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"Squeeze the tip" dick therapy session with Holly West

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Holly is an in-home sex therapist. She makes it clear that she is not an escort, nor will she touch you. Her job is to help you through your premature ejaculation issues. Her professional demeanor is encouraging, but you find yourself turned on by her appearance. She is a sexy brunette who wears eyeglasses. She tells you to take your penis out of your pants and to stroke it very slowly. Take your time. Breathe. Yes, that is very good. If you feel like you might be getting close to an orgasm, she tells you that you can squeeze the head of your dick nice and hard to calm down. Holly seems to know what she is doing. She first takes her breasts out to offer you some visual stimulation. Can you maintain control of your cock? You are doing very well! She wants to see how you do when she slide off her skirt. If you feel like you are getting close to an orgasm, pinch the tip of your dick and count to 5. You are making excellent progress already! Keep stroking it. Now, get a visual of her vagina. It is okay - just relax and breathe. Stroke your dick nice and hard. Yes. Now squeeze the tip. Count to 5. Release. Now keep stroking. Do you think you are ready for the orgasm? Okay, go harder and faster. No, you have to squeeze the tip again. See how easy this is? Pick up the pace and pinch it. You have to go up and then down a few times to get more control of your dick. Are you ready to ejaculate now for real? Come closer and let loose on those sexy titties. You did an excellent job today and Holly looks forward to future sessions with you.

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A big load for my MILF neighbor (with Syren DeMer)

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Your mom's neighbor Syren needs a young, strong boy to help move some things out of her garage, and she suggested that Syren should contact you. In reality, however, Syren really wants to talk to you about what she sees you doing every day. The secret is out now and Syren really wants to help you with your dick. She is the sexiest neighbor you have and you are a little embarrassed that she is sitting on your bed asking to see what is in your pants. You are not embarrassed enough not to show her, so you whip out your dick and start jacking it. Syren's nipples are already hard for you and her big titties look so soft and luscious that you just want to reach over and grab them. Your hands stay firmly on your dick as she asks you what your favorite porn is. She quickly surmises that you love MILFs with big titties who like to give orders to younger men just like you. Syren knows what she wants and that is to see you cum for her. She becomes more excited and she is able to get a fat sperm deposit out of you quicker than you thought she would.


A big load for my step sister Marie

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You are a voyeur and you have just been caught in the act. Your step sister Marie does not seem to mind that you were watching her. In fact, she sometimes watches you. This nearly makes your dick explode. SHE WATCHES YOU, TOO!! Maybe you can both play with yourselves together today. She removes her pajama bottoms and asks that you start stroking your cock. Her pink, hairless pussy looks so good to you that your dick is instantly erect. Her pretty red hair also piques your interest. Her skin looks so soft and smooth and her titties seem to be perfect. Her fingers move over her pussy and she says that she sometimes thinks about you when she masturbates. Do you ever hear her doing it? You are given an invitation to watch her anytime you want, as long as you are quiet. You cannot let your parents find out what you are doing!! Marie's pussy should be wrapped around your dick, but she is your step sister and you have to draw the line somewhere. You continue stroking your dick with Marie, hoping that you will soon cum. As she repositions herself with her ass high in the air, it is all you can do not to slide your dick into her warm pussy. You maintain control for now, but Marie can see that you are getting close to your orgasm. Do you want Marie to cum with you? She wants that also, but she wants you to shoot your jizz onto her pussy as you cum in unison. Marie is working herself into a frenzy and she begs you to cum on her pussy.

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A crush on my step dad (with Britney Young)

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Britney heard you and her mother arguing earlier today and she has come to talk to you. Britney thinks that her mom is a bitch and that you, as her step father, deserve better than her mother. Does her mother even put out any more? Perhaps Britney can help you with your needs instead. You are not exactly related - you are her step father, so it is not completely wrong, right? You take your dick out and your step daughter is happy with what you have to offer. In fact, she confesses that she wears your shirts to bed so that she can smell you. She has a crush on you and she then asks if you want your shirt back. She removes it to give back to you and you see her perky, full titties. They are in much better shape than her mother's tits are. She slides down her shorts and you see her tight, fresh pussy. As she encourages you to stroke your dick, you wonder what took her so long to act on her urges. Britney is now ready to take your cum and you coat her tits with a huge load, much to your step daughter's pleasure.