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Stroking it with my former classmate (with Ella Nova)

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Ella lost in a game of mini golf with you, her Tinder date. You went to high school with Ella, but you really do not remember her. She looked a lot different back then. Now she looks really sexy out in the sun. Ella wants to see what your cock looks like since she never saw it all those years ago. "Show me," she says. You do not hesitate and you listen to her tell you how badly she wanted to watch you jerk off so many years ago. She lifts up her tank top and reveals her pierced nipples. She is so tall and sexy as she slides down her panties. Her pretty, round ass is kissed by the sun. Her goal today is to make you cum. She drops to her knees before you and she tells you exactly how to jack off. She soon decides that she wants to see your jizz and she demands that you cum for her. You rub out a fat load for her, but the surprise is that she is going to tell everyone that you just jerked off in your parents' backyard. She leaves you with an enthusiastic, "Fuck you!"

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Stroking it with my stepsister's panties (with Sarah Vandella)

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You do know that stealing is wrong, don't you, boy? Your stepmom Sarah has found a pair of your stepsister's panties in your room. Do you want to explain why you have them? Never mind the excuses, boy. Just get ready to learn your lesson. She removes her dress and then her bra to reward you for your honesty. Your stepmom demands that you take your cock out of your pants. Now get that cock hard for your stepmom because you will be jerking off with your stepsister's panties. First, sniff the panties. Keep stroking your shaft. You take direction well, but not well enough to have earned the right to sniff your stepmom's dirty panties. You are so very close to your orgasm when she stuffs her feet into your mouth. You finally are permitted to cum into your sister's panties, which you must also use to clean yourself up afterward. Starring Sarah Vandella

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Stroking my cock for step mommy Sarah Vandella

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Your new step mother is not used to being around you and her silky robe keeps popping open. She is nude underneath and not shy about it. You are staring at her and she acknowledges your attention. She even goes beyond that and tells you that you can jerk off right there in the kitchen. Sarah has big fake tits, but you don't care if they are real or fake. You love all titties even your stepmom's tits! It is obvious that your stepmom is enjoying watching you jack off to her. She jiggles her ass before she begs you to give her your cum right on her pretty ass.

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Stroking my daddy cock to Lilly Banks' tiny titties

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Lilly loves calling you "daddy" even though you are not her real dad. She immediately asks if you want to see her tiny titties as she informs you that she wants to watch you stroke your cock. You begin doing just that as she unsnaps her pretty pink bra. Her perky tits are there for your amusement and she tells you that you can suck on them. Then she shows you her small, hairless pussy, which you can see is already wet. Everything about Lilly is small except for her pervert factor. You wonder how such an innocent-looking girl can be so nasty. Lilly likes the idea of sharing you with her own mother, but she can keep this interaction with you a secret if you can! Her goal today is to make you cum and she very quickly helps you reach this goal as you bust your nutt onto Lilly's tiny titties.

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Stroking my dick for my step daughter and her friend (with Addie Junip

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You spy your step daughter and her cute friend talking about how great you are and you invite yourself into the room. The friend does not notice you at first and you silently command your step daughter not to tell her friend you are in the room, but that does not last very long. Dakota notices you and both girls find that they are unable to resist reaching out to touch your fat dick. Addie and Dakota ask if you want to jack your dick off for them so that they can observe your technique. Now that they both are into older men, they want to be able to satisfy them properly and they feel they can learn from watching you. Addie tells you that her pussy is now wet and the girls quickly take off their t-shirts. You are now staring at two girls with small tits as you stroke yourself. Addie and Dakota are turned on by watching you and they decide to take off their shorts and panties to further inspire you. The sight of that alone is enough to urge a fat cum load from you and you cover the girls' faces with it.

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Stroking my dick with Step-Aunt Raylene

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You are staying with your Step-Aunt Raylene for a little while and she seems very happy to have you there. She asks if you met any nice girls at college. You met one or two, but there were none as sexy as your Aunt Raylene. She is not much older than you are and she is eager to see your cock, but she refuses to touch it. Raylene would love to watch you jerk yourself off today, though, so get to it! You start stroking your dick and you get up the courage to ask to see her fat tits. "You make me want to go get fucked," she purrs. Your aunt bends over and lets you see her big butt. This all seems a little weird, but you have gone too far to stop yourself. Aunt Raylene also has some brown pussy hair that you would love to touch. She calls you sick for watching your auntie play with her titties while you jack off. You do not care what she calls you, though, you are nearly ready to cum. Auntie Raylene can see that your balls are just about ready to explode a fat load, so she gives you her fat titties as a target.


Stroking my fat dick for Lisey Sweet

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Someone told Lisey that you are packing. Is it true? Show her. She is thirsty for your fat cock. You cannot deny her sweet request, and the lure of her fat ass and you take it out of your pants. She reaches over to take it into her hand and she instantly is turned on looking at the girth of your cock. Lisey is a woman who loves to be stretched nice and deep inside of her pussy and you are just the man to do that. Show her how your work that dick as she teases you with her sexy body.

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Stroking my fat dick for sexy Russian Elena Koshka

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Elena’s parents are gone for the weekend and she wonders what there is to do. She must take advantage of this opportunity, but how…? Have a party? Eat all the ice cream? Play video games? No. She has a better idea. She overheard your ex talking about the size of your dick. Is what she heard true? Is it really as big as she heard? Please show her now. You happily take it out and Elena is excited even at the size of your flaccid dick. Can you get it hard for her? This Russian girl quickly starts stripping down for you. Her legs are incredibly long. She stands six feet tall, but you want her on her back right now. She guides you through a sexy session of masturbation and she almost seems scared of how big your dick is. You know she could totally handle it, though. Starring Elena Koshka

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Stroking my small dick for Cameron Dee

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It is unusual for Cameron to bring home a guy she just met at a club, but you have been chosen tonight. She is not into random hook-ups, but she is really horny tonight. She suspects that you might have a fat cock and she wants to see it. You pull it out for her and you can see her disappointment immediately. If you stroke it, maybe it will get bigger. She exposes her titties and you stroke yourself hard, but she remains unimpressed. You will not be having sex with Cameron tonight, but she is willing to help get you off using her sexy body and voice. At least she is not very rude about it...she is more of a tease than a mean bitch, and you find this quite appealing. Cameron knows you are almost ready to cum and she is pleased that you offered her a nice load, but she is going to go now and look for a big dick to satisfy her.

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Stroking my tiny clit stick for Kimber Woods

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Kimber laughs when she sees you sleep in a bunk bed. It has pink sheets. She assumes that your dick must be small and when she asks you to take your dick out, her suspicions are confirmed. She tells you that the best you are going to get today is that you get to jerk off your tiny penis for Kimber. She calls it cute and tiny. You realized years ago that you love being humiliated for your micropenis. At least she seems amused at your situation, right? She decides to let you see her tiny tits. You are excited to have such a hot girl in your bed, even if she refuses to touch you or let you touch her. You furiously stroke your little prick as she slides off her denim shorts You love that she is wearing a thong. Kimber tells you to stop stroking and she demands that you just look at her as she verbally taunts you. She lets you resume your masturbatory efforts and finally takes off that thong. You are sweating hard as you concentrate on working out a load for Kimber. Kimber is shocked at the big load you offer her. Starring Kimber Woods