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Am I being a good girl, Stepdaddy?

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You're in trouble. You just got married, and now your hot young stepdaughter just revealed that she has a crush on you! She thinks you're the hottest dad, and she's a horny nineteen year old girl. And, she wants to stroke your cock a little bit. Mom's away, and she promised not to tell, so what could go wrong? You look into those pretty eyes of hers, and how can you resist? You lay down and she strokes you over your pants. "I know you love the way I call you Daddy", she says. She takes down her top and shows you her perky little boobs. Now your cock is hard, and your little girl knows just what to do with it. Kimber has to use two hands on your big cock. "That feels good, doesn't it Daddy?" She asks as she pumps up and down. You're so hard and you want to cum in her little hands. Your daughter admires your cock as she continues to stroke you. "Am I being a good girl Daddy?" She sits up and lets you admire her tight young pussy, then she straddles your leg and grinds on you as she fucks your cock with her hand. You love her big ass, and she obliges by spinning around and sliding your cock between her ass cheeks. "I want you to give me all of your cum, Daddy" Her hands feel amazing and you can feel it building, until finally you can't hold back any longer and cover her hands with your hot load. She giggles as she knows that you two now have a very special secret. She's such a good girl. Starring Kimber Woods

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Am I hotter than a MILF big step brother?

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Carolina's boyfriend dumped her for a MILF! She's so offended. How could he leave someone as hot and sexy as she is for some old lady? You're her stepbrother, and she knows she can confide in you. Maybe you should help her feel better about herself and get over her stupid ex-boyfriend. She asks you to lay down so she can see her big brother's big dick. It's much nicer than her ex's. Your sister takes of her clothing and lets you admire her perky young breasts and beautiful bubble butt. She slides her perfect natural breasts up and down your shaft and uses both hands to squeeze out a load of cum from her big brother. She's really good at this! After teasing you with her round ass, she straddles you and rubs her wet pussy all over your hard cock. You're almost there, her pigtails bounce as she pumps a huge load of sticky cum all over her belly and her pussy. Don't tell anybody! Starring Carolina Sweets

Step Daughter,Handjob,Small Tits,Blonde

Asking Step Daddy for Cock Lessons

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My beautiful 18 year old stepdaughter told me that she has only seen one cock and it scared her because she didn't know what to do with it. My wife was gone, and if you think I haven't jerked off thinking about her young tight body in a situation like this before you're crazy. She asked if she could see my cock, I know, I should have said no. But I just couldn't. I lay on the bed. She rubbed my growing bulge through my shorts, pulled it out, and started playing with it. Looking, rubbing and stroking with her young soft hands. She spit on it for lube. I loved seeing the spit fall from her pretty lips. Her hands slightly fumbly and inexperienced just made me harder. Stroking and jerking me, she pulled off her dress. Fingered her sweet little twat with one hand and my cock in the other. Then got on top of me and rubbed her sweet bald pussy on my hard shaft, hitting her tiny clit as she humped me like a pillow on a school night. Hopping off just in time to jerk me off and watch me cum. The excitement in her eyes and her sweet young hands, body and pussy all over me were completely worth the risk. Being a good step-dad has its perks. Starring Lily Rader

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Babysitting adopted Niece gives me a hand

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My sister decided to adopt her foster daughter. Now that she is a young adult, she needs to make some money for college. My sister asked if she could be a live-in nanny for us since my wife just had a new baby. This girl has always flirted with me. When my sister asked if she could stay with us for a while, I knew it was trouble. But I like to help out and hey if I got to watch a sexy little slut walk around my house...even better. I couldn't believe that my wife was okay with it! She looks like my wife did 20 years ago, but better. After a week of seeing her eye my cock and walk in on me in the bathroom, I made the decision to see if the water was warm. I sent my wife and offspring to the movies and said I had "work to do" that I would stay home. I walked in my nieces room just to see how she would react with us being alone. Within minutes my pants were off my cock in her hand. I was so hard it felt like it was going to split in two. Spitting and pulling on my cock and pulling her tits out begging for my cum and telling me how dirty she is, I fire hosed a ginormous load all over her young pretty chest. I think Iím going to have a lot of "work from home" days with my new naughty babysitter. Starring Zoey Foxx

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Be a good boy, take care of Step Mommy.

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Every time my Dad leaves my stepmom turns into a super slut. Yeah, she is so fucking hot! But man, I love my dad. But... It's impossible not to get hard when she puts her beautiful titties my dad bought her all over me. She walks around in sexy slutty lingerie pretty much as soon as the front door closes. Mommy calls me into her room and tells me to fuck her. Her long red hair and pale skin drive me insane! She is so aggressive and dirty! I love it! Naughty Mommy pulls my pants off, spits on my cock and strokes me. Shoving my cock all the way down her throat, I love when she takes her bra off and rubs my cock on her hard nipples. Pulling off her panties and showing me her beautiful Mama cunt. Jerking me off telling me "that's mommyís dick, are you gonna cum for me?" she knows exactly what I can't resist. Cumming all over her chest and throat feels so wrong, yet so perfect! Iím sorry Dad! Guess we are both lucky guys.

