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Stroke it faster, daddy (with Elsa Jean)

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Elsa is not happy that you did not give her the pretty pink room that she asked for when you and her mother married. She is willing to do anything if you will redo her room, including helping you to jerk off. She promises not to tell, so unzip your pants and get your dick out. You have never been one to deny the request of a pretty young girl wearing glasses, so you get your dick out and stroke it for your sexy step daughter. Elsa shows you her small boobs as further inspiration. "Stroke it faster, daddy," she purrs. Her soft voice coaches you through a taboo jerk session. Elsa moans as she touches her pussy through her panties and then she stands up to show you her ass. She is now wearing only tube socks and you find that oddly appealing. With legs spread wide, you can now see her fat pussy lips as she encourages you to bring yourself to a big orgasm right onto her fantastic ass.

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Stroke session with a tattooed MILF (with Joslyn James)

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Your parents are splitting up and you have to share a bedroom with your buddy. His sexy mom is more than pleased to welcome you into her home and she wants to make it perfectly clear that you are welcome. Will you show her what is in your pants? She just wants to see it. When you show her your dick, she determines that you should stroke it while she strips down for you. She even promises to clean up your mess after your stroke session! Your fantasy is about to be fulfilled. This well-inked MILF tells you to keep stroking as she tells you how sexy you are. Joslyn reaches over to touch your balls, but then she asks you to come slap your hard cock against her fat tits. She lies on her side so that you can see her ass and pussy and she grinds back and forth as if your dick was going in and out of her sweet MILF pussy.

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Stroke session with my old babysitter (with Nina Skye)

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You ran into your old babysitter at the park today and you invited her home. You’re only a few years younger than she is. You always had a crush on her. You remember that she’d tickle you to help you fall resting. Yeah, maybe that was inappropriate, but you loved it anyway. Nina tells you that she likes to masturbate before going to rest. Do you do the same? She asks to see your cock and you don’t hesitate. After all, you are proud of your endowment! She asks to watch you jerk off and you get to stroking right away. To help you along, she tells you that you were one of her favorites as she shows off her round ass. It is now time to fulfill both of your fantasies. Starring Nina Skye

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Stroke your baby penis for me (with Lacey Channing)

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Lacey caught you peeping on her as she was getting dressed. Now she is going to turn the tables on you and she demands that you expose yourself. If you do not listen to her, she will rat you out to your sister. You drop your pants and Lacey laughs at your little dick, but she demands that you get it hard. She keeps telling you that you have a "baby penis" and it embarrasses you, but it also turns you on a lot. You think she is so hot because she is so petite, but you also love her sexy tattoos. When she takes off her bra and lowers her denim shorts, you see that she has tan lines, which you love. She encourages you to cum and when you finally do, your balls give up every drop you have…all over your sister's pink sweater. Uh oh…you are in big trouble now.

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Stroke your cock for a little slutty stripper

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Aliya is a slutty little stripper who invited you to watch her practice her routine. She loves to make guys horny and give them lap dances, but today she just wants to watch you stroke your cock while she shows you her sexy, petite body. Take your cock out and let her give you a special pole dance, just for you. You love how tight her young body is, and how perky her breasts are. She's really a hot little slut and shows you everything, giving you an exclusive look at her beautiful body. Go ahead and cum for her - there's no bouncer here to kick you out!

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Stroke your cock for Lynn Vega

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Lynn picked out a sexy schoolgirl outfit just for you and it lets her sexy ass cheeks stick out. It has been a while since you have had fun together and Lynn is ready to play. You have been watching a lot of porn, though, and you are not really into it right now. All she wants is for you to fuck her, but you do not – not right now, anyway. Poor Lynn is horny and unfulfilled, so she decides that she wants to watch you jerk off right now. You start to stroke off to show her your technique. Lynn has some perky titties that turn you on. Do you know how much her pussy has missed your cock? The thought of that turns you on. She takes off her skirt and she stands before you in just a black g-string, but that soon comes off, too. Lynn encourages you to stroke yourself faster and faster as she touches her pussy. Are you ready to cum now? She urges you to spill your seed and you deliver.

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Stroke your cock for my tight asshole (with Blair Williams)

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If Blair sinks the ball in the hole, you have to be her chauffeur for a week. If not, she will show you her tits. She misses the shot! Blair unties her top and notices the growing bulge in your pants and she has not even taken off her bra yet. When she does remove her bra, she suggests that you stroke yourself. Her tits are gorgeous and you are fully jacking yourself off right now. You follow her to the chair and she unzips and lowers her tight skirt. Her smooth booty is what you really wanted to see and she shows it off for you. She tells you to stroke your cock for her asshole because she knows how badly you want to slide your cock right into her rosebud. Blair can fit her whole hand into her mouth. What else do you think she can get in there? It is all too much and she begs you to cum right into her mouth.

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Stroke your cock for your Vacation home host

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You really lucked out on your vacation rental. Your host is a gorgeous brunette MILF with huge tits and a dirty mind. She's been lonely since her divorce, and really needs to see a cock. When she came to check on you to see if you're happy with your room, she starts flirting and begging you to see your cock. You happily oblige and it's not long before you're stroking for her as she shows you her luscious MILF body. She bends over so you can stroke to her big round Latina ass, and soon you're blowing your load.

Small Tits,Blondes,Long Hair

Stroke your cock to my long hair (with Samantha Hayes)

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You have a long hair fetish and Samantha knows it. She wants to watch you stroke your cock as she brushes her long, shiny hair. As she brushes her hair, your hand massages your dick to her rhythm. It turns you on knowing that Samantha is getting wet and excited just from watching you jack off. She slides out of her bra for you. She flings her long hair around as she whispers to you. Now you really get to see her tan lines. She begs you not to stop stroking your cock. You’re not stopping until Samantha makes you cum. It won’t be much longer because she is so sexy. When she pulls down her panties, you nearly fall over from seeing her incredible bush. Even her pussy hair is long! It is long enough that Samantha runs her brush through it. She removes her panties and you can now see all that she has to offer, including hairless pussy lips. Please don’t stop stroking because Samantha must see you cum right now. Cum for Samantha! Starring Samantha Hayes

Stroke your cock while I ride my Sybian

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Rose Lynn loves to cum, and loves her toys. She's going to ride her Sybian today while you control it and stroke your cock for her. She teases you as she gets closer and closer to cumming. She can only take it for a little while, and doesn't want to cum too soon, so she hops off and gives you a good look at her body as she continues to encourage you to jerk off for her until you both cum together.