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Stroking it for a porn star (with Christie Stevens)

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Are you as horny today as Christie Stevens is? Her wet pussy needs a little attention, but right now you are going to jack off for her. You take your dick out and she asks you to rub yourself up and down until your dick is nice and hard. Use lotion, lube, spit - whatever it takes to get your dick wet. She happily lets you see her big 34D titties and that really gets you going. Her jerk off instructions are exactly what you needed today. A sexy blonde telling you what to do with your dick is a good way to spend some time. Christie bends over "like a slut" for you and tells you that she'd like you to slide your cock right inside of her. No, don't cum yet. Take is slow and enjoy your time together. Christie bounces up and down like she is riding you and it makes her big titties bounce nicely. Do you have a lot of cum for Christie today? Can you feel it building deep inside of your balls? She is hoping for a really big load, so work it up and let it go all over her. It seems like both of you really needed that fat load worked out.

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Stroking it for Britney, my son's girlfriend

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Your son's girlfriend is supposed to be going on a date with him, but, yet again, he keeps her waiting. Britney tells you that she thinks that she should start considering dating older men because they are more responsible and respectful, just like you. You are flattered, though embarrassed, by her attention. Your wife is out running errands and your son is not due home for an hour, so Britney wants to get to know you better. Come sit next to her on the couch. Your dick is already starting to grow hard with the attention of this girl and you know you should just stop things right now, but you cannot resist the temptation. Britney reaches over to release your dick from your pants and she seems pleased with what she sees. Start stroking it for Britney because she wants to see how big it can get. She reveals her bouncy tits to you and you try to remember the last time you were so close to such a sexy girl. At this time she reminds you how horny she is for you. Now she shimmies her panties off and you see her pussy. It looks tight. Britney is ready to see that dick cum and she wants it in her mouth, which is the best way to hide the evidence of your tryst. She takes your spunk into her mouth and sweetly smiles at you.

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Stroking it for mother (with Jennifer Best)

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Your step mother is getting ready for her first date since your father passed last year. Can you help her choose what to wear? Much to your surprise, she changes her top right in front of you and you see her full titties! You feel your dick getting hard. This is wrong, but you cannot help yourself. Her titties look so good in the second top. You see her nipples are erect. Now she tells you how lonely she is without your dad around, but that she is so glad that she has you in her life. She asks you if you like her boobs and she undoes her top to fully reveal them to you. They are fantastic and again you can feel your dick getting hard. This time, though, your mother notices. She seems to approve. She stands in front of you telling you that she has needs and she caresses her titties. Come closer to your mother. You are now very close to her and you can feel the heat coming off of her body. Sit on the bed. When she reaches over to you, you are a little surprised that she reaches for your cock. You take your cock out and start stroking it. She tells you to touch her tits and you do as you have been told. It is clear that she is becoming turned on watching you pleasure yourself. She spreads her legs and you see that she is not wearing any panties for her date! Mommie is a slut!! As she works over her pussy, you think that you would like to keep her to yourself. When she tells you to cum on her titties, you do just that. What mess you have made on your mother!!

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Stroking it for my stepdaughter (with Xandra Sixx)

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You have been caught peeping on your stepdaughter by your stepdaughter. How can you explain yourself? Xandra is young and hot! You are old and weak. She wants to talk about this. What if her mom found out about this? Xandra knows that you are curious about her and she wants to show herself off for you a bit. She sees your dick getting hard and she asks you to stroke it for her. When you get out your dick, she is impressed and she asks you to stroke it to her. You love slutty blondes with dark roots and that is exactly what Xandra is. Her tiny body is just your type. This special time with your stepdaughter is just what you need in your life. Starring Xandra Sixx

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Stroking it for slutty Zoe Sparks

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Zoe wants to see more of you before she goes home for the night. She doesn’t fuck on the first date, but she does other things. If you have what she needs, then she just might call you for a second date. Zoe wants to take control as you take down your pants. Then she tells you what a slut she once was. You hope that her inner slut makes another appearance. Spoiler alert: THE SLUT IS BACK. Starring Zoe Sparx

