date jerk off session with nice girl Karla Kush

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Karla is sick of being set up on blind dates with guys who are not her type. She does not want to be rude, but she just is not really into you. She can tell that you are completely turned on by her, so Karla decides to let you jerk off for her. You take your cock out and begin to work it. Isn't Karla nice for letting you jack off in her house? She is so nice that she decides to offer some visual stimulation by showing off her tits. Then she tells you that she is somewhat turned on watching you masturbate for her. She hikes up her dress and slides her panties to the side to show you what you are missing. Do you wish that you could slide your hard cock into her pussy? Forget it. It will not be happening today - or ever. By the way, this has to be a rather fast jerk off session because her parents are coming home soon. Pick up your stroke pace and work out your spunk. No, Karla will not be cumming along with you today, but keep stroking. She is kind enough to let you see her sexy pussy once again and she knows that you are just about ready to bust your nutt. Are you ready to give her a big load? Come one, pump out that hot load for Karla. Give it to her right on her face. Wow, that Karla Kush is a really nice girl!

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Blond MILF Sarah Jessie is my stroke coach

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You have a super hot, super slutty step mom. Sarah Jessie is tall, thin, and she loves to tease younger men like you. Yeah, you could say she is a MILF or a cougar, but today is going to be your personal stroke coach. She does not hesitate in asking you to get out your dick and she is even more excited to show off her titties to you. Her big, fake tits have puffy nipples. Her right arm has a full sleeve of tattoos. This woman is no ordinary step mother, that is for sure. When she reveals her pussy to you, your dick bounces a bit. Now nude in front of you, she purrs to you that you should keep stroking your cock. Her meaty pussy lips would feel so good wrapped around your dick, but fucking your step mother seems a little wrong. Jacking off to her, however, seems quite acceptable in your mind. She wants you to stand up and stroke yourself till you cover her titties in a big load of your cum.

Small Tits,Brunettes,Milf,Stepmom

Bonding time with step mommie Samantha Ryan

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Your dad and step mother were fighting last night and she wants to talk to you about what you heard. Samantha and your father are going to separate. For now, it will be just the two of you in the house as your dad looks for an apartment. Your dad was cheating on Samantha and you do not understand how he could cheat on such a sexy woman. You actually feel badly for your step mother. Samantha hopes that you can now be the man of the house. Can you fill that role? You sit on the bed with her and your role as man of the house begins. She is eager to see if you really are a younger version of your father and she soon finds out that you are. Your dick is impressive and she asks you to start jerking off. Step mommie Samantha is getting turned on by you and she is ready to show you things that your college-age girls don't know about. As your hand moves on your hard shaft, you realize how lucky you are that your step mommie is so turned on by you. Samantha is not too many years older than you are...maybe 10 years, if that. Her small tits would look even better if your jizz were dripping down them. Before you know it, she is wearing only panties and shoes, but those panties don't stay in place for long. Your step mommie has urges and only you can fulfill them for her. Do not disappoint step mommie. Cover her with your jizz bomb and do it right now!

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Bossed around by my secretary (with Cindy Starfall)

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Cindy is looking for something in the cabinet and you happen upon her standing on a small ladder. She turns around and catches you staring up her skirt. She questions the office that you have given her. It is small and gross and she is not pleased. If you promise to give her a better office and bring her lunch each day, perhaps Cindy will let you look up her skirt. She turns around and slightly lifts up her skirt to tease you with a perfect ass. Then she asks to see your dick and you know you must do as she wants, lest she file a sexual harassment lawsuit against you. As you start to jerk your dick off, Cindy unbuttons her blouse to reveal her perky tits. Now you remember why you hired her. She is hotter than any other woman you have ever seen. You love Vietnamese girls a lot. You focus on her pussy and you can see that it is growing wet. Again, she knows what you want and she puts an offer out there for your consideration. She will let you stroke off to her pussy if you give her your nice office today. You agree immediately and Cindy commands you to continue your jerk off session. She removes her panties and she lets you know that it will soon be time to cum. She counts down from ten and when you get to release your sperm, it is such a relief to you.