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I could be your new girl.

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It's so cute you always thought this woman was your Aunt. She has been around your family ever since you were very little and knows almost everything about you. You were taught to respect your elders so after a long day of helping "Auntie" when she suggests you both get comfortable and relax together you followed her direction and began to undress. You can't help that the site of her mountainous tits caused you to have an instant erection. Good thing Auntie doesn't mind giving back a little help with her eager to please hands. She instructs you to lie down so she can have a close look at all you grew up to be. Auntie is going to administer the hand job of a professional as long as you don't tell your mother.

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I could use a man's opinion.

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Oh hey, I'm glad you are home. I am going out tonight with my girlfriends and I want to look super sexy. I can't decide which heels I should wear with this outfit so I need your help. It appears you liked the first pair I modeled but I can really tell you like these heels with the red bottom. You know I can tell you like these heels the best? I see your dick getting hard. You aren't supposed to get a boner for your step mom but I am flattered. You think I'm sexy don't you? You naughty boy. Come over here to my bed and let me have a look at that swelling in your pants. We can't let you go back downstairs with a hard on so it looks like I should be a good mom and help you get rid of that growing nuisance. I especially don't want your dad to see you going downstairs with a boner. I certainly didn't plan on this happening just from you looking at my sexy high heels and pantyhose. It must have been my voluptuous ass in this skirt that turned you on so much. I shouldn't be touching your dick but I like doing this. I like that you are so much younger than me and I clearly turn you on. I feel like since you are being so good for me and letting me hold your dick, that I should show you some of me without clothes on. Would you like my big titties rubbing on your dick? I wish I could fuck this dick. That would be really bad if I slid your dick inside me with your dad downstairs watching t.v. You like your step mom being nasty don't you? My pussy is so wet under these tight pantyhose. I know what else would feel amazing. I'll rub my pantyhose feet on your dick. Doesn't that feel so good? Maybe I should rub your dick with just my worn pantyhose. My spit is all over your rock hard dick. I like being nasty with you. I see you looking at my big titties all the time. How to these huge fun bags feel on your stiffy? I have to touch your sweet young dick to my wet pussy and show you how wet I am for you. How does my fat ass feel around your dick? I want you to make a mess on my ass with your cum. Make my ass all wet with your hot cum. Now you got your step mom all dirty. We had better clean up before your dad comes up the stairs and wonders what we just did. I would have to tell him I just couldn't help myself around young dick.

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I do not want this to be awkward.

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You probably wonder what I am doing standing here in your flannel shirt. I was just gathering the last of your son's clothes and thought this shirt belonged to him. He told me over the phone that it belongs to you. I had to sniff if out of curiosity. I had no idea I would become so entranced that I would wrap myself in it only to be caught by you! I don't want this to get awkward but just so it's fair, I've noticed you looking a little long at me at family functions. A girl knows when someone likes what they see when they look at her. I admit that even though I am married to your son, I think you are quite attractive. You are such a mans man. I already know there is no way I could look at your son in the eye if I fucked his dad, but what if we played around a different way? We really should get the sexual tension dealt with before our next family function don't you think? How about I tickle your cock a little. I have really cute small hands and can do wonders on a big cock like yours. What do you say dad, can I stroke your cock? Lie down on your bed and I'll take good care of you. Your son certainly didn't take after you size wise. Oh my what a nice cock you have daddy. My pussy may be married to your son but that doesn't mean my hands have to be tied to him also. Do you like what my petite hands are doing to your big daddy man meat? I see you staring at my perky young titties. You probably never thought they would be here only inches from your cock did you daddy? You like when I call you daddy, I can tell because your cock pulses when I do. Are you feeling extra naughty for doing this with me on your own marital bed? I would do so many naughty things with you because you are a true man. Your son is always begging me for anal sex but I won't give it to him because I don't think he is capable of pleasuring me that way. You're a grown man who has lots of experience and I bet you could rock my world with your cock stuffing my tiny ass. You have pre cum for me! You must like all this dirty talk I'm giving you. Your son doesn't know how to make me feel like the dirty little girl I am but I bet you do. One day you will give it to me won't you? For now, this is enough until we have more time together. I have to go home to your son and pretend none of this ever happened with you today. Once I can pretend this never happened it will be that much easier to pretend fucking you never happened with that day comes. Are you ready to give me your cum daddy? I see your balls ready to explode all over me. Welcome me to the family daddy with your cum. Cum all over this little girl looking chest. Look at your warm cum dripping all over my tiny tits. I feel so much closer to your now than ever before, thanks for such a warm welcome.