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Stroking it till I pop (with Amethyst Banks)

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It is way too late to fuck Amethyst, but she does not want to send you away with blue balls. Take your dick out and let her see what you have. She is immediately pleased with your cock and she asks you to jerk it off for her. You think she is so hot – this sexy girl. Your dick gets hard as soon as you start stroking, but when she lifts up her top, that turns you rock hard. You love those small, perky tits. She stands up and shows off her sexy ass sticking out of her leather shorts. She slides them off and you see her pinky lace panties underneath. She is perfect and you love her jiggly ass. As Amethyst teases you, the thoughts going through your head nearly overwhelm you, but you keep control of yourself for now. Her hand slides over her pussy through her panties. Amethyst likes when you watch her as you stroke off. She is now ready to see you pop, so hurry up and work out a fat load to cover her sexy titties.

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Stroking it to pay the rent

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One of your tenant's daughters wants to talk with you. Her parents are having a tough time financially speaking and Ashlyn thinks that she has a solution. They cannot pay the rent right now, but Ashlyn does not want to move from all of her friends. If she gets you off, can she and her parents stay in the house? You have not had such a good offer in years, and you quickly agree. She tells you to start stroking yourself while she exposes her perky tits. Her hand quickly moves to her pussy. She maneuvers her pussy lips while you jack yourself off. "Keep stroking it," she whispers. You never had a thought to stop jacking off. Ashlyn tells you how very much she wants to feel your cum on her and she promises to keep your special time together a secret. It has been years since an 18-year-old girl has given you the time of day, so hearing this girl begging for your cum is nearly more than you can handle. She is begging for your jizz and you eventually give her just what she wants... right on her face.

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Stroking it with my former classmate (with Ella Nova)

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Ella lost in a game of mini golf with you, her Tinder date. You went to high school with Ella, but you really do not remember her. She looked a lot different back then. Now she looks really sexy out in the sun. Ella wants to see what your cock looks like since she never saw it all those years ago. "Show me," she says. You do not hesitate and you listen to her tell you how badly she wanted to watch you jerk off so many years ago. She lifts up her tank top and reveals her pierced nipples. She is so tall and sexy as she slides down her panties. Her pretty, round ass is kissed by the sun. Her goal today is to make you cum. She drops to her knees before you and she tells you exactly how to jack off. She soon decides that she wants to see your jizz and she demands that you cum for her. You rub out a fat load for her, but the surprise is that she is going to tell everyone that you just jerked off in your parents' backyard. She leaves you with an enthusiastic, "Fuck you!"

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Stroking it with my stepsister's panties (with Sarah Vandella)

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You do know that stealing is wrong, don't you, boy? Your stepmom Sarah has found a pair of your stepsister's panties in your room. Do you want to explain why you have them? Never mind the excuses, boy. Just get ready to learn your lesson. She removes her dress and then her bra to reward you for your honesty. Your stepmom demands that you take your cock out of your pants. Now get that cock hard for your stepmom because you will be jerking off with your stepsister's panties. First, sniff the panties. Keep stroking your shaft. You take direction well, but not well enough to have earned the right to sniff your stepmom's dirty panties. You are so very close to your orgasm when she stuffs her feet into your mouth. You finally are permitted to cum into your sister's panties, which you must also use to clean yourself up afterward. Starring Sarah Vandella

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Stroking my cock for step mommy Sarah Vandella

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Your new step mother is not used to being around you and her silky robe keeps popping open. She is nude underneath and not shy about it. You are staring at her and she acknowledges your attention. She even goes beyond that and tells you that you can jerk off right there in the kitchen. Sarah has big fake tits, but you don't care if they are real or fake. You love all titties even your stepmom's tits! It is obvious that your stepmom is enjoying watching you jack off to her. She jiggles her ass before she begs you to give her your cum right on her pretty ass.