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Blackmailing Mom to jerk me off

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My new stepmom got super trashed a couple weeks ago after her and my dad got in a fight. Iíve been staying with them on summer break from college. I guess she ran into my friend at the bar and fucked him in his car. He couldnít wait to tell me. My dad married her my senior year in high school and all my friends wanted to fuck her, and so did I. I already knew she was a slut, I was just pissed it wasnít me. After all she is my ďMomĒ. I should get dibs. She asked me I had been acting weird when I came home the other day. I told her that I knew she fucked my friend. She begged me not to tell my Dad and said she would do anything for me not to tell him. I told her I wanted to see her naked. I knew she would be down as soon as she saw my hard cock in my pants. She took off all her clothes. Holy hell ďMommyĒ is so hot. The tits my dad bought her are perfect. Then she immediately started sucking my cock. She is perfect with my cock in her mouth. Then jerking and pulling on my cock, talking about how mad she wants to fuck me, then she sucked my cock like a good whorey mom until I filled her mouth with my hot wet cum Starring Silvia Saige

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Blowing a load in your step niece's hand

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Blair has always felt close to you, her favorite Uncle, her stepmom's brother. You have always been there for her, at her gymnastic meets, babysitting when she was younger. Now she's an adult, and she wants to show you how much she appreciates you. She asks you to lay down on the couch, and starts rubbing her hand over your pants. You can feel yourself swelling as your big breasted niece unzips your pants and pulls out your cock. She has had a crush on you for years, and now she is finally getting what she wanted. Her hand feels amazing, but you know how wrong this is... if your sister ever found out you were messing around with her daughter, you'd be in big trouble. She stands up and takes off her top, showing you her perfect big natural tits. She wraps them around your cock and slides up and down. It feels so good you can hardly hold back. In fact, you might cum any moment! You're surprised at how good this feels - probably because it's so wrong! Unexpectedly, you blow your load and she barely catches it in her hand. Now you feel guilty, but she assures you that nobody will ever find out, and maybe you can have some quality time with your niece again. Starring Blair Williams

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Brace face niece needs a workout buddy

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My uncle took me out to workout since my bitch step-mom grounded me. She thought him being with me wasn't going to be a good time for me. But what she doesn't know is that I've had the biggest crush on him for years. I've seen the way he looks at me. I saw how quickly he said he would "keep an eye on me" while she was gone today since I'm grounded. If my step mom wants to be a bitch, then I will just fuck her brother. As soon as we got back from the gym, I told him I wanted him. I pulled his shorts down and slid his cock in my pretty brace-face mouth. Slurping on him like a big girl. It made him so hard. He tasted so good. I took my clothes off and showed him my perky young niece titties. It made him even harder. Then I stroked his cock and rubbed it on my nipples. Spitting on his cock I rubbed it in between my tiny titties. Then sucked his cock hard while I deep-throated and gagged on him. Then mounting right on top of him I slid his fat cock inside my tight young pussy and fucked him like I knew he wanted. I rode his old dirty uncle cock until he was about to cum, pulled him out, jerked him until he came all over my hand. I can't wait to fuck him again.

Blowjob,Handjob,Blonde,Step Sister,Long Hair

Bribing my step brother for a bigger room

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My new step-brother got the bigger bedroom after our parents got married a few months ago. I can see him looking at me, stupid perv. But I guess he is kinda hot. His bedroom is bigger and has a bigger bed. He doesn't have any need for a bigger bed. I'm the one with a boyfriend, well boyfriends LOL! Even though he's a stupid perv, he is really cute and I can tell he totally wants to see my tits ass and pussy, I mean who doesn't. I knew if I offered to get him off that he would let me have the bigger bedroom. So, that's exactly what I did. I told him that I'm a good slut and I'm willing to take care of his cock for him if he would switch rooms. I want the room, but truth be told I also wanted his cock. I pulled it out and stroked his thick shaft until it got nice and hard, then slid it deep down my warm wet throat. Taking off all my clothes only made him harder, my tiny hot tits and tight bald pussy right in front of his face. What a fucking nerd, I think this is the first and best blowjob he's ever had or will have. I pulled, sucked and slobbered all over his dick until he poured one of the biggest loads I have ever had in my pretty mouth. I like having a secret live in fuck toy! Maybe his dad will be next! Starring Sophia Grace

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Busty daughter teaches step Dad to not suck in bed

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I told my stepdad that my mom confided in me that he doesnít satisfy her in bed. That she was even thinking of divorce. He knows we are close. So he believed it. He is so sexy. I used to walk out of the shower in front of him when I still lived there in college because I knew he liked it. Iíve always wanted to know what his cock looks like. I love older men and I think he is the reason why. It might seem a little manipulative. But I wonít ever tell and I know he wonít either. And who knows, maybe he will please her more when Iím done with him. Iím so naughty. But I had to have him. I could tell he was nervous, but also excited because his cock was growing in his pants as soon as I started talking about my generous offer to ďsaveĒ his marriage. I pulled my pants off, spread my legs and told him exactly how to lick and finger his favorite step-daughters pussy. It took some direction, but he picked it up quickly. His handsome warm face between my long legs almost made me cum on its own. Then it was time to fuck me. I needed it so badly. But where to start? Doggy is my favorite. I bet itís momís too. Mother like daughter. His cock was as thick and big as I had imagined while playing with myself all those years.. Daddy knows how to fuck so good with his thick fat cock filling up my tight young pussy. I canít believe he fell for this. I rode him letting him look at my big perfect tittes, then laid back and let him fuck me until I came all over his cock and he filled me with his hot wet daddy load. Some plans are just too good not to work. Starring Bree Daniels