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A broken bed, again!

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I donít know anyone who breaks beds like you do from something as simple as pleasuring yourself. You aren't even fucking anyone but your hand! How do you do it? Ah, I think I am getting a clearer picture. You break your bed on vacation. Your father isnít here. Iím alone in my bed. Itís all adding up. You donít have to break a bed to get in bed with me. Itís not like this is our first time fucking. Why donít you act like a grown man and come ask for this pussy you want so much. Tonight youíre going to give me exactly what I want so we can both get some sleep!

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A first time for everything.

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I donít ask for much and maybe thats the problem. I have girlfriends who are living in penthouse suites simply by having sex with guys who buy them things. I figure I should give it a try since I am every bit as pretty and kind as they are. Iím a little nervous as you can tell. So long as what Iím doing gets me out of this stupid studio apartment and this tiny twin bed, who cares?

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A try it before you buy it deal

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I know this bed looks kind of small but I did state the correct dimensions in the ad. Of course it's big enough to sleep someone tall like you or me. See? Iíll lie down and show you. Oh, you want to know if it's sturdy enough for sex? That I donít know as it's my little brothers bed. I donít think heís had sex on it, Iím pretty sure he hasnít. Iím just supposed to sell the thing for my mom today. So do you want it or not? Ah, I see where this is leading. I admit to checking you out when you got here. No one will be home for awhile so if you want to see how sturdy this bed is before you buy it, letís go!

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A woman has needs.

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It must be a little strange seeing me here alone without your son. I really needed to talk with a man who understands. Ever since your son and I married, he has become quite a prude in the bedroom. He doesn't put out anymore and the rare chance I do get some dick, he jizzes in like a minute. Your wife always has a glow to her and I know why, you must give her some good dick. I thought I would get that same glow when I married your son. I have so much pent up frustration that I was wondering if you could have a talk with him and convince him if he doesn't want to lose me he had better start putting out again. Or, I have an about if you share that mature dick of yours with me, your daughter in law? We will be keeping the problem and the solution in the family. It doesn't have to get weird or anything, I'll just come over when mom is at work and you can take care of my hungry pussy and then I will go back home like nothing ever happened. One big happy family.

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After hours fun

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Being a designated driver has its benefits. Such as I know exactly who I brought home tonight to fuck. I saw you checking me out all night long. I was looking at you and here we are. My pussy is so hot wanting to get filled with your cock. You will have to help me out of this dress if you want to get laid anytime soon. Iíve been so horny I plan to fuck you most of the night. I can see by that bulge in your pants youíre thinking the same thing.

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All of this is for you.

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Itís been so long since weíve been able to enjoy each other. I purposely didnít put on clothes so you can see how ready I am for you. Touch me babe. Run your hands all over your body that you love so much. Iíve missed you so much. Kiss me down there first before you slide yourself into me my love.

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All the information you need.

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A visit to the sexy dick doctor is in order for you. After many failed attempts in the sack you realize some education may be the only way you're ever going to get a girlfriend to stay with you longer than a week. Listen carefully as this Ďexpertí instructs you on the basics of how to sexually satisfy a real woman.

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Am I imagining your sexual tension?

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Now that it's just you and me home for a little while I thought it's the best time to come talk with you about something. First, let me say that it's been great for your dad having you back home. We're really sorry you lost your job due to the government shut down but we want to make everything here really nice for you. I also have to ask, am I imagining a little sexual tension between us? It must be hard because we are the same age and I'm your step mom. I love your dad very much and have always been into older men but I will admit to wanting a good hard bang from a younger guy now and then. Maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement while you are staying here. Don't be shy, come closer and touch my tits. I want your mouth on my pussy. It's been so long since I was eaten out. Your father doesn't really like to give oral pleasure. You're so good with your tongue down there you're going to make me cum! I want you to fuck me now. Oh god yes everything you do is exactly what I need! I like how your dick feels inside my tight wet pussy. Oh yes, cum for me you sexy man. Ah, now that we have that sexual tension out of the way I do think your stay here will be beneficial for both of us, don't you?

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Anniversary anal for you.

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You must be excited to celebrate our one year anniversary. You don't usually come home this early from work. You caught me before I could put on my complete outfit to surprise you in. I was going to have a dress and high heels as well as this sexy lingerie outfit. Now I don't have to get completely dressed as the second part of your surprise is that I want to give you anal sex. You've been asking for it since we starting dating and now it is time to give it to you. You must be very gently and go slow for me. I can see you are extremely excited about your gift.

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Anything for a good education.

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You know good mom's will do anything for their children. I wore my most appealing dress for this meeting. You see, my son must get into the best college possible. I know you can raise his GPA to above average fairly easily. I will do almost anything to secure a good future for my kid including raising that bulge in your pants and relieving it. We both know where this meeting is leading so let me show you how much interest I have in a good education.