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Dont expect me to recriprocate.

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You're probably the only guy who would come fuck me and not expect much from me in return. I mean, you know I only like cock in my pussy not in my mouth. No way will you get a blow job from me, that's gross. Now that I look at you lets make this quick. I hope you don't scratch me too much with that gross beard of yours.

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Dont waste time with her.

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I don't know why a good-looking guy like you is wasting time trying to make my daughter your girlfriend. You know shes a lesbian right? Its such a shame to see you come over here so often and be such a charmer to her when ultimately it will get you nowhere near her panties. Now on the other hand, I have all the time in the world with her dad being out of town so much. I am definitely not a lesbian. I also definitely will let you get near and inside my panties.

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Donít be such a sissy.

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Just because our parents are gone doesnít give you automatic permission to come into my bedroom. Iím getting ready to go out and if you walked in a few minutes sooner you would have seen me naked. I know Iím not supposed to go out but if you tell on me that means youíre a little bitch. Fine, what is it going to take to shut you up because Iím not wasting this outfit on staying home with you all night. Youíre like the worst step-brother ever.

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Donít deny me everything I want

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All you have to do is look in my eyes to see how much desire I have for you. All I want is to smell, taste and feel you near and inside me. I am completely yours. All you ever have to do is give me a signal you want to feel me and I will undress and spread my legs just for you. What we have is more special than anything Iíve ever felt. Always know I love and want only you.

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Donít keep me waiting.

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Iíve been patiently waiting all day for you to get home from work. Do you like the lingerie I am wearing for you? There is an opening for easy access in the sweet parts. I can hardly wait to feel you on top of me and inside me.

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Donít you know youíre a DILF?

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I hope you donít think Iím being intrusive by inviting myself over in the middle of the day. I happen to be a neighbor who has noticed you spend a lot of time alone in this big house. Your wife is more often gone than home. I kind of feel sorry for you yet am intrigued enough to invite myself here to be with you. You have to know youíre like the hottest man your age in this neighborhood. I happen to be immensely attracted to older men. I think you know where this is heading so unzip you pants and let me see it. I want to see what your wife is missing out on.

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Donít you think itís time?

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I know youíve never seen me dressed like this. I saved up for a long time to buy something special for what I am about to say. First, we arenít blood related so suggesting you and I are together sexually isnít so shameful. Weíre both adults now with the ability to make our own decisions. We donít have to make this something weird. Letís make this something out of the ordinary and mind blowing for each other.

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Eat it while I eat.

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You have got to be kidding me thinking about having sex when I am almost late getting out the door for work. Look at me! I had to put my hair up and throw on this dress because I already woke up late. I was planning to inhale this breakfast bar and then get on the road. You arent going to let up are you? Geesh, so if I dont fuck you right now does that mean you are going to be an asshole when I get home from work tonight? Of course you will be a sulking asshole. Alright, well if you want my pussy then you have to make it wet while I eat my breakfast. Go ahead and lick it before you stick it honey.

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Eighteen year old Grade ďAĒss.

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Youíre just my step father so I would appreciate your objective opinion. I get teased a lot about the size of my ass. Iím trying really hard to not listen to anything negative and body shaming but I cant help but wonder if my ass is as huge as people say. You say its Grade A? Iím going to take that to mean its perfect. There are other perfect parts of me I would like to share with you.

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Even a nerd needs sex.

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I get that Iíve been hired as your tutor. I also get that if you donít pass certain classes you are going to be excluded from participation in the sports you love so much. We donít want our star college athlete to be benched now do we? I donít mind tutoring you but there is something I want in return. You can see Iím a bit of a nerd and its been awhile since I got laid so, Iím offering a mutually beneficial arrangement. You need my smarts and I need your sex.