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I don't think your penis is too small.

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Something seems to be troubling you lately son, what it is? You need to talk to me about your penis? What happened to it? Did you catch a nasty disease from some skank at college? Well come on, you can tell me even though I'm not your real mom it may make it easier that I am your stepmom. You've been watching a lot of porn and now you think your penis is too small? You can't compare yourself to what you see in those moves sweetheart. There is a reason those people are paid actors to show off their private parts. Let me see your penis. It's o.k. You know the average penis is only 5-7 inches. You say you are closer to the 5inch side? I'm sure it's a lovely penis. Let's get these pants off you and have a look. Your dad isn't on the larger side either so maybe you take after him. It's not a bad thing to have a smaller size penis. If I am to see your full capacity I have to get your penis erect. Don't worry! I'm not going to tell your dad about this. This is between me and you to help you feel confident about your manhood. I think your penis size is just right. It looks just like your dad's dick. I think his penis is perfect and so is yours. Your penis is perfect for taking someone's virginity and for anal! It's just enough to make its presence known without being offensive. You have no idea how many women you are going to make happy with this perfect penis of yours. If I wasn't married to your dad I would fuck you. I don't think he would divorce me if he ever found out I jacked you off. I would tell him it was only to make you feel good about yourself like any good mother would want for her son. I love playing with your penis. It feels so good in my hand. It's just the right size in my grip. Do you like the way my spit makes your penis slippery? I'm making it slippery so I can stroke the cum from it. Would you like to give your stepmom your cum? I think you should give it to me. Oh what a good boy you are. I know I said earlier that I would only do this once for you but I've changed my mind. I love your small cock. Anytime you want me to play with it for you, let me know. Next time I'll take off all my clothes and spread my pussy for you.

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I donít want to be called a virgin.

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Weíre pretty close right? As in I can talk with you about most anything. Youíre a super cool step-brother that way. Here is my dilemma, around campus I am being called ďVirgin-EmmaĒ which embarrasses me. Iím so shy and that is the only reason why I havenít messed around sexually. I still donít want to fuck anyone but I do want to have some experience so Iím not a complete virgin among my college friends. This is where you come in. Will you help your sister out and let me touch and play with your penis? I could even jack you off until you cum so I can see exactly what it looks like and be able to talk about it. All you have to do is lay there for me and I will do all the work. Think of it as your jerk off session for the day because I know you get you nut every day judging by the number of tissue boxes in your bedroom garbage can. I really appreciate you being such a good guy for your sister. I will make it worth your time.

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I have a huge appetite, for cock.

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I'm so glad to have this opportunity to talk with you. I'm sure you know that your father and I will be marrying soon which means I will be moving in and living here permanently with you both. What you may not know is that I have a big appetite and I am not talking about food. Your father tries his best to satiate me but I find that I often need more. He is out of town right now, which means I must find someone to play with to release some sexual energy. What better way to get to know each other than to start right now with a little harmless fun! Come her and lie down beside me so I can get a good grip on that cock. I want to see if its as large as your father's dick. You know, after your father and I marry, you can call me Mom if you would like. I would like it if you did. It kind of turns me on to hear a good looking young guy calling me Mommie. I also like that we can enjoy some sexual exchange with each other without having to go out the front door to find it, don't you? How do my nails feel as I trace the outline of this hard cock of yours through your pants? Does that feel good? It must feel good because your dick is completely hard right now. I should show you my tits since were here getting to know each other better. Rub that cock all over these big tits. You like the way that feels and looks don't you? My breasts are so warm and soft around your cock aren't they? Tell me how much you like fucking mommies big titties. Would you like to see how slippery wet my pussy is right now? I want to show you what I might share with you some day soon, my pretty pink wet spot. I bet you want to shoot my pussy full of your big gooey load soon don't you? Imagine your big dick sliding in and out of my soft wet pussy lips until you shoot your cream all inside me. This time I want to see your cream though so be a good boy and cum for mommie. Give me all of that hot sticky mess on my hand so I can see what you will be injecting me with some day. You know I want to see you release. It makes me happy that you are comfortable enough with me to let me jack you off. I like the way your slippery cock feels in my hand. I need that cum so much! Show me how much you want me to have your hot load. Oh yes, that was so sexy. We're going to have so much fun living together, I can hardly wait.

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I have to be a good girl for you.

