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Your hard work is rewarded

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You deserve a night of pure pleasure from the woman who adores you. I see all the long hours you put in working day after day. Tonight let me do all the work as I focus on pleasing your gorgeous cock. I know the way to a manís heart isnít through his stomach but through a nice healthy cum. Let me stroke you ever so gently to help you relax. There, all the troubles of work are already fading. I can hardly wait to feel your hot load deep inside me.

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Your mom is a b word.

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Why does your mom feel it's her job to watch my every move? She isn't my real mom yet her nose is always so far up my ass I can hardly breathe. You know I have a boyfriend who is your mom's same age and she must be jealous or something because she said I am grounded and can't see him anymore. I'm eighteen! I should be able to date whomever I choose. I am so pissed right now and just want to do something that will totally piss her off. I know, since I can't go out and get laid tonight, I'm going to use your cock. Come on, were the same age so what does it matter? You're just my step brother and probably as horny as I am.

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Your parents bed stinks.

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The appeal of fucking on your parents bed was much hotter than being here on it. I mean I got dressed up in my cute lingerie for this. Oh well, Iím sure by the time were done fucking, this bed is going to smell like us, not them. There is something hot about rubbing my body parts on the pillow where your mom sleeps. That's a twisted thought, right? Come on, let's make this bed smell of our sex.

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Your performance evaluation sucks.

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I absolutely hate wasting my time by having to call you in my office and treat you like a grade schooler. We're adults here and you should be more concerned about keeping your job! I know you have responsibilities at home and you need this paycheck. I could cut you like that if I wanted to but there is something more I want than just a good job evaluation from you. I want your cock. You heard me, take it out and get it hard because you're going to fuck your boss with that cock. You want to keep your job? I suggest you move quickly to make me happy because this is our lunch break and it won't last long. You had better fuck me good enough to make me orgasm so much that my legs shake. Your job depends on this. Get over here with that hard cock. I want it now. Yes yes, ram it in faster, harder. Oh yes, I'm cumming I'm cumming! Ah, that is exactly what I needed to relieve a little pent up tension. What do you mean what are you supposed to do with your boner? I don't care what the fuck you do with it but don't leave your ejaculate in my office. Zip your dick back in your pants and go down the hall to the restroom to finish yourself off. You had better not say a word of what just took place here in my office. If I happen to hear so much as even a rumor of this, your ass is canned. Hey, it's not all that bad is it? You could have to do a lot worse to keep that paycheck coming, remember that.

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Your private cum dumpster.

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You know how much I oppose the grind of a 9-5 normal job. Look at me, do you think I could last long at one of those? My mom says I have to get a job. She didn't say what kind of job. Since you work from home I was thinking I could work for you. I was thinking I could help you relieve some of that stress build up as I know it does because you spend a lot of time in your home office. I'm sure I'm not the only step-daughter in the world to help her step dad out and vice versa.

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Your rent can be negotiable.

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Dont be nervous about the invitation to be here. I asked you to come because I am aware my husband increased the rent to all his tenants. I also understand you are a struggling artist and might have challenges handling the increase. You are a healthy young man and as an artist Im sure you can be crafty in meeting your living expenses. Lets be honest, I married my husband for his money not his physical attributes. You however are quite pleasurable to look at. I have a proposition for you in which will help you quite a lot in making your rent. Its been a long time since I was satisfied sexually by a man and you look like you would have no trouble in that department. Ill take care of your rent, you take care of me.

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Your small penis is so unsatisfying.

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You knew when we first started going out that your penis would never be enough for me. It's so small I would die of embarrassment if I were you. I like our arrangement though. I go get my BBC and you get to hear all about it while you rub your little nub. Go ahead and get that little thingy out and start rubbing because I had the best big cock today and he left his huge load inside me. If you're lucky and listen well you will get to mix your puny little seed inside with his because you know I like a little chocolate and vanilla swirl. The best part is, you will get dessert from my hot cunt.

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Your wife doesnt fuck it?

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No one else I know has these random meetings outside of the office. I hope people don't think something is happening between us. Well lets get to it so we aren't gone from work very long. I wore that favorite outfit you like and even remembered to wear the nerdy glasses. I can see by that stirring bulge in your pants this is going to be fun.

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Your woman loves you.

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I know you had a long day of work today. Can you tell what is coming by the lingerie I have on and the lit candles? You're so good to me by going to work and making sure our bills are paid on time. The very least I can do is take some stress away with some great sex for you. It's great for me to! I love you.

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Youre a dirty old man.

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We probably shouldn't be doing this. You could lose your co-worker, golf buddy and best friend if our affair gets back to my dad. The problem is I cant help myself and I know you cant either. Its a good thing I like role-playing that you are my daddy. Its also a good thing you like being called daddy. You wont find any other girl as cute as I am to say all the right things to you in bed.