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Stroking off for the boss' daughter (with Marie McCray)

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You have been caught stealing food from the office fridge and your boss has confronted you with this, but there is more that she knows about you. She knows that you watch her and she thinks that you need to learn a lesson. Since you are so naughty, you should just take your dick out and jack it off right there in Marie's office. Oh, now you are scared to be a pervert in front of the big boss' daughter? Take it out! You are terrified of losing your job, so you follow her lead. You see Marie touching her pussy under the desk and that makes your cock super hard, but then you are even more excited when she shows you her titties. You always have loved feisty redheads! With each stroke you make, you feel that you are securing your future at the company. Marie then decides to get closer to you and she struts over to you on the other side of her desk and she presents her ass to you. Again Marie plays with her pussy for you and she can see that you are nearly ready to burst. Are you ready to explode your load? Yes! Do it now! have made a big mess, so you have to hurry to clean up.

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Stroking off for the other sister (with Cameron Canada)

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You are dating Cameron's sister and she wants to know what you see in her. She is a bitch and very controlling, so what is the appeal? Cameron thinks that you are pretty cute. She invites you closer and informs you that she would treat you way better than her sister does. Take your dick out and let Cameron see it. Immediately she smiles and asks you to stroke it. Her small tits are super perky. When she takes off her top, you see that her armpits are tattooed and that strangely turns you on. Cameron smiles again when she realizes how angry her sister would be if she saw the two of you together right now. To further titillate you, she pulls down her shorts. Her ass is perfection. You can see her pussy now also, and Cameron wants to know if you have ever tasted her sister's pussy. You have not. She bounces her ass in your face. You both wish that there was enough time for you to fuck, but her sister could come home at any time. You have to be quick today. Never fear because Cameron has what it takes to work a load out of you quickly. She promises not to tell on you. Eager for your load, she asks you where you might like to cum today. Titties? Mouth? You unleash your hot ejaculate all over her tongue and pretty lips and you watch it drip down her chin. Uh oh! Is that her car you hear? Hurry up and get out!!!


Stroking off in my parents' yard with Yasmine De Leon

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Your parents are never away from home and because of that, Yasmine hasn't had your dick in a few days. You are both very horny and she wants to do something. "I'm hungry for your cock," she insists. She moves her bikini top to the side and exposes her tits and then she plays with her pussy while you handle your cock. Knowing what you like, she gets up and turns around to finger her pussy from behind. You love fucking her doggy style just like that. You stand up and move closer to your girl and she takes your shaft into her hands and she works you just right. Being outside with your dick in her hands is a feeling like no other! Her pretty ass needs some attention and Yasmine wiggles it right in front of you. Her booty bounces and that is more than enough to get a big load out of you and it lands perfectly on Yasmine's round butt.

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Stroking off in Veronica Avluv's private chambers

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You have to meet with the judge in her chambers and you are terrified. She is going to be rendering a decision in your divorce and she needs to know if you ever consummated your marriage. Your wife states that you are a premature ejaculator and the judge has to determine whether this is true. You have to jerk yourself off and try not to cum too quickly. Judge Veronica Avluv offers visual stimulation. Yes, she noticed you trying to look at her big tits in her courtroom. You begin to jack off right there in her chambers and she exposes her big tits to you. So far, so good you have not blown your load yet! Then she stands up and you see her sexy garter belt and stockings. Never could you have guessed that Judge Veronica wore such sexy things underneath her austere black robe! Do you want to rub your cock in the bend of her leg so that you can feel the silky stockings against your dick? You feel like she can read your mind as she turns around and snaps her garter against her thigh. Perhaps your preference is a little anal? Her sexy ass would take your cock perfectly, but not right now. You have to keep your focus to prove your case to her, but you cannot even make it through five minutes of jerking off before you prematurely explode right there. The judge now understands the complaint of your wife and it seems that you are now out of luck. Judge Veronica officially rules you to be lame.

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Stroking off my fat dick for my girlfriend's hot mom (with Nina E

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You brought lunch over for your girlfriend, but her mom Nina tells you that she is not at home. Nina wants to talk to you about something, though. She overheard her daughter talking about how big your dick is and horny cougar Nina is curious to see what you are packing. You are happy to show off your endowment to an older woman. How much bigger does it get when it gets hard? Nina wants you to get hard so that she can fully appreciate how big it gets. She offers some visual encouragement by showing you her big boobs. Nina is obviously horny for your big dick and she begins to play with her pussy as she moans at you to keep stroking your fat cock. You could not stop jacking off even if you wanted to and you start stroking even faster as she removes her pink lace panties. How big will your load be? Nina is excited to see whether your load lives up to the hype. When you are ready to cum hard, you blow right onto her sexy cougar body. Now Nina understands why her daughter is so into you!

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Stroking off my small dick for Amazon goddess Blair Williams

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Blair thinks you are cute, but you are simply too small for her taste. You are short and you have a tiny dick. She suggests that you might like to jerk off to her Amazonian body instead, though. Can you satisfy this horny Amazon goddess? You will do all that you can to turn her on with your little cock. You start to stroke yourself like a fiend because you want to try to impress sexy tall girl Blair. Her round ass is almost too much for you. She slides her dress to the ground as she wiggles her ass at you. Her panties are soon on the floor as well. Then her bra is lowered. She teases you with her full tits. No longer can she hold out and she starts to play with her pussy. She is enjoying watching you play with your small dick as she works over her pussy. Will you cum with Blair? Please? Starring Blair Williams


Stroking off to Alana Cruise's dark bush

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Do you mind if Alana undresses for you? Maybe you can take your dick out and stroke it for her. She gets excited watching you masturbate and she wants to inspire you with her body. She shows off her dark bush and you grab your dick and start stroking yourself. Alana plays with her bush as you jack off with long, deliberate strokes. You can feel the pressure building up in your balls and you hope she will soon ask you to cum all over her sexy bush.

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Stroking off to Amiee Cambridge

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Your neighbor wants to sleep on your couch. Her brother is having a big, loud party at the house and Amiee really needs some sleep. As her dad's best friend, she thought that you would be a good option. She is ready to sleep, so she does just that. A little later, you grab a drink from the fridge and you see her on the couch. You are unable to resist having a look at her and you notice that she is sleeping only in her panties. It has been a long time since you have seen a girl that hot. She stirs, but she does not freak out when she sees you looking at her. Aimee knows that you were watching her, but she is not entirely grossed out. In fact, she seems turned on by how naughty it is. Her small tits have served to make your dick hard and Amiee has noticed. Do you want to have a little fun with her today? Your dick impresses Amiee and she ponders whether she should stick with older men like you exclusively. Why don't you start to touch yourself a little? Yes, just like that. Amiee sees the precum beginning to leak from the tip of your dick already. Maybe you should use two hands on that dick. You cannot believe that your best friend's daughter is showing you how to masturbate, but you have no plans to stop. She lets you see her pussy and you see that she has a piercing down there. Amiee strokes her pussy lightly. She can see how much you want to cum for her, so she offers you a target: her pink pussy. Both of you are amazed at the healthy load your dick offers.


Stroking off to black thigh high stockings (with Alana Cruise)

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Thigh-highs make you so hard, but even more so when a sexy girl teases you with them. She rubs her hands up and down the stockings and you love the sound of them against her hands. Alana asks you to pull your dick out and stroke it for her and you do not hesitate. Your favorite type are black ones with lace at the top Even better is the seam up the back. Alana knows exactly what you like. As you stroke your cock, she tells you to think about cumming all over her pretty feet and stockings. That is high motivation for you and she knows it. When she exposes her tits, you see a tan line, which has never been your thing, but today? Everything about Alana turns you on today. Her perfect, though petite, ass…her long, dark hair, her pretty smile. She is your perfection – at least for today. With legs spread nice and wide, she encourages you to stroke your dick harder. Alana wants your cum – all of it. There is no need to hold back. Work out your biggest load for sexy, stocking-wearing Alana.

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Stroking off to my thick and sexy ex (with Raven Hart)

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Your ex Raven confesses that she misses your cock, but she is trying to be faithful to him. Her thick body is too much for you to be around, but she suggests you rubbing one out as she watches. You promise to do as she tells you. Raven thinks that watching you masturbate is so hot and she loves telling you what to do. Finally she takes out her huge tits and you see that she now has pierced nipples. You remember how much you loved fucking Raven, but that cannot happen now. This is all you have, but at least you have this time with her. She has always been good with dirty talk. You wonder how long you’ll have to wait till she lets you cum. Starring Raven Hart