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Our visits are the best part of my days. It's nice that mom allows you to come to the house to still see me even though I am only your stepdaughter. I think she believes me when I say I absolutely must have daddy daughter time. I didn't mean for you to see under my skirt while you were pushing me on the swing. I couldn't decide which panties to wear today so I didn't choose any. I kind of like that you insisted I choose a pair to wear, with your help in choosing of course. I don't know what I am going to do when I go far away to college in a couple of months. Is it normal for an eighteen year old girl to be so attached to her stepfather? When I was trying on panties for you I noticed a bulge in your pants begin to form. Let's make the most of the remaining few months we have together. I won't go all the way with you but I am open to having some fun with that bulge.

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I have to repay you somehow.

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You are the most adorable helper I could have in my garage this weekend. I can hardly believe how much you accomplished! I was watching you while you were working hard and noticed what a muscular young man you've grown up to be. It's very nice of you to have spent your whole weekend helping me and I must pay you somehow. Even though you are my best friend's son you do deserve payment for all your hard work. I can't send you home in those filthy clothes so why don't you strip down and borrow some of my ex husbands clothes. Oh my, you are quite developed everywhere aren't you? I can't take my eyes off your um, very thick muscle. It's been so long since I've had my hands on a well, you know. I think I know exactly how to repay your for your hard work since you won't accept my money. You won't be needing these clothes either. Go ahead and lie down on my bed so I can show you just how much I appreciate all you did for me this weekend.

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I have you all to myself.

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I just got off the phone with your brother, he says he will be delayed at work another two hours. I don't mind his delay because this gives me a chance to be with you the way I've wanted to all these years. Your brother is a good husband to me but he can be on the boring side and slightly inattentive to my sexual needs. It's really a shame your wife couldn't come on this trip. I mean, I like your wife but it has been nice having just you stay in our house. I've been wanting to play with you for so long ever since that time we began to get frisky and your brother walked in on us. Now is my chance to show you how I feel about you. Let me touch that big cock of yours again. I don't need to fuck you, just play with you. I long to feel what you cock is like and make you cum. Look at that thick dick head! We aren't doing anything wrong because I'm not going to fuck my brother in law I'm just going to play with your perfect dick. I can wrap both hands around your stiff shaft. Oh how I wish your brother had a dick like yours. Your cock is so hard right now. I like stroking the whole shaft of your cock. If I wasn't married to your brother, I would squeeze your cock with my pussy walls. Aren't you happy your wife didn't come with you? I certainly am. I can feel your cock throbbing in my hands. I bet you fuck like a demon. If you hurry and give me your cum you may have time to recover and go another round of stroking before my husband gets home. I want to milk you dry right now. Please give me that hot load. Oh god, you sprayed my face! I had better hurry and clean up before I have to explain one blood shot eye when your brother comes home. You should probably clean up to and maybe have a nap.

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I jerk off boys to watch them squirm.

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I can't believe I have to pretty much beg my step-dad for permission to go to spring break in Florida. My mom wouldn't even entertain the thought so here I am with my cutest dress and biggest smile begging my step dad so I can go. In the midst of my babbling, I actually confessed I'm not even into guys so he and my mom can relax and forget any thoughts of me hooking up with a guy and doing something stupid like getting drunk then pregnant. I assured him if I wind up doing anything with a guy it would only be a hand job which will totally keep me safe from catching any STD or unwanted sperm injection. I could see my dad's face take a different reaction and felt like he was going to give me permission to go on a spring break vacation with my friends but there was still some slight hesitation. To show him I am serious about only doling out hand jobs, I offered one to him. His whole demeanor changed and he quickly lay down in front of me to receive my handy work. We agreed to not tell my mom anything about this, including the part where I am more into girls than guys. She would freak out and never let me out of the house again or worse try and set me up with one of her friend's son's in hopes I accidentally get pregnant and have to get married, eww. Seriously, the only reason I even jerk guys off is I enjoy watching them squirm. The fact that I have something so delicate and precious of theirs in my very grip and control entertains me. Other than that small amount of pleasure of entertainment, guys are pretty much useless to me unless I want something from them. I want something from my dad right now. I didn't think I would become excited and a little wet in between my legs while holding my dads dick but I did. The feeling of control was making me horny. Knowing that all he could do is lay there and look at my perfect little tits while I cranked his cock made me feel so good that I showed him my little pussy to. Why not make him gaze upon something he won't ever have. I'm sure the sight of my tight little body is giving him masturbation material for the next week or so while I am gone enjoying myself in